10 Things Guys Notice About Your Body

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What body part do guys notice first?

As a lady, some of the thoughts that must have crossed your mind at one time or the other most likely would have revolved around the things guys notice about your body.

It is not entirely difficult to deduce this. I say this with so much confidence because most of the women I have related to have indicated their desire in knowing a man’s thoughts about them.

Women are self-conscious people. As such, it is only expected that they would want to know what goes on in the mind of others – not to mention potential male admirers – when it concerns their bodies. So, what are some of the things guys notice about your body? In other words, what do guys notice in a girl they like?

Unlike women who sometimes tend to use especially difficult metrics to judge men, most men are actually more straightforward in what they look out for in women.

Comments have varied regarding the things a guy notices when he looks at a woman’s body for the first time, and while opinions are likely to differ from person to person, it is only expected that the first few features men notice are situated on a woman’s face.

Yes, contrary to popular ideas about men being drawn to women’s derriere and breasts, a study conducted on over 1,000 British men shows that men are attracted to the contents of a woman’s face – eyes and mouth most especially – before any other thing. But then, what particular body part do guys notice first in a woman?


What Body Part Do Guys Notice First?

According to a survey of 1,000 British men conducted by a pharmaceutical company, Murine, it was discovered that the first thing a man notices when he appraises a woman’s body is her eyes.

The survey also showed that the breasts are the third thing men look out for when checking out a woman’s body.

So if you are looking for some of the things guys notice about your body, you might want to start making your eyes sensual. According to the company’s report, here is the order in which men notice women’s body parts:

  • Eyes
  • Smile
  • Breasts
  • Hair
  • Weight
  • Legs
  • Clothing
  • Derrière
  • Height
  • Skin

If there is something significant about this study, it is the fact that it shows men are not entirely about women’s curvaceous waists, plump breasts, or large behinds. Yes, these also matter, but so do other often ignored features like the eyes, hair, smile, and others.

Another question relating to the topic, things guys notice about your body women often ask is: do guys notice body flaws? Perhaps you’ve got some hidden scars or marks on your body that you are scared would turn a man off if he sees them.

Or you have a particular body part looking different than normally expected, maybe as a result of an earlier accident, and you are wondering if a man would love you the same if he discovers it. Well, I have taken the time to gather live data and comments to help satiate your curiosity and place you at ease.


Do Guys Notice Body Flaws?

Do guys notice body flaws?

A lot of us have particular aspects of our body we aren’t comfortable with. This could make you feel especially sensitive about your body when around others, or make you feel insecure when you just get into the dating scene.

You start getting conscious of that annoying pimple that just won’t clear off, the acne you can’t seem to find an explanation for, your robust body that would never get in shape, your irregular nose that appears like it was pasted on your face as an afterthought, or your unusually asymmetrical hands.

You want to look ravishingly attractive and want your partner to see you as the epitome of perfection, but those little flaws on your skin keep drawing at your insides, leaving you anxious, worried, and exhausted. If this speaks to you as a lady, I can understand how you feel.

The thing is, men and women, differ in the way they love and handle relationships; in the way, they respond and give love, and in the way, they take stock of situations.

In a relationship, while a man and woman would most likely worry about the same thing, it is easier for a man to forget than a woman.

It is not that men are oblivious to things going on around them, but they would rather ignore some things than being sucked into them.

On the other hand, women crave perfection and would go the extra mile to see their wishes come alive, whether it is removing perceived dents from their body, or refining their personality.

Well if you are worried about things guys notice about your body or whether guys notice flaws on your body, you’d be relieved to know that I have the perfect response for you.

Scouring a Reddit confession session where men talked about how they feel about flaws in their partners, below are some of the top responses that would probably help you breathe easy.


1. “I’ll Probably Notice Stretch Marks, But I Just Ignore Them In Favor Of Paying Attention To The Fun Areas Of The Woman. I intend To Enjoy My Partner’s Figure, Not Grade It And Pick Out Every Single Negative Detail.”

Not only is this particular comment heartwarming, but it also drives home the important message that men care less about the _dents_ on your body as a lady. Instead, they choose to enjoy and create memorable experiences with their partner.

Dwelling on trivial matters like a birthmark or stretch mark on your partner’s body paints the idea that you love their body more than you love them. But as this user has clarified, he is less interested in the flaws in his partner’s body. I can imagine several other men share this thought as well.


2. “I Notice Her Flaws, But When I Love Somebody, I Quit Seeing Them After A While Because I’m Not Critiquing Her, I’m Too Busy Loving What I Like About Her.”

Isn’t this one lovely comment? When you love someone, you love them for who they are; their innate qualities and peculiar personality.

As a woman wondering about the things guys notice about your body, this comment is an indication that you need to start bothering less about your physical attributes and work on making yourself a generally better person.

Yes, he notices your flaws. But, he would rather focus on other positive qualities than allow some irrelevancies to define your existence in the relationship. This is indeed a touching revelation.


3. “Notice? Yes. Care? Not In The Least. Those ‘Flaws’ Are A Record Of Where She’s Been.”

Do you see how this user creatively turned the question into something exciting? Your flaws tell experiences. They are a visual representation of what you have been through in life.

As such, they shouldn’t bother you, but should rather remind you of the strength and resilience you possess.

If you noticed, the three users already mentioned noted that they see their partner’s flaws, but were also quick to drive home the fact that they cared less about the said flaws.

Yet another reminder to focus on the things that matter in your relationship such as strengthening the bond you share with your partner, instead of spending your energy and resources on making yourself flawless.


4. “Women Point Out Things About Themselves I Would Have Never Given A Second Thought To.”

Here we go! When people say women do the most, it is sometimes difficult to question the reasoning behind the thought process.

As I pointed out at the onset of this article on things guys notice about your body, women often take particular interest in things that most men would see as unnecessary.

You see a woman curiously bothered about the curly or straight nature of her hair or the flexibility of her hips. These are things guys hardly pay attention to.

In fact, as this user points, they only start taking note of these perceived flaws when their woman continue to rave about them. So, here we go women. You just might be the one making a mountain out of a molehill.


5. “The Obsession By Some Women Over Their Tiniest Flaws Is Much More Of A Turn Off Than Any Of The Perceived Flaws.”

This Reddit user sends a message across that a woman who constantly obsesses over her little imperfections turns him off, and I can bet a lot of other men share this idea.

It is one thing to date a woman who is conscious of areas of herself she feels she could improve on, it is yet another thing to date a woman who worries about things that scarcely count to an extreme level.

It is okay to want to look your best, but obsessing over what you think are your flaws won’t move your relationship forward. If anything, your actions would paint an image of immaturity on your part and could even make your partner detest that part of you.

Having seen exactly how men see your flaws, I hope you can take a leaf or two and change your lifestyle, where necessary, to build a relationship that would last forever.

Now, let’s get to the crux of this article and talk about what guys notice about a woman instantly. That is, some of the things guys notice about your body as a lady.


Things Guys Notice About Your Body


1.  Your Smile

What do guys notice in a girl they like?

Ever heard a guy talk about a lady’s smile? Genuine smiles are often enchanting and are a great way to reach deep into the heart of any man.

When a man sees a woman, one of the first things he notices is her smile. This tells him how approachable and chatty a woman is, and also describes her personality in a way.

Men feel at their best when they meet a woman with a smiling face. On the contrary, women who smile less give the appearance of being too serious.

If this describes you presently, you might want to consciously learn to put a smile on your face as this is one of the first things guys notice about your body.

We see in movies and real-life situations and natural smiles provoke conversations and encourage friendly relations. However, this doesn’t mean you need to have a smile on your face at all times.

Smiles while giving the idea of happiness and satisfaction must be genuine. If you fake a smile, it is easy for men to see through the charade and this will most likely make the encounter more awkward than necessary.


2.  Your Eyes

One of the most important things guys notices about your body as a woman are your eyes. Ever heard of the phrase, the eyes are the window to the soul? Well, this popular catchphrase doesn’t seem ever more right than at this moment.

The eyes tell a lot about a person in a short time. Through the eyes, one can find out if he is being lied to or played on by another person.

One can also discover the genuineness of another person’s intentions. A woman’s eyes provide a smooth way to assess and understand the kind of person she is.

It is easy to believe that men are first attracted to the chest region of a lady. But this is incorrect. A lot of men look at a woman’s eyes before going on to assess other features of her body.

Through the eyes, a woman can communicate a lot of ideas. You can pass a message of tiredness, enthusiasm, boredom, attraction, disinterest, indifference, and numerous other emotions through the movement of your eyes. This is how powerful this part of your body is.


3.  Your Hair

Another member of the things guys notice about your body is your hair. Forget those men that say they care less about the state of their woman’s hair, it is just a ploy to reduce your level of obsession. Every man wants to be around a woman with an attractive and stylish look.

My partner spends quite a lot of time on her hair, which I would admit, are well spent. I can’t count the number of times we’ve been out together and I’ve caught other guys admiring her hair while silently flirting with her.

Even other ladies would from time to time throw good-natured comments about the length, texture, and style of her hair.

Of course, men differ in the kind of style they would rather their women fix their hair, but the consensus is that every man likes a woman with a beautiful hairstyle. So, however, you choose to style or make your hair, do it in a way that exudes confidence, and watch yourself be the talk of the town.


4.  Your Weight

This may sound lame, but the truth is most men notice the shape, size, or weight of a woman – emphasis on the word notice.

They don’t judge your body size, but they notice it. And of course, men vary in their attractions. So while Mr. A might be all about slim, curvy women, Mr. B might be one for big, voluptuous ladies.

It is important to understand that you don’t have to starve yourself of great food to maintain a nice body. Simply eat healthily, engage in soft exercises and keep a balanced daily routine and you wouldn’t have to worry about your weight.


5.  Your Chest

I know many of you reading this article think your chest is part of the first things guys notice about your body, but it is time to kill that idea.

Unless he is only interested in the sensual appeal you hold, a man who truly admires you will notice other salient parts before considering your breasts.

Many women spend time worrying about the size and attractiveness of their breasts. However, one question you need to ask yourself is: what kind of man am I seeking to attract? One who cares about my physical attributes only? Or one who sees me for the complete woman that I am?

Of course, having large breasts is quite appealing because after all said and done, many men are drawn to a woman based on what they see on her body.

However, your chest region isn’t the most important part of your body, so start paying attention to other significant parts as mentioned in this article if you aren’t already.


6.  Your Realness

A lot of women go through a lot – sometimes using unnatural techniques – to get the perfect body. Well, here is a warm caveat that fakeness is a turn-off for many men. In fact, most men notice it when a woman isn’t being her real self. And the few that don’t notice this initially instantly get turned off when they do. Some even feel cheated and used.

Living a fake life requires high maintenance which translates to an extra burden on the man, especially when the woman isn’t independent.

So while your bright skin, artificial eyelashes, and curvy hips might attract am, it would be easier for you to keep him when you are your natural self.

If you feel a need to hide some parts of your body you don’t feel comfortable with, how do think a man would feel when he eventually sees them. Sure, he may not care about them, but he would certainly care about your character and the kind of partner you would make.


7.  Your Legs

You must have been expecting to see this, no doubt. When talking about the things guys notice about your body, a lady’s legs cannot be left out. Apart from the legs, men adore the way you carry yourself. You never hear it, but the way you walk, run, or cross your legs is a delightful sight for many men.

I have been with different friends on numerous occasions when a lady with smooth, slim, long legs would walk past us and my fellas would still be reveling in the beautiful nature of her legs moments later. That is how riveting that part of a woman’s body is.

Men love the way women display their legs in skirts and shorts. It communicates elegance, femininity, and finesse. However, if your legs aren’t long, this should be a source of worry to you. Simply make sure to make your legs attractive enough, and any guy will notice them.


8.  Your Skin

How smooth is your skin because this is another of the things guys notice about your body? Whether you are light or dark in complexion, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how healthy your skin looks.

Men often share the idea that their offspring would take after their partner’s skin. So if your skin looks dull and unhealthy, you just might be pushing men away. Look for a body cream that complements your skin nicely.

Always remember to moisturize your skin before stepping out. Also, don’t forget to wipe your makeup from your face before going to bed, and very importantly, maintain a healthy level of rest. All these tips should help your skin glow and you would be able to attract any man of your choice.


9.  Your Fashion Sense

Did you know that most men prefer a woman who dresses fashionably well over one who displays too much of her body? Well, now you do. People believe women who show too much of their skin do it to attract men. Ironically, men are drawn to women who cloud their bodies in some form of mystery.

You don’t need to dress to kill to attract a man. Nice-fitting, unique wears that accentuate your figure will do.

More so, being fashionable extends to the kind of perfume, makeup, and fragrances that announce your presence. So, strive to focus on your appearance because it is one of the things guys notice about your body.


10.  Your Charisma

How confident, polished, and charming are you? Men are naturally drawn to women who make them feel important; women they can easily relate to and converse with on a personal level. You need to complement your good looks with an attractive brain because your body alone won’t keep a man.



There are many things guys notice in your body as a lady, but the points expressed above are some of the most important.

As the last point buttresses, apart from your good looks, you need to possess an attractive character if you truly want to be the cynosure of all eyes. Work on yourself using these tips I have shared. They will certainly improve your appeal and make you even more irresistible.


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What guys notice about a woman instantly?

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