70 Compliment For Boyfriend To Make His Heart Melt

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Do you often compliment your boyfriend by telling him words that make him feel special? This is one sure way to keep the fire in a relationship burning.

When you compliment your boyfriend, you make it known to him that you have great trust in his abilities as a man and your lover. His confidence is bound to grow because he knows he is doing the right things that make you happy.

Everybody wants to feel secure in their relationships, either by the actions or words of their partners.

Compliment for boyfriend abound, and when expressed during unexpected moments, with words that depict the special spot he holds in your life, your boyfriend will deeply value you and remain committed to the relationship.


If you are looking for a special compliment for boyfriend that would reach beyond his masculine ego and expose his soft parts, here are some good compliments for guys.


1.  Your Hair Looks Amazing. How Do You Manage It So Well?.

One of the greatest compliments you could give a guy is about his hair. Tell him this and watch him fawn over you.


2.  Every Time I See You, I Notice How Good You Always Look.

When you come up with a compliment for boyfriend that praises his looks, you assure him that he alone matters to you.


3.  That Color You Are Wearing Looks Good On You.

Do you know his special color? Try to tell him how nice it looks on him whenever possible.


4.  Your Eyes Are Beautiful.

The magic words. These few words hold mighty importance to many men and make a great compliment for boyfriend.


5.  You Are Quite Stylish And Polished.

Men like to know they are hitting it right when it comes to fashion. You could score a few more points here by asking how he learned the art.


6.  Have You Been Working Out? Your Body Seems To Be In Perfect Shape.

Some of the best compliments for a man, especially physically well-built ones, follow this direction. Do well to recognize this and follow through as a compliment for boyfriend.


7.  Truth Be Told, You Could Be A Fashion Model.

Another bonus score if your man has got a great fashion sense, and even if he doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong in making him feel special. Just be natural about it.

8.  You Really Look Handsome.

While it is commonplace for you as a lady to compliment your boyfriend on his physical appearance, try not to make your words ordinary. For them to have the required effect, they must come from your heart.


9.  You Have Such A Well- Toned Body.

Regaling your man frequently about the nice tone of his skin is also a nice compliment for boyfriend. You could even ask what brand of body lotion he uses and gets them for him when his current stock finishes.


10.  You Have Such Strong Arms.

You might have been asking yourself: what compliments do you guys like most? Well, one such compliment is definitely about their strength. Make them know you feel safe in their arms.


11.  You Smell Magnificent.

Telling a man that he smells nice is also another great compliment to give, it also makes them body-conscious.


12.  You Are My Knight In Shining Armor.

Knights are well-respected individuals who hold places of authority. Likening your boyfriend to a knight therefore speaks volumes.


13.  You Have Nice Lips.

You can remind him that he has sensual lips and his kisses are tender through this compliment.


14.  You Have Such Nice Skin.

Similar to the praise about the tone of his skin, this option also works wonders.


15.  I Love The Color Of Your Eyes.

Are his eyes any color other than black? You could make him feel unique by telling him you love them.


16.  You Look Way Hotter Than Any Celebrity.

There are numerous sweet compliments for guys, but few hold as much importance as complimenting their physical appearance.


17.  Spending Time With You Is Always A Thrill For My Heart.

This will make him want to spend more and more time with you.


18.  There’s Something About You That Really Turns Me On.

If possible, accompany these words with some of his adorable qualities.


19.  I Love It When You Just Reach Out For My Hand Out Of The Blue.

This is a romantic thing for partners in a relationship. When he does this, make sure to tell it to him and he’d look for more ways to make you happy.


20.  You Never Fail In Putting A Smile On My Face.

Telling him he is one reason you have smiles on your face falls among wonderful compliments to give your boyfriend.


21.  I Love Spending Every Second Of My Time With You.

These words will always cement his love for you and make him look forward to seeing you.


22.  You Look Extra Manly Today.

Men are naturally proud, you can increase his manly ego with a compliment like this.


23.  I Love Spending Quality Time With You.

This is still bent on making him aware you treasure your moments together. It is also a great compliment for boyfriend.


24.  Your Eyes Are So Captivating, I Could Wander In Them Forever.

Sound poetic sometimes with these special lines.


25.  You Look Remarkably Hot.

Remember the comment about his looks? Harp on it consistently.


26.  I Couldn’t Be Any More Comfortable Around You.

Do you feel safe in his arms and relaxed in his presence? Let him know.


27.  Everything About You Is Sensual.

Mention some of these things. Efforts he makes to satisfy you, gestures peculiar to him, individual traits he displays, etc.


28.  I Appreciate Everything That You Do For Me.

These words may seem insignificant but are actually really huge to every guy.


29.  I Have Never Met A Man Like You.

And here we go! He will keep falling head over heels in love with you when he emphasizes his significance to you.


30.  You Are My Strength, As Well As My Favorite Weakness.

Thinking of deep, sweet romantic words for him? Use these well-thought words and see him turn all pink.


31.  You Are My Prince Charming.

Every prince is charming and wants to hear this every time. Your boyfriend is no different.


32.  You Make Me Weak In The Knees.

Do his touches leave you lost in pleasure? There’s nothing wrong if you make this known to him.


33.  A Responsible Guy Like You Is Really Hard To Find.

Responsible men really are hard. If he happens to be one, do make it a rule to say it loud frequently.


34.  Your Charm Is Immeasurable.

If he wasn’t charming, you might not have fallen for him. He needs to know this also.


35.  I Have So Much Respect For You.

One of the qualities men look for in a woman is respect. It makes them comfortable knowing you will give them the respect they want.


36.  You’re Such A Wonderful Person. You Make Bad Days Feel Not So Bad.

A real man knows when his partner is emotionally down and will try to raise her spirits. Appreciate him in return for this.


37.  You Seem To Know How To Fix Everything.

This is another great compliment about his abilities that will leave all smiles.


38.  I Am So Proud To Know You.

He needs to see and know that you treasure him and are thrilled about what you both share.


39.  You’re Amazing At Everything You Do.

When you tell someone they are amazing, those words strike a chord and stay with them for a long time.


40.  I Have Overwhelming Respect For You.

A different way to let him know you have great respect for him. It is important also that your action convey these words for them to have the required effect.


41.  I Always Feel Safe When You’re Around.

Thinking about cute paragraphs to say to your boyfriend? Choose this string of words and use them at special moments.


42.  Whatever You Put Your Mind To, I Know You Can Achieve No Matter What.

You can show your belief in him and inspire him to do more with compliments like this.


43.  I Can Already Tell That You Are Going Places.

Always dwell on his ambitiousness whenever you can. It also helps to raise his self-esteem.


44.  You Are A Master Of Innovation.

Everybody wants to be recognized as a creative thinker, including your boyfriend.


45.  Your Smile Can Light Up The Whole Room.

Pick the right opportunity to tell him this, perhaps during romantic periods when he smiles at you.


46.  You’ve Got A Killer Work Ethic.

Perhaps he has got quite an industrious personality, be sure to convey your thoughts appealingly.


47.  You Are A Truly Hardworking Guy.

Is the fact that he is hard working an extra allure? Let him know that too.


48.  I Love That You Go Out Of Your Way Just To Help Others.

If your boyfriend always wants to help others as much as he can, it shows he is caring and loving. Give him the encouragement he deserves.


49.  You Are Always Full Of Energy.

The energy here doesn’t have to be physical, it could be mental. Maybe he has got a never-say-never attitude, don’t withhold that compliment.


50.  Conversation With You Are The Best. I Learn So Much From You.

What have you learned from your moments with him? Regale him with these lessons.


51.  I Love How Open-Minded You Are.

When you have easy, free discussions with your boyfriend on issues that are not straightforward and he is open to unlearning and relearning, it shows a great deal of open-mindedness. Appreciate him.


52.  I Like How Genuine You Are.

People who are genuine and trustworthy don’t come easy. If your boyfriend displays such quality, he is one of a kind.


53.  You Are A Born Leader.

One of the nicest compliments to give a guy is reflected in his abilities as a leader. You can leave your boyfriend bubbly by emphasizing his capacity as a born leader.


54.  Every Word That Comes Out Of Your Mouth Is Refreshing To Hear.

Another heartwarming compliment any man will like to hear from his woman concerns the richness of their words.


55.  You Are So Brave.

This is yet another means of telling your boyfriend you are confident and safe around him.


56.  You Are So Funny.

He doesn’t have to be a comedian for you to recognize his small efforts at keeping you happy. Know this as an important complement for boyfriend.


57.  Your Determination Is Truly Respectable.

Determination boils down to mental strength and this is another lovely compliment to give your boyfriend.


58.  You Are The Strongest Guy I Know.

No, he doesn’t have to be an Undertaker before you recognize and praise his mental and physical strength.


59.  It’s So Easy To Approach You And Be Friends With You. You Are Extremely Likeable.

Everyone wants to be described as likable, including your man. So say the necessary words.


60.  You Are Such An Attentive Guy.

Men who give their women attentive ears are diamonds and should be treated likewise.


61.  I Enjoy Hanging Out With You. You’re Always So Much Fun.

Let him know how much hanging out with him means to you. It is a motivation to do more.


62.  Your Work Is Always Exceptional.

Work could be his personal work, house chores, or other things he has helped out with. Learn to praise what he has done.


63.  You Have Great Communication Skills.

Even if he sucks at this, giving him this compliment will brighten him and move him to express himself more.


64.  You Always Have Such Great Ideas.

Yes, he is innovative. But you can also express those words in different ways, including this.


65.  Talking To You Make My Soul Feel Alive.

This particular complement touches deep as it reaches within. Don’t be surprised if your man gets really emotional when you tell him this.


66.  You Are So Thoughtful.

Say the words as they are. Don’t hold them back if he deserves them.

67.  You Make Me So Proud.

Yes, he is your hero and prince charming, but if you don’t tell him, he might not be so sure.


68.  Any Lady Would Be Lucky To Have You.

One of the compliments guys like to hear involves their personality. Every man is bound to get all mushy when you tell them they are unique and rare.


69.  It Is An Honor To Know You.

This passes as another way of telling them you are lucky to have them to yourself.


70.  You Are One Of The Most Intelligent People I Have Ever Met.

Intelligence here could be reflected in how they communicate, handle events, or relate with others. Make him feel special by recognizing his intelligence always.


There are different ways to express love to your boyfriend. Nice, appealing words like these are vital as they can reach the innermost part of his mind easily, ignite the passion you share, and make him love you more.


Save these compliments for later! 


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