How To Make Any Man Obsessed And Crazy Over You

It is not easy to grab and keep a man’s attention. Yet, this is one challenge many ladies look up to with great optimism. Why so? Because retaining a man’s attention means you have secured his heart.

So, are you wondering how to secure a man’s attention or how to make him obsess over you? Are you asking yourself a question like how do I make him not forget me in bed? Well if you are, you are asking the right questions and I will be satisfying your curiosity as you read further.

Just so you know, you are not a mind reader, neither can you project thoughts into a person’s mind. There will be times when you will put a great of effort into making a guy go head over heels in love with you and you still get completely ignored. It sucks, I know.

But there are two reasons why this happened. It is either he is not emotionally available at that particular time, or you are going about the process the wrong way. So, how do you make him think about you all the time? How do you make him crazy about you?

To give a straightforward answer to the question, how do you make him obsess over you? There is no generally accepted way to get a man to obsess over you. Rather, there are some series of actions and behaviors which when applied correctly can attract his attention, whet it, and keep it solidly intact.

It would interest you to know that that men are quite flexible and easy to get through to. Forget the hardness and toughness they present, there are certain buttons in a man that will give you the perfect results you need. All you need to do is learn how to get access to these buttons.

While humans are different in their physical and emotional designs, we possess similar psychological features, one that allows us to respond positively to challenges, and men are no different. They salivate at the prospect of a challenge; a challenge that intensifies when it involves getting a woman to fall for them.

How many times have you heard a man say he loves the idea of a woman who plays it the hard way? Many ladies think to earn a man’s heart, you must be all over him. But that’s where the plot twist comes in.

You don’t have to run after him and make him feel like a god; you don’t have to present your heart to him on a platter to earn his interest, and you definitely do not have to push your feelings in front of him to make him reciprocate them. How do you make him obsess over you then?

Simple. Find a way to his heart. Pull at it until you have gotten his attention. Then show him, love, in ways that he will be unable to stop thinking of you. While he sleeps, while at work, while bathing, while meditating, all his thoughts would revolve around you and a future where you are his.

The trick here is reaching his heart. So, before asking the secondary question how do you make him obsess over you? Ask the primary one, how do you reach his heart?


What Is The Quickest Way To A Man’s Heart?

I am certain at some point you must have come across this mantra: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, sure, everybody loves a great meal. However, being a great cook or a wonderful housewife will not get you deep into a man’s heart.

He may admire and respect you. But for you to connect with him on a deep end personal level such that he would always look up to you and seek you, other things must happen.


1.   Compliment Him For The Little Things

One of the ways to seek a man’s approval is by commending him for his actions, no matter how little and insignificant they seem. Let him know you are grateful and appreciative of his efforts; let him know you find him amazing. This way, you would be able to create a space for yourself in his heart. Here is a list of some romantic and unique compliments to make your partner feel loved and extremely special.


2.   Be His Support And Comfort

Are you part of his support system? If you are not, you had better start working towards that if you are going to gain his soft spot. Show him that his life has a purpose. If he is ambitious, he will encounter tough times.

Be available to encourage him during these moments. One of the ways to a man’s heart is to support what he is passionate about. Do this and you’ll help build his confidence and gain his trust.


3.   Stand Up For Him When Needed

Without entertaining the thought of ridiculing the man you like, always be there to stand up for him when people make jokes about him. Even if he laughs openly, it might be inwardly hurting to him.

You must be able to recognize the pain and make him know that other’s opinions do not matter. Stand up to his opposition. A woman who courageously defends her man doesn’t need anything else to gain his heart.


4.   Brag About Him

You can give your man’s confidence a great boost by letting him know you believe in him. To do this, brag about him always whether in public or private. When he’s in the midst of his friends, when you’re with his family, or when his colleagues are around, never stop at a chance to extol his virtues.

When you do this, watch the bright look on his face. That is a confirmation that you have won his heart already. Mission accomplished? Now let’s learn the answers to the question how do you make him obsess over you?


How Do You Make Him Obsess Over You?

I understand the diversity of people reading this piece, however, the lessons are universally applicable. So if you are a young woman still mulling over the option of going into a relationship, a married woman seeking to reignite the charm you once possess, or you just stumbled upon this article and found it interesting, you can make your man become deeply obsessed with you.

As I noted earlier, men may have different personalities, but they all have the same thing in common psychologically – they love a challenge. So, your task is simple here. Reach his heart and control it.

I am not just talking about controlling his heart through your physical appearance or sensual appeal. No. Making a man obsess over you goes way deeper than these. You must know him fully well to hit the jackpot.

This brings us to the pith of this article, how do you make him obsess over you? We have drawn up a list of ten carefully gathered tips to look out for to make a man obsessed with you.


1.   Show Some Mysteriousness About You

Make yourself a fantasy to him. Don’t shy away from acting weird and all, in fact, some men like it when they are unable to predict their women. He wants to know so much about you, but it seems like the more he learns about you, the more confused he becomes.

When he asks you questions, give short leading answers. You have to be careful while at this though. Don’t give him monosyllabic responses that may make him feel like you aren’t interested in what he wants with you.

Tease him with your replies. Make him want to know you more by skillfully deflecting his questions about you into something about himself so he talks more. Of course, every lady likes a chatty man.


2.   Leave Him Thirsty And Needing More

As you show a mysterious part to yourself, you can be guaranteed that his interest has been piqued and once a man’s interest is piqued, he can go to any length to make himself available.

He wants to satisfy his curiosity about you. He wants to know you more or even have you close by. He wants to see you because you are different from other women.

I remember the second person I dated. She was so lovable, caring, understanding, and great. But there was a mystery about her. When we just got dating, she would always leave when we got to the fun part.

I couldn’t understand her reasons no matter how well crafted they seemed. I would think about it throughout the day and night, the sight of her name showing on my phone when she called me was riveting. I looked forward to seeing her with such enthusiasm each time and was never content even if we spent the whole day together.

Now I look back to those times, I understand it was her way of keeping me interested in her. She loved me and knew how I felt about her. But she made me get totally obsessed with her with the cheeky games she played that even after being in the relationship for several months; even after she had stopped leaving at the fun part, my obsession was firmly laid.
You don’t have to play cheeky games with your partner. But you need to present an allure to them that they just can never seem capable of getting over.


3.   Be Fun And Freaky

If you are the freaky type, don’t be shy about the things you find endearing. Rather, use them to your advantage. Show him you are adventurous and run. If you like skydiving, hiking, or biking or don’t hesitate to mention it in any conversation you might have with each other.

Being freaky isn’t restricted to the activities you enjoy. It can be evident in your actions and conversations as well. When you talk, make it difficult for him to predict how you might react to something.

For instance, you could give him some excessively dramatic pauses in your conversations and make him scared of those pauses, and then just as he’s wondering what he has said or done, you could just burst into fitful laughter. In all, just be fun and natural such that, he feels he’s special and always wants to be with you.


4.   Keep Him Confused About Your Feelings For Him

How do you make him obsess over you? Why not try making him a bit confused about how you feel towards him. Now, you can’t be all mysterious about yourself for a long time. Eventually, you will have to open up more to him.

However, when it concerns your feelings about him, it might be best to hold off for a while until he shows genuine signs of interest and attraction in you. More like, testing the waters. When you are not so forthcoming, it builds more anticipation as well as increases your appeal; all of which will make him obsess over you deeply.

Remember the experience of the second girl I dated above? Well, when I started falling for her. I was dying to know how she felt. I know we were into ourselves but she would never give a definite response. She kept holding back, taking her time and playing it cool. This added to my uncertainty and desperation and made me a really obsessed boyfriend. (Oh, potential boyfriend)


5.   Show Him Your Intelligence

Physical attraction will gain a man’s attention no doubt. But don’t be mistaken, it is your personality and character that will gain his adoration and love. So if you are still seeking more tips to the query how do you make him obsess over you? Learn to build on your brilliancy.

Make yourself knowledgeable in areas you don’t usually have an interest in. Let’s say he has a thing for philosophy or he’s an art history buff, you can take out some books from a library near you or google some important facts you can also use as talking points whenever he has friends over.

Men take great delight in showing off their partners when they can create and sustain meaningful conversations. I am not saying you need to become a professor or start using technical language. No. Just learn to be constructive in your arguments. Don’t be flat and disinterested every time a serious topic comes up.

Men like it when their partners don’t just give a single-word response to questions. If you can wow him with your intelligence, it will make him proud of you. And what lengths do you think a man proud of you will go when it involves you?


6.   Deliberately Make Him Chase After You

When a man starts to act like he’s losing interest in you or taking advantage of your kindness, the best way to reaffirm your value is to make him scared of losing you. Men are proud no doubt.

When a man starts to think that a woman loves him more than he loves her, he can act funny. When this happens, it is important to restore your value and show him you are not to be taken for granted.

The best way to do this is to ignore him for a while. A couple of unanswered calls and ignored texts is enough to make a man set his thoughts about you right. Allow him to think that you are losing interest in him or that you may have found someone else. This is enough to drive him crazy.

As mentioned numerous times already, men like challenges. If he thinks you are being chased by other men, it will push him to become more active in your life. The mere thought of you smiling at another man’s jokes or being wrapped in another man’s embrace is to make him lose his mind.

So, get adventurous. Reply to him late. Give him monosyllabic responses. Talk admirably about other men when you are with him. Just do things to amp his jealousy and watch he will literally become your customer care agent. In all, be careful not to do overdo it so you don’t chase your man away.


7.   Take Your Time

You don’t have to force a relationship and you definitely do not need to rush into one. If it’s not yours then you don’t need to bend over backward for any man just because he hasn’t shown any inkling of interest towards you.

If you want him to think about you, you will want to be remembered fondly and not as a clingy or abusive person. Make it a marathon race, not a shot relay race where after a few months you are both tired and are already searching for something different.


8.   Create A Better Version of Yourself

Have you ever asked yourself the question, what makes a man fall deeply in love with a woman? Well, it’s a combination of her tangible and intangible features. This is why you must strive to take care of your appearance as much as possible if you want to keep his attention.

Dress attractively, use a good perfume, wear decent makeup and wear clothes that emphasize your feminine grace. Generally, have an air of confidence about you that is impossible to miss.

Create a version of yourself that is unique and adorable; that will draw him closer to you. Feed your body, mind, and soul with positive thoughts and this will no doubt influence how think and how you approach life.

When a man sees a lady who knows what she wants and is different from the crowd, he naturally wants to associate with her. So if you want him to obsess over you, start by making yourself worthy of the attention. And if you are wondering how to do this, here is a proper guide on how to become the best version of yourself.


9.   Don’t Make It Obvious You Are Into Him

Trust me, you do not want to make a man conscious of the knowledge that you are into him, no matter how much you love him. Do everything you can not to make it obvious you are pinning for him to notice you.

A woman who knows her value will not consistently chase after a man even when he shows his disinterest. So, learn to create a balance in your life that would allow you to focus on other important things as well.

And if you miss him, it’s fine. You can reach out to him. But know that a woman who gives a man space to miss her will get his attention if he indeed loves her.


10.   Tease Him By Being Flirty

In this article on how to make a man obsess over you, I have accentuated the need to be fun and freaky. Part of being freaky is getting all playful, perhaps with a little flirting here and there.

If you want to lose a man, the quickest way is to be boring and uptight. There is no fun in being all serious and straight. Add some fun to the equation. Being flirty will allow you to attract a man’s attention in a way that you could possibly become his goddess. He will be unable to get enough of you.

Touch him as much as you can, tease him about his features, and don’t fail to compliment him about something you find attractive about him.



As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to uproot your life or go through a lot of sacrifices to make a man fall head over heels in love with you. Interestingly, most of the tips border on refining yourself which only adds to your benefit.

To make someone love you deeply, you need to love yourself first. Loving yourself means treating yourself specially. You will never be found begging for any man’s attention. He will notice you are special and will do everything within his powers to keep you.

Carefully digest these tips. If you need to, you can get a jotter to put down important points you could always readily access any time you need them. Study them, understand them and practice them in your life if you want to make your value soar.

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