100 Perfect Summer Date Ideas For Your Special Person

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What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Bright colors, sunglasses, pool parties, warmth, longer days, less clothes, and delicious beverages to help you relax, and sometimes everything around just begs you to go outside! It is the perfect season for vacations, a whole new bunch of experiences, and a boatload of swell memories that will last for a lifetime.

Summertime is also the best time to deepen bonds and keep the sizzle on. And since everyone’s idea of fun differs, it’s important to engage in activities that you and your significant other can enjoy.

And dating does have a way of testing your creativity. You know, location, dressing, what to do, et cetera. And that’s why I’ve put this together for you.


Creative Summer Date Ideas


1.  Visit An Art Gallery

Art is a perfect way to connect with people that you love. Visit an art gallery with your partner and admire art pieces. Get souvenirs, too, and make the moment memorable.


2.  Try Out New Recipes

Take a break from junk food and flip open your granny’s old cookbook. Try out different dishes. Hey, try not to burn the house down.


3.  Take A Road Trip

Spend quality time together go sightseeing! Play those summer songs and take turns singing your favorite songs while you drive to a new town. And don’t get too excited. Touch down on the speeding.


4.  Wine Tasting

Visit a winery and test your taste buds. Play a guessing game: try wine on blindfolds and see who has better taste buds. While you’re at it, you can slip in a kiss.


5.  Go Fishing

Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature beside a river with your partner. In between checking your hooks/lines and setting baits, discuss your future together.


6.  Roll Out Your Skating Blades

Skating is fun, but make sure you have protective clothing and equipment. Hold hands and float on the ice. Alpha males, here’s your chance to impress your lover.


7.  Exercise

Join an outdoor workout/sport/games team and have fun while keeping fit. Sweat it out and have a nice dip together in the shower.


8.  Dance!

Dancing is a great way of ridding yourself of stress and unwinding. Get on that dance floor and sweat it out. The best dancer gets a kiss!


9.  Make A Photoshoot

Engrave those beautiful moments in stone. The pictures show your commitment & connection and give you memories to look back on. Make sure to select a location with a nice background.


10.  Bake

Work as a team and bake cookies together. This sparks a familiar and homey feeling between you and your lover. Try out amazing new recipes.


11.  Rock Climbing

If you’re daring and adventurous, you’d find rock climbing interesting. If you’re an amateur, take time to learn climbing techniques before going on the trip. Ensure that you follow all safety rules and precautions, too. And don’t forget the photos.


12.  Volunteer

Take time out to volunteer for community work. It keeps you in touch with your humanity and demonstrates kindness.


13.  Attend A Fashion Show

Have fun watching models walk the runway and buy a matching outfit as a souvenir.


14.  Redecorate Your Space

Get in touch with your inner child & creative side and redesign your space together. Choosing the furniture, paint colors, curtains and all will help you feel closer.


15.  Visit A Greenhouse/Garden

Don’t give her flowers, take her to the flowers! Savor the refreshing fragrance of flowers together. The aesthetic and natural atmosphere would be a stellar bonding moment for you and your partner.


16.  Hike

See it as taking a long walk with your lover. Hold hands and enjoy each other’s company while discussing your life together. Make provisions for food & water, wear hiking gear and choose the shortest and simpler trail.
Sunset date ideas


17.  Outdoor Movies

Seeing a movie outside is a summer date idea that should be on your bucket list. Make arrangements to display a movie using a projector while cuddling together under a warm blanket. Superb special moment!


18.  Visit A Sculpture Park

Do something different from a museum. Visit a sculpture park, tour, explore and have a whole new summer experience. Take pictures as well to capture golden moments.


19.  Go Camping

Camping is an adventurous outdoor activity you can engage in with your sweetheart. Choose a suitable location where you want to set up camp, get your camping supplies, pitch your tent, have fun without your gadgets, test your endurance level without technology and revive your love life.


20.  Host A BBQ Party

It is not summer without cookouts and barbeque parties in your backyard. A barbecue party is an excuse to eat, dance, and have fun with your spouse. Take out your grill, play cool music, invite a couple of friends and make sure you unwind with the love of your life.


21.  Go To A Local Carnival

A local fair might be crowded and noisy but it certainly is thrilling to participate in a large festival with others. From competitions, photographs, food, observing the culture and history of your community, and getting to meet new people, take a break from stress and chill with your boo.


22.  Attend A Concert

Find out which concert is being held in your area and buy tickets for two. You can pull out the tickets to surprise your partner if the concert is one he/she is interested in, watch the beautiful smile that follows and enjoy a groovy atmosphere with them.


23.  Rooftop Dates

Under a blanket of twinkling stars, all you need to have your cheesy, romantic moment is good food, even better wine, a cool playlist and a partner who has no idea about the surprise awaiting him/her on the rooftop.


24.  Stargazing

Stargazing is a wonderful summer date idea. It gives you an ethereal and romantic moment, one where you can bond with your partner and enjoy peace and quiet under the twinkling spread. And if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a shooting star. Don’t forget to make a wish!


25.  Skydiving

Skydiving is an exhilarating summer date idea. Adrenaline pumped love birds doing free falls has to be the sweetest thing there is. For first-timers, you have to train and get your license first before you are allowed to skydive.


Cheap Summer Date Ideas

26.  Visit A Museum

Head to a museum to check out artifacts and learn about their history and cultural backgrounds.


27.  Watch A Live Band

Watch a live band perform all your favorite songs and get groovy with your partner.


28.  Go To The Spa Together

Getting a spa treatment is a great summer date idea. Loosen those taut muscles and share the moment with your one-and-only.


29.  Spend A Day On The Beach

Go ahead and have a beach day: play on the sand with Frisbees, get a nice tan and share a cool coconut drink, just don’t forget to bring some sunscreen!


30.  Go Skinny Dipping

Skinny dipping is a risqué date idea but fun nonetheless. Take off your clothes, take a sweet dive and have fun. It is safer to use a private pool.


31.  Visit A Haunted House

Want a crazy thrill moment? Visit a haunted house! Get your adrenaline pumping, scream your lungs out, and have some fun.


32.  DIY Projects

Try simple DIY recipes like masks, crocheting, and remodeling. It is a fun, indoor activity that will help you bond with your partner and help you think creatively.


33.  Go For Comedy Shows

Comedy shows might be quite rowdy, but you get to laugh at funny jokes and create a fun memory for you and your partner.


34.  Go Cycling

Renting bicycles and cycling long distances is a great summer date idea. You can exercise, stop midway to rest, and watch other road users.


35.  Head To A Golf Course

Golfing is a leisure way to spend your time with your partner. Head to a golf course with your partner and test your eye to hand coordination.


36.  Rent A Cottage For The Weekend

Another exciting summer date idea is to rent a cottage in the countryside, unwind and get away from the stress and noise of the city.


37.  Go On An Ice Cream Date

Indulge your inner child by going with your partner on an ice cream date. Worrying about the calories does not help in any way, so go ahead and enjoy your favorite ice cream flavor.


38.  Sail On A Boat

Sailing is an awesome summer date idea. This is a fun and memorable way to spend the day with your partner if you don’t get seasick. Don’t forget your lifejackets!


Date Ideas For Couples

39.  Visit A New Restaurant

Check out a new restaurant with your partner and try out new dishes on their menu.


40.  Go To A Farmer’s Market

Try exploring a farmer’s market and tick this off your list of summer date ideas. Get fresh vegetables and fruits for your cooking while at it.


41.  Watch A Movie At A Drive-In Theatre

Watching movies at a drive-in theatre hits different. The popcorn might have something to do with it, so does the community of people you get to watch the movie with, but it’s a perfect summer date idea.


42.  Go Clubbing

With the groovy music and dim lighting, you can loosen up, get intimate with your partner, and dance off all that tension.


43.  Double Dating

Going on a double date with your friends is one of the popular summer date ideas you can recreate with your friends. Share food, drinks, bills, love stories & have fun together.


44.  Go On A Lunch Date

A lunch date is an amazing summer date idea, whether it is the first date or the second. Interact over lunch and have healthy conversations.


45.  Host A Poetry/Storytelling Hang Out

You can organize a small storytelling hangout if you’re interested in arts and literature. A poetry/storytelling couple hang out is a great summer date idea and a love story would be in order.


46.  Go On A Shopping Spree

Shopping is a big form of stress relief. Go shopping with your partner and pick out the stuff you need. Or don’t. Just have fun.


47.  Try Out Karaoke

Singing your favorite songs with your partner on an open mic night is an unforgettable experience and is one of the best summer date ideas to try this season.


48.  Body Painting

Art pieces are not the only thing to be painted. You can paint your body and try designing or tattooing temporary marks or symbols on each other all day.


49.  Attend A Charity Event

Raising funds for challenged and less privileged individuals is an act of kindness that betters the life of others. Take part in charity events and have fun while sharing love and kindness.


50.  Join A Dance Class

Learning how to dance is fun, so join a dance class at little cost and get to watch your partner dancing or trying to.


51.  Outdoor Exercises

Keep fit with your partner by taking part in outdoor exercises like sprinting. You kill two birds with a stone; keep fit and spend time together.


52.  Go Bird Watching

Watching and trying to identify birds is fun if you have an interest in animals and wildlife. Bring corn or bird food to help you get closer looks.


53.  Visit A Local Brewery

Touring a local brewery is the easiest way to drink beer without paying for it as you’re bound to get free samples.


54.  Helicopter Tours

If you have money to spend and a partner to impress, helicopter tours might be your best bet. You also get an aerial view of your city.


55.  Horseback Riding

Ever been on a horse? Going horseback riding is a date that’ll change that. Feel the wind in your face and share that amazing moment with someone you love.


56.  Rent A Limo

This is a bit expensive but totally worth the experience. Get to cruise around town in a limo with your partner.


57. Try Zip Lining

You can get this off your bucket list by actually doing this with your partner. Thrilling, exhilarating, and fun all the same.


58.  Visit The Aquarium

Watch sea life and aquatic animals with your partner. Take great pictures and try to identify the types of fish you’ll see.


59.  Orienteering

Go on date across the country with your partner taking a particular route with maps and a compass to direct you. Have fun while exploring!


60.  Try Out Archery

Bows and arrows might be outdated but learning how to target and fire without missing makes up for this. Go on a date with your partner and learn how to fire shots directly.


61.  Check Out The Amusement Arcade

Play games on machines all day with your partner. To make it more fun, make the loser pay for the next round.


Free Summer Date Ideas

62.  Have A Picnic Indoors

Spread a blanket, set the scene and unpack your basket. Flowers can be placed at certain points to give your space the outdoor look. Whatever you choose to go for, the aim is to have fun and enjoy yourselves.


63.  Attend A Game Together

Attend a game with your partner based on your interests. Supporting and cheering your favorite teams is fun & the excitement that comes with being part of the winning team unites and improves relationships.


64.  Visit A Ranch

Take a trip away from the city and its busy life to spend a day at the ranch. Experience the country life and get to see and know more about livestock and cowboys.


65. Go On A Coffee Date

Heading to a coffee shop for a date is a great way to relax while sticking to a budget. Conversation & fond memories can be shared over a cup of coffee and snacks.


66.  Check Out The Zoo

A date at the zoo costs next to nothing. Get to watch different animals, take pictures and have conversations without intrusion. Pack up lunch and go there when the sun is down so you’ll see animals out of their shades.


67.  Video Games

Tired of the continuous dinner dates? Gaming is a summer dating idea you can try. There are lots of video games to try, including soccer and combat games. Gaming improves communication, relieves stress and is fun with no extra cost.


68.  Try A Virtual Date

Virtual dates are the new normal. Fix the time for your date and video call your partner using WhatsApp or Skype. Write out topics you want to talk about so you don’t run out of things to say.


69.  Netflix And Chill

Subscribed to Netflix? Then all you have to do is prepare snacks or a full course meal you can enjoy with your boo while staring at the TV screen. This is a free date idea as you do not have to spend on anything else.


70.  Watch The Sunset

Watching the sunset doesn’t cost anything. All you have to do is find a vantage point from which you can watch the golden sun set with your partner, be it on the beach, your balcony, a bridge or your rooftop.


71.  Tour Historical Sites

If you’re one for explorations and adventures, touring historical sites is a cheap summer date idea you should try.


72.  Try Street Photography

Photographs capture your special moments. Photography is a way of expressing your artistic self and a hobby couples can take part in and enjoy without paying. Focus instead on taking perfect shots of people, things, buildings, and yourselves occasionally.


73.  Plant Trees

Planting might sound stressful and the idea of getting your hand dirty unappealing, but replanting trees and flowers helps in creating a balance in the environment.


74.  Visit A Local College Or University

Explore the huge buildings. Watch teams play and cheerleaders cheer. Visit a college or University especially during Students’ week so you get to watch the displays with your partner.


75.  Make A Time Capsule

Parcel mementos in plastic Ziploc bags and bury it in your garden or yard. You can make this date longer by explaining how you got them and what they represent to you.


76.  A Trip To The Cemetery

A trip to the cemetery can be a fun date if you’ve got no fear of ghosts. Place flowers on the graves of your loved ones, read the tombstones of others and have fun checking for the oldest grave.


77.  Go To An Auction

Have fun watching others bid and buy items. There might be free wine, snacks and good music for entertainment too.


78.  Make A Bucket List

Write down things you’d like to do and achieve with your partner before a set time period and compare notes to see if you’ve similar plans. The only thing you’d be spending on this date is time.


79.  Listen To An Audio Book Together

Choose a venue that is convenient and listen to an audiobook or podcast together. You can talk about it after or plan to do yours.


80.  Board Games

Engage your competitive side by playing against each other in board games like Chess, snakes & ladders etc.


81.  YouTube Videos

Create a YouTube channel and make interesting videos with your partner on any niche for subscribers. A perfect bonding and summer date idea.


82.  Water/Balloon Fights

Start a water/balloon fight with your partner. This is a short date idea so you should plan what you’ll do next after drying off yourselves.


83.  Go Swimming

Hydrophobic? If not, then swimming is one of the summer date ideas you should try. Make it more fun by taking turns trying to hold your breaths for longer stretches of time.


84.  Motorcycle Racing

Bike races are risky but worth the ride. Take safety precautions and push the limit while paying attention to the speed limit so you don’t get a ticket.


85.  Playing Musical Instruments

Head to the park and have fun with this unusual date idea. Play musical instruments in a quiet place and sing your favorite songs to each other.


86.  Try Pottery

Learn how to mold pots and other stuff out of clay with your sweetheart. This can grow into a hobby you both share from this date.


87.  Caving

Go underground into caves with your partner as a way of spending time together. You can kiss in the dark caves and make memories that will last a lifetime.


88.  Go Ride The Waves

Summer is not complete without riding the waves. All you need for this great summer date idea is your surfboard and a willing partner.


89.  Visit An Amusement Park

Go to the amusement park this summer, get on the slides, jungle gyms and push the swing in turns for each other.


90.  Mud Wrestle

Have fun by wrestling in the mud with your partner. The game only ends when one of you accepts defeat or throws the other down.


91.  Visit A National Park

Watch wildlife and nature at a national park with your partner this summer. Nothing is as romantic as watching waterfalls and beautiful scenery arm in arm with your partner.


92.  Camp In Your Truck

You can set up bedding in your truck and lay in there all day with your partner.


93.  Go, Fruit Picking,

Fruit picking is one of the most interesting summer date ideas you can try without spending. Head out with your partner and pick apples and berries you can eat later.


94.  Take A Local Factory Tour

Tour a local factory and learn about whatever you can with permission from the manager. You can also get to learn new things about what they do to your advantage.


95.  Window Shop All Day

Walk around stores and shopping complexes viewing goods on display and pointing out which ones you’d like to have.


96.  Attend A Wedding Party

Get dressed up this summer and grace a wedding party you’ve been invited to with your partner as your date. Don’t fail to take beautiful pictures and capture sweet moments.


97.  Write Bucket Lists For The Summer

Spend an entire day planning and writing down things you wish to try with your partner. This makes sure you tick off most of your relationship goals without any extra expenses.


98.  Try Tik Tok Challenges

Join in on trending Tik Tok pranks/challenges with your partner, make videos that create an amped social bond between the both of you, and flaunt your amazing partner.


99.  Go Hunting

A hunting trip is one of the best summer date ideas you can try but make sure it is legal where you are, so you don’t get arrested for poaching.


100.  Flying Kites

Flying paper kites on summer evenings is a perfect way to loosen up with your partner and have fun too.


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