10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Boyfriend

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Many people think the most romantic thing you could give a man is a killer night in bed. While not entirely wrong, there are several cute things to do for your boyfriend that would massively rival whatever pleasure he derives from making love.

Every relationship deserves to be spiced up with cute, sweet, and unexpected actions occasionally to keep the fire burning, and while it might be initially difficult to know what your man finds romantic, spending enough time with him would be enough to carve him open.

You do not have to wait until special occasions to think of some cute things to do for your boyfriend. Sometimes it is the little acts of love that matter.

For you to build a solid spot in your boyfriend’s heart and ensure a meaningful, progressive relationship, you must make a conscious effort to show him that he means the world to you.

You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money or do something complex and extra, simply getting to know him better and observing some actions that remind him of your affection are enough to do the trick.

While the concept of romance will have varied definitions and hold separate significance to different people, here are a few wonderful suggestions about some cute things to do for your boyfriend to deepen their love for you.


1. Tell Him Sweet Words At Unexpected Moments


Sweet, kind words, when unexpectedly spoken, could be therapeutic and romantic.

Saying endearing words like: “I love you, babe”, “You are so perfectly handsome”, or reassuring words like: “Can I tell you something, hun? You are the only one that matters to me”, or other appealing words that come naturally as your situation defines, during moments they are least expected are hugely effective at strengthening the love in a relationship.

Communication is one of the most important prerequisites in every healthy relationship. So always find ways to tell your boyfriend things that will make him feel valued and appreciated. You just might be surprised at the big weight your seemingly unimportant words carry in the mind of your boyfriend.


2. Surprise Him With A Special Date


Society has made it the norm for gentlemen to arrange for luxurious date nights with their beautiful damsels. But you could defy that norm as one of the cute things to do for your boyfriend by organizing an all-expense-paid date to one of his favorite locations.

A poll conducted on a dating site asking men what the most romantic thing a woman could do for them saw: “invite me to a paid date” top the poll. This underlines the significance men place on being treated specially.

Unless you know him well, you may need to do some research. Slip innocuous questions into regular conversations such as places he would like to visit, the food he would like to try, or movies he might want to see.

Some suggestions of some sweet things to do for your boyfriend include: getting tickets to watch his favorite team play, taking him swimming or to the beach, cooking his favorite meal or something he has always fantasized about, etc. It does not have to be large, it just has to be heartfelt.


3. Make A Collage Of Your Relationship


Reliving old memories is one of the most understated romantic things to do for your boyfriend. A large percentage of men are moved by things which ordinarily appear little.

Taking time to make a compilation of previous images and videos of special moments you shared could represent one of the nice things to do for your boyfriend especially when they are away or you both are in a long-distance relationship where you only get to see a few times.

You can take old pictures, special notes, and any other thing that represents your relationship and arrange it in a collage which he can hang in a strategic place in his room.

You don’t have to rush it; just remember to keep your camera handy and hang on to any little thing that reminds you of your dates until you have accumulated enough to wow him and keep him grinning for a long while.


4. Public Display Of Affection

There are few cute things to do for your boyfriend that are as romantic as publicly treating him to tender and affectionate displays of your love for him.

However, before engaging in this, you must have taken proper attention to be certain he is the type of guy who likes to show affection in public so your actions do not embarrass rather than entice him.

Intentionally throw your arm around his waist at a roadside store, give him a quick kiss whether it’s in front of his friends or while walking together, spend extra time in his embrace, and hold hands together often.

These acts of affection show your boyfriend that you find him important and are proud of him. They are also universally recognized and more powerful than words.


5. Visit Him At Work

Paying your boyfriend a surprise visit at work could work as one of the spontaneous things to try in your relationship. An unexpected visit from the girl he loves during his lunch break could increase his smile and liven his mood especially if he is having a torrid day. You can decide to take him out for lunch or bring a packed lunch to eat with him.

Making time from your busy schedule to visit your boyfriend at his place of work shows him you are thinking about him always and is a really romantic display.

As you do this, you are also helping him relax from the day’s stress and providing an opportunity to spend more time with you.


6. Write Him A Special Note

You can develop the bond you share with your partner by writing him special messages occasionally. You do not have to be a great poet or writer to appeal to him, merely expressing your true feelings and telling him things you find adorable about him will suffice.

Making the time to write your man special notes will go a long way in bringing you closer together. Don’t force the niceness and definitely don’t use google as a reference point while creating your messages.

Let your words come from a personal place, you could even explore certain things that have meaning to him; it shows your partner that he has your undivided attention and that is simply sweet.


7. Dance For Him

Did you just arch your brows? Well, as I have mentioned, some little things hold great significance, and dancing for your heartthrob is just about as exciting as other cute things to do for your boyfriend. No, you don’t have to be a Shakira to pull this off; yes, it deepens your closeness to each other.

Giving your boyfriend a dance shows him your true colors and tells him your insecurities are down when around him. Whether it’s a slow, seductive, and sensual dance or a special, wild, and crazy one, this gesture is in itself endearing and will no doubt make you more lovable.

You can implore him to join you in the dance – even if he’d likely resist at first – and together, quietly lose yourself to the moment.


8. Hide Sticky Notes Around

Imagine finding enticing notes riddled with special words of endearment in unexpected places around your home. How appealing does that sound? This is one of the free things to do for your boyfriend, requiring little time and effort.

You can hide romantic notes in strategic spots around the house, in his briefcase, his shoes, his wardrobe, on the corridor, or under his pillow. This trick works best when the note is hidden in a place where he’d be bound to find it when he least expected.

Get your brain creative and think of some places to put romantic notes but ensure the chosen spots aren’t too obscure so that he’ll find them later.

You could slide a note inside a book he is reading, on his laptop screen, on his car’s dashboard, or windshield wipers. There’s no doubt he would feel loved when he sees these notes and realize the romantic gesture you are making.


9. Follow Through With His Love Language

The love languages were incepted by Dr. Dave Chapman to describe the way we feel loved and appreciated. There are five languages in number with different meanings and significances depending on individual personality types.

What this implies is that we may feel loved in a way different from how our partners do. Understanding these different ways of showing love is a perfect example of one of the cute things to do for your boyfriend as it will help you recognize and manage his expectations and needs

According to Dr. Chapman, these are the five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Quality Time.

i. Words of Affirmation

This love language seeks to express love with words that build up your partner. Simple verbal compliments about their clothes, personalities, or appearance can be very effective in heightening their love for you.

ii. Acts of Service

This love language applies to people who harp on actions over words. It expresses itself by doing things that you know your boyfriend would appreciate. You could cook him a meal, do the laundry, or water his garden. These actions must not be forced or compelled, they require great thought and effort and have to come from a positive place to be effective

iii. Receiving Gifts

While this love language might seem materialistic, a closer inspection shows it isn’t. People who share this love language feel appreciated when they receive a meaningful or thoughtful gift. Even something as little as getting him his favorite box of chocolate after a long work week would be immensely valued.
This is different than Acts of Service, where you show affection by performing actions to help your partner.

iv. Quality Time

Quality time is all about concerted attention. There must be little space for electronic gadgets like televisions or smartphones, or any other form of distractions and more time for yourselves.

If this is your boyfriend’s love language, it means he wants to be the center of your attention. He wants you to look at him only and will help him feel comfortable in the relationship.

v. Physical Touch

People who possess this love language prioritize the physical touch of their partners over every other thing. This does not mean they are unnecessarily needy, instead, it means they would feel more connected and safe in a relationship by regularly holding hands, kissing, or hugging their partners.

Without physical contact, this set of people will feel unloved and neglected; even all the gifts in the world would be unable to placate them.

Now you know all the love languages, take time to study your boyfriend well, understand the category he falls into, and act accordingly.


10. Plan A Surprise Party For Him

While there are so many cute things to do for your boyfriend, none will be as surprising as planning an unexpected party for him. It could be a simple house party where you play his favorite songs and serve him his favorite meals. If you know his friends and family, you could invite them to make the occasion merrier.

This could even serve as a great option when considering things to do for your boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is all about showing love and when your display of love comes in form of a surprise party, the occasion is made even more special.

You do not have to go overboard with your efforts to increase the romance in your relationship. Some of the suggestions mentioned above are things you could do with your boyfriend at home while others might require extra time and resources to organize. In the long run, your efforts and commitment will help your relationship withstand the test of time and cement a favorable spot for you in the heart of your boyfriend.

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Sharing is caring!

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