300 Valentine Gifts Ideas For Him/Her

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With Valentine’s Day already approaching, you might find yourself struggling to arrive at the perfect choice of valentine gifts for him/her, that is, for your partner.

As a woman, you might be wondering whether to get valentine gifts for him romantic and sweet, whether to opt for personalized valentine gifts for him or better still stick to non-cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him.

Well, not to worry. We’ve put together this list of well-selected ideas of valentine gifts for him/her to satisfy your wide tastes.

There are first valentine gifts for boyfriend, presents for adventurous couples, and gifts for the calm couple who’d rather chill at home and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Whether your relationship is brand new, a couple of weeks old, long-established, or long-distance, we’ve done a great job of gathering the best choice of valentine gifts for him/her to purchase.

Many women often find themselves asking: what do guys want for valentine’s day? This is understandable as many men do not do so well at expressing their interests.

However, if you are concerned about valentine gifts for him/her and you don’t want to sour their mood with your choice of gift, then you’re in the right place.

We put this list of the best valentine gifts for him/her because we believe you can do much better than just a card this year. You can go further by doing something more extraordinary or unique.

So if you want to know what to get your boyfriend for valentine’s day, if you want to access some cheap valentine gifts for him, or if you just want to see some valentine’s day gift ideas for her, go ahead and keep reading.

There’s something for everyone in this list of valentine gifts for him/her to ensure you have a successful Valentine’s Day this year and for many years to come!

From winter gifts for him to simple, classic gifts like a bouquet to more creative valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend ideas like a “Reasons Why I Love You” notebook or a custom wine bottle label, we have got you covered.

Note that this list of valentine gifts for him/her was carefully organized to satisfy a variety of tastes and appeals.

We recognize that what is good to one person might be distasteful to another, so if you do not find something that interests you in a particular section of this list of valentine gifts for him/her, move on to other sections until you find what you’re comfortable with and know they will appreciate.

So moving right in, here are the best Valentine gifts for him/her to take note of.


First Valentine Presents For Boyfriend

There’s every chance you will find it difficult to get the perfect valentine gifts set for him, especially if it will be the first valentine together. Regardless of how inexpensive they may be, valentine’s day is all about love and the gesture in itself is weighty.

Remember, that while you may be tempted to go for something more unusual, whatever you buy must cater to your guy’s interests. So, limiting the list of valentine gifts for him/her to gifts for your boyfriend, depending on the kind of guy you are dating, here are some pleasant options:


1.  Love Coupons

Men love freebies. So giving them Love Coupons they can claim anytime they want speaks of love in a very cute way.


2.  The Guy With A Beard

Is your guy one of those guys that don’t like to shave? Help him feel superfly by getting him one of the top valentine’s day gifts for beard guys: a beard care kit!


3.  Wallet Insert Card

This Wallet Insert Card is a classy and personalized metal card that represents the unbendable affection you have for your man with a lasting echo of how much you love him.


4.  Ash With Glass

A cigar accessory for only the classiest smoker. This kit will fit well with any cigar lovers’ collection. Ashtray, cutter, puncher, and holder this set bring the best of all worlds into one personalized travel kit.

5.  Breakfast In Bed

What better way to a man’s heart, serve your guy some nice breakfast in bed this valentine’s day.


6.  Hidden Message Bracelet

You may not always say it often but in a hidden message bracelet, he will carry your sweet message with him anywhere he goes.


7.  Love Mood Candle

Set the mood for your man, who doesn’t love sexy time. This candle is his cue that love is in the air.


8.  Men’s Gift Set

You can also get him a perfect men’s gift set.


9.  Custom Glass Keepsake

Nothing is sweeter than having personal handwritten messages just for him for 31 days.


10.  Personalized Whiskey Stones

No one likes a watered-down whiskey. Get the best of your man with a personalized gift that will rock that whiskey glass and make every sip pure and chilled.


11. Personalized Leather Storage Tray

This mini tray is specially made for that one special person closest to your heart.


12.  A Personalized Cutting Board

Does your husband or boyfriend love to cook? Then this is the perfect valentine’s day gift for him.


13.  Personalized Leather Jacket

This gift is bound to brighten his smile, trust.


14.  Personalized Tailgate Cooler

A cooler and a stool rolled into one. What can be a more fitting gift for someone who loves the outdoors!


15.  Gift Box

Get to your man’s heart straight through his stomach with a gift box filled with salty, savory, and sweet snacks.


16.  Love Pendant Necklace

Especially one that can be worn with a chain, gym bag, or keychain.


17.  Diamond Decanter

The handsome diamond decanter will put a smile on any guy’s face while looking good on any bar or countertop.


18.  Personalized Duffel Bag

If he’s the guy who loves to make trips to the court or the gym, this is for him.


19.  Engraved Multi-Tool Hammer

Give him a gift that he can use every day. This personalized multi-tool hammer would make a great gift for your husband or boyfriend for any of his DIY needs.


20.  Personalized Cufflinks And Tie Clip

Class up your man with a personalized cufflink and tie clip set.


21.  Golf Shoe Bag

This bag would be all he needs to complete his golf essentials.


22.  Cozy Slippers

Keep him comfortable as he forges ahead with his new normal.


23.  Personalized Wooden Watch

All things special comes in a box. Give a surprise with this sentimental valentine’s gift for him.


24.  Promise Keychain

This promise keychain says all that you want him to know – that through thick and thin you will always be there for him.


25.  Personalized Pocket Watch

Walk down memory lane as you hand this special valentine gift for him/her.


26.  Personalized Journal

Let this sentimental gift equip him to write down his thoughts particularly the journey of love that he has with you.


27.  Leather Head State Series

Does your guy love football almost as much as he loves you? Then this will be a hit gift for him.


28.  Lace Lingerie

Show him how much you care with this flattering lingerie set and get his heart racing.


29.  Personalized Tumbler Gift

This is another special gift to get for your man to remind him of you always.


Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Girlfriend

This part of the list of valentine gifts for him/her deals with valentine’s day romantic gifts for one’s girlfriend. Giving a romantic gift is all about knowing your partner and what makes them click.

So, restricting this list of valentine gifts for him/her to just the females, here are some ways you could surprise your girlfriend.

1.  Personalized Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

Before you wrap it up, write a heartfelt message on the back of the wooden puzzle.


2.  “What I Love About You” Journal

Fill this book with sweet nothings, inside jokes, and plans for your life together.


3.  Monthly Bouquet Subscription

Showing up at her door with a bouquet of roses is as classic as it gets.


4.  Couples: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters

Although you two never run out of things to talk about, the cards in this deck will inspire thoughtful conversations that may have never happened otherwise.


5.  A Handwriting Bracelet

You’ve exchanged “I love yous” more times than you can count, but what if she could wear your heart on her sleeve? Now that’s romantic.


6.  Spark Romance Box

Your love is on fire, and  this clever gift idea will cast an even bigger glow.


7.  Blanket Sweatshirt

She won’t have to worry about catching a chill once she’s snuggled up in this hooded sweatshirt.


8.  Tennis Stud Earrings

A little sparkle never hurts. These silver-plated studs are the perfect glitz for special occasions.


9.  Crystal-Infused Bath Soak

Choose one formulated with a rose quartz crystal to bring out her sensual and romantic side.


10.  Preserved Rose

Unlike the fresh rose bouquet that dies within a week of its delivery, this one help remind her of your love long after valentine’s day.


11.  Collage Heart Puzzle

Her hard work will pay off when she completes this 252-piece puzzle, revealing more than a dozen black-and-white snapshots of your most treasured moments together.


12.  The Cloud 9 Silky Pajamas Set

Sleeping in silk pajamas is a luxury and there’s no question that she deserves to sleep like a queen.


13. Tasting Set

Make it an experience that you both can enjoy with this mixed assortment of wine


14.  Initial Bracelet

Spell out her name or initials with one of these gold or silver beaded bracelets.


15. Date Night Bucket List

At this point in your relationship, you both feel like you’ve seen and done it all. This handy jar of 25 date ideas will prove otherwise.


16.  Romantic Wooden Picture Frame

Stick your favorite 3 x 3″ photo from the past year in this wooden frame for a meaningful shelf or table decoration.


17.  A Phone Sling

This is just the right gift to hold her phone, keys, wallet, and everyday essentials.


18.  Clipboard Wall Hanging

Print out a few pictures that capture your best moments together so she can rotate through them in the year ahead.

19.  Custom ‘The Office’ Mug

This one is just so enterprising!


20.  Intimacy Deck

No matter if you’re together or not, pull a card from this deck to spark intimate, intentional conversations.


21.  Custom Morse Code Necklace

Keep things between the two of you with this gold, rose gold, or silver necklace.


22.  Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

With this wrap bracelet, she can enjoy the benefits of essential oils wherever she goes.


23.  A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets feel like a warm hug. So when you’re not there to give her one, she can wrap herself in this queen blanket to keep warm.


24.  Mini Waffle Maker

There are two ways to give this gift: You can either wake her up to heart-shaped waffles in bed or wait to make waffles together.


25.  Zodiac Necklace

Do you know her zodiac sign? With this dainty necklace, she’ll show off just how proud she is of her star sign.


26.  Etched Skyline Wine Glass

If she recently made a big move to create a new home with you, show your appreciation with this wine glass etched with her city’s skyline.


27.  Custom Name Earrings

Write out her name, nickname, or go-to word with a pair of earrings in silver or gold.

28.  Bathtub Caddy Tray

The only thing that beats breakfast in bed is a candlelit bath at night.


29.  Women’s Wool Runners

Considered the “world’s most comfortable sneaker,” these picks are made for day-to-day wear.


30.  An Hair Dryer & Volumizer

With his nifty brush, she can get a salon-worthy blowout in minutes


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Husband

Delving further into this list of valentine gifts for him/her is a section devoted to husbands. While some men are into handy gifts, like a pair of socks or a new pack of an electric razor, those might not fit the needs of your husband.

You could opt for simple or more luxurious gift items from the below list of valentine gifts for him/her specifically fitted to husbands. Most men are not used to receiving romantic gifts from their partners.

So seize this initiative to surprise him both on and after valentine’s day. Show him you care deeply about him, and won’t wait until it’s February 14th to show love to him.

Here are some gift ideas to try:

1.  An Heated Foam Roller

Got a fitness guru on your hands? Then he’ll love this foam roller.


2.  Apple AirPods Pro with Noise Cancellation

This is a gift, honey! The Apple AirPods Pro has been hailed by fans and critics alike as the best earbuds in town.


3.  Airsnap AirPod Case

His AirPods are just about his favorite things—second only to you. Help him keep them safe and sound with this sturdy leather case.


4.  Adidas 3 Stripe Sweatpants

If your husband is in desperate need of a loungewear upgrade, gift him these classic Adidas sweatpants.


5.  Wireless Earbuds

If he desperately needs a new pair of earbuds, oblige him.


6.  A Card Holder

Get him a travel-friendly wallet that includes a slip pocket for folded bills, eight credit card slots, and an ID window to display a driver’s license.


7.  A Travel Backpack

Husbands always find a way to stuff their belongings into their partner’s backpacks. So invest in a backpack for all of his things that just can’t seem to fit in his pocket.


8.  A Smart Car Charger

You know this is a perfect gift from every husband.


9.  Personalized Beer Mug

This personalized beer mug makes a sweet, one-of-a-kind gift that will make him smile every time he cracks open a cold one.


10.  Reusable Ice Cubes

Ideal for any man who enjoys his liquor on the rocks, these whiskey stones will keep his drink chilled longer than ice.


11.  Bluetooth Speaker

You can’t go wrong with a wireless speaker for his favorite music or podcasts.


12.  A Pack Of Solid Cologne

This is the perfect sensual gift for every husband.


13.  A Quarter-Zip Jacket

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for husbands who throw on the same hoodie every time the weather gets a little chilly.


14.  Nice Home Slippers

Stylish suede slippers help keep his feet warm and cozy.


15.  Personalized Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Get him going in style with a durable leather bag to fit all his necessities.


16.  Beard Balm

If he struggles with perpetually shaggy facial hair, a beard balm will save his life.


17.  Love Language Card Game

The ultimate gift is one you can enjoy together, don’t you think so?


18.  Comb and Brush Beard Set

If his beard is his pride and joy, surprise him with this two-piece set to keep his beard looking sharp.


19.  Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

The perfect gift for husbands who are always active and buy plastic bottles of water wherever they go.


20.  Boot Socks

Any dude will appreciate a nice pair of socks. To reach deeper into his heart, make sure you are aware of his favorite color and buy him a pair of socks that suits his tastes.


21.  Denim Shirt

Spiff up your significant other’s date night look with a casual denim shirt


22.  Personalized Underwear

Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? Here you go.


23.  A Pair Of Cool Sneakers

An eternally cool pair of kicks could be the perfect surprise for your husband on Valentine’s Day.


24.  Shave Essentials Set

Give him the gift of silky-smooth skin with this set of three pain-free shaving products


25.  A Wireless Mouse

Work from home probably isn’t going away any time soon. Instead of clicking away on an old wired mouse, you can get him a wireless mouse that doesn’t require any plug-ins whatsoever.


Valentine Gifts For Wife

The list of valentine gifts for him/her is never complete without a part dedicated to the lovely women that complete men. Your gift must show you totally get her interests.

No matter what she likes, you’re certain to find something she’ll appreciate in this list of valentine gifts for him/her specially created for wives. So, read on and make your choice.

1.  One Dozen Red Roses

The traditional route of roses is never a bad idea.


2.  Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Or, go the personalized route with this handwriting bracelet, based on a real photo of your handwritten message.


3.  Terrarium Candle

If she loves plants, she’ll adore these candles that look like realistic terrariums.


4.  Date Night Bucket List

This one is really a gift for you both because it means you’ll never have another boring date night again. With a date night bucket list, you can access a list of unique and exciting activities to try for date night.


5.  Back and Neck Massager

Stress is no match for this massager, trust.


6.  Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray

If she can’t resist a nice long bubble bath, get her a stylish bath caddy to rest candles, books, or even a glass of wine.


7.  ‘What I Love About You’ Fill-in Book

Fill out the prompts in this book before you give it to your sweetheart, and it’ll turn into an instant keepsake.


8.  Mini Gold Initial Necklace

Necklaces are thoughtful and personalized.


9.  Rotating Makeup Organizer

Because her ever-growing cosmetics collection deserves a spot to be shown off.


10.  Minimalist Couple Portrait

These couple portraits not only have a cool minimalist style, but they’re also printable.

11.  Bluetooth Shower Speaker

While we’re on the subject of bubble baths, this waterproof speaker is perfect for relaxing baths and shower singing sessions.


12.  Essential Oil Diffuser

Pair this stylish diffuser with her favorite essential oil scents, and you’ve got a winning gift.


13.  Birth Month Flower Necklace

This sweet, heart-shaped necklace features real pressed flowers inside.


14.  ‘Falling for You’ Dried Flower Bunch

This dried flower bouquet is beautiful and lasts much longer than your typical floral arrangement.


15.  Celestial Constellation Necklace

Go above and beyond your standard jewelry gift by getting a special necklace like this.

16.  Crystal Infused Zodiac Perfume

If she’s more into perfume than jewelry, then get her a fragrance inspired by her astrological sign.


17.  Love Message Shortbread Cookies

Sometimes sweet treats really are the best route for Valentine’s Day.


18.  Bluetooth Water Bottle Speaker

This water bottle is also a Bluetooth speaker, and it’s as crazy-cool as it is chic.

19.  Champagne Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You really can’t go wrong with chocolate-covered strawberries, either, especially if they’re also champagne-infused.


20.  Folding Vintage Locket

Fill this locket up with four different pictures of her and her loved ones, and you’ll have a gift she’s sure to cherish forever.


21.  Travel Passport Wallet

This is a perfect choice for the partner who loves to travel since it even features spaces for her passport and boarding passes.


22.  Wine Soaps

Show her how much you get her love of wine with these wine-scented soaps, which come in a set of four.


23.  Wine-Infused Dessert Sauces

Speaking of wine, any wine lover with a sweet tooth will appreciate dessert sauces that are infused with booze.


24.  Jewelry Box

If she doesn’t already own a jewelry box, she’ll appreciate one.


25.  Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase will make bedtime feel that much more relaxing and luxurious.


26.  Women’s Long Robe

It doesn’t get much better than spending a lazy morning in a soft, fluffy robe, so give her the gift of relaxation.


27.  Wireless On-Ear Headphones

She can rock these stylish headphones while she listens to the playlist you made her accompany this amazing gift.

28.  Bedside Smartphone Vase

You took care of the flowers, now give her a place to put them, and it won’t hurt if the vase helps her charge her phone either.


DIY Valentine Gifts For Him


Sometimes your valentine gifts for him/her doesn’t have to be extravagant. Some simple, homemade gifts could ignite the spark in your partner’s eyes and make them love you more.

We’ve got you covered with some easy ideas that cover the interests of every man, whether he’s your boyfriend, brother, or husband-to-be. Check them out.

1.  Beer Box

Not only will your man be impressed, he’ll love how innovative and functional it is!


2.  Chalkboard Mug

Hop online and learn how to turn some simple mugs into personalized fun!


3.  Nuts About You

Just fill a jar up with his favorite nuts – peanuts or cashews even – and top it with a note!


4.  Beard Oil

For your dad or even your bro, whoever has a beard will love to have some beard oil on hand.


5.  Carved Candle

Carve out a candle for him. Give it a bit of a masculine edge and a warm message.


6.  Message In A Bottle

You could create a fun little message in a bottle for him. Steps for this are available online.


7.  Love Map Frame

Map out your love and frame it!


8.  You + Me On A Tree

How’s your carving skill like? Add a bit of rugged love to your boyfriend’s man cave.


9.  Custom Puzzle

He’ll love how clever and silly it is too. Make a puzzle and watch him put it together.


10.  Bacon Bouquet

What man doesn’t love some yummy bacon?

11.  10 Things I Love About You

Get crafty with a “10 things I love about you” DIY gift to make him blush deeply as he reads your love writings.


12.  Mini Notebooks

If you have a man in your life that loves to write, whip up some of these mini notebooks that he can carry around.


13.  Booze Bouquets

Make a booze bouquet that everyone from your dad to your husband will get a kick out of.


15.  Travel Bag

Learn how to sew up one of these travel bags and make his packing so much easier!


16.  Shoelace Bracelets

You could always make him a bracelet as a trendy, masculine accessory for him.


17.  Mini Pool Table Tin

He’ll love having this one on his desk. Have him blow off some steam with a mini pool table!


18.  Geo Wall Hearts

You’ll be giving him a feminine touch that he’ll remember you by.


19.  Love Bulb

Every glance it gets will be a wink towards you.


20.  Dollar Hearts

Money is always a fun gift to give. But it’s even better when you wrap it festively.


21.  Earflap Hat

A winter hat for him to dawn throughout the wintery months isn’t too bad as a winter gift.


22.  Hostess Cupcakes

Learn how to recreate his favorite school time treat.


23.  Paper Airplane Love Notes

Send a love note in a whole new way and a way that he’ll adore.


24.  Pop-Up Photo Box

Learn to make a picture pop-up box that can sit around and be used as a fun reminder.


Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples


Another extra direction to lean towards when considering valentine gifts for him/her is a fun couples hangout. While this might not be a physical gift in itself, the initiative and concept could also serve as a perfect valentine present.

The concept of valentine roots for togetherness, companionship, unity, and love. As such, you can decide to take your celebration an extra notch – away from the typical cliche that is buying valentine gifts – by engaging in wholesome couple activities.

This would especially come in handy if any of you is a busy person; perhaps a frequent traveler.

By altering your schedule to allow you spend valuable time with your other half, you show you always have them in mind and that you care about their feelings.

So whereas a gift might be nice, a day devoted to just the both of you will be great. If you are interested in this adventure, some activities to try include:


1.  Go To Your Local Bookstore

Are you and your partner total bookworms? Head over to your favorite local bookstore and spend some time picking out a book for your plus one to read.


2.  Watch A Valentine’s Day Movie

Pop some popcorn, make some snacks, light a candle, open a bottle of wine, and watch a Valentine’s Day movie while snuggling under a blanket in the comfort of your home


3.  Go Vintage Shopping

The right vintage thrift shop is like a treasure trove of old goodies waiting to be newly discovered. Grab your partner and go on a scavenger hunt in your local vintage shop


4.  Stream A Virtual Concert

After you finish making a Valentine’s Day playlist for each other, take date night to the next level with a local concert.


5.  Have An At-Home Trivia Night

Use an app that features fun trivia, or JackBox games to recreate that pub feel at home.


6.  Go On A Bike Ride

If the weather allows, take a mini adventure in your neighborhood or city. It’s fun yeah, and will provide a bonding experience on a higher level.


7.  Make Chocolate Fondue

What’s more romantic than making your chocolate-covered strawberries at home?


8.  Take A Scenic Train Ride

If you get wanderlust looking at all those beautiful travel posts on Instagram, use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to take your significant other on a scenic train ride


9.  Watch A Comedy Show

The very act of laughing together helps people open up, so an option, you could watch a comedy show together.


10.  Whip Up Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed—featuring a spread that only includes heart-shaped treats. You sure are already salivating.


11.  Have A Dance Party

For a more interactive evening, you could try dancing. A variety of dance classes are now offered online and can guide you.


12.  Get A Couples Massage

Some spas offer a full day fee that includes a massage, as well as access to hot tubs and indoor pools. Alternatively, fill your bathtub with essential oils, line it with candles, and take a couple’s bath.


13.  Work Out Together

Raise those feel-good endorphins by getting in some outdoor exercise.


14.  Play Board Games

Grab plenty of snacks, pop a bottle of sweet wine, and play your favorite board games.


15. Cook-Binge

If you prefer to stay home, consider fun and interactive cooking experience instead of ordering takeout.


16.  Go On A Hike

Want to step up your Valentine’s Day date? Put on your warmest winter coat, and hit your favorite local trail.


17.  Take A Painting Class

No art skills to speak of? No problem. You can look for studios in your area, or participate in a virtual paint night.


18.  Use An App To Stargaze

Put on your warmest gear, bust out a blanket, and take some time to admire the universe with the help of the Night Sky app which will show you what constellations you’re looking at.


19.  Plan A Mini Getaway

With Airbnb, you can inexpensively get a place away from home at a moment’s notice. Book a place with access to activities and amenities you wouldn’t otherwise have at home, like, say, a fireplace.


20.  Visit A Rock Climbing Gym

Activities like rock climbing not only release endorphins but also require couples to lean on teamwork skills and trust one another. As such, this is a great way to spend valentine’s day with your partner.


21.  Take A Cooking Class

Most major cities (and even some local restaurants) offer cooking classes where you can learn to make anything from pizza to sushi. For Valentine’s Day, you could try a dessert-making class.


22.  Enjoy Game Day At Home

While you may not be able to root for your favorite sports teams in person, you can have just as much fun watching the game from the comfort of your home. Just make sure to serve a variety of game day staple and celebrate just as loudly as you would in the stadium to recreate the perfect experience.


23.  Check Out A Museum

If you default to a conversation about the kids or the long to-do list at home, switch to an activity like a visit to a local museum. This will spark thoughtful conversation way outside your regular day-to-day responsibilities.


24.  Take a “Trip” To France

You may not be able to take your significant other on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, but you can pretend you’re visiting the City of Love with a French-themed date night. Here is his to perfect this. Kick this off in the evening with a glass of rich, french wine before whipping up a tasty main course – preferably a french cuisine.


25.  Have A Ping-Pong Match

Just so you are aware, competitive activities have two big benefits. First, they allow you to empower your partner by pushing them to play their best. Second, they encourage playful competition and banter which are essential to building the love you share. Remember it’s the season of love.


26. Try An Escape Room

Challenges like escape rooms require trust, support, and teamwork. While your local spot may be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, several virtual options are just as fun as the real deal.


27.  Go Ice Skating

Try something out of your comfort zones like ice skating or even sky-diving. If you live in a warmer climate, you could think up more creative ways to spend time together engaged in an activity.


28.  Play Old-School Video Games

Couples feel closer and look happier when they share nostalgic memories. As such, duet off your controllers, turn on your old video game system and partake in one of your favorite throwback games to take you down memory lane. Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, the Legend of Zelda, Nintendo 64, Playstation, or Sega Genesis, whichever you have, turn it into a fun valentine night activity.


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