How To Impress A Girl On A First Date Romantically

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So you finally worked up the courage to ask that girl who’s tickled your fancy for a while on a date.

Cheers to that! I’ll tell you this, though: it’s one thing to ask a girl out on a date, and it’s another thing to impress her so much there’d be a second one.

Sadly, many guys do not know how to impress a girl on a first date!

It doesn’t take a lot, though. Women may be hard to get, but they’re pretty easy to impress if you know the right strings to pull.

Here, you’ll learn how to impress a girl on a first date and other strategies to make her come back for a second, like:

1. How to impress a girl on a date

2.  What to say on a first date to a girl

3. Gift ideas for a first date

4.  How to impress a girl on a coffee date

5.  How to win a girl over on a first date


How To Impress A Girl On A First Date

The first date is usually the largest factor that determines whether a relationship will progress or not. So, you want to give this all you’ve got. Don’t fret! I’ve got you covered on this one!

These simple techniques, if you can master them properly, are all you need to know about how to impress a girl on a first date.

1.  Don’t panic or get too excited

2.  Compliment her appearance

3.  Bring up meaningful conversation starters

4.  Talk about common interests

5.  Ask personal questions

6.  Smile and maintain eye contact

7.  Pay attention to her

8.  Remain confident

9.  DO NOT talk about previous partners

10.  Dress properly

11.  Avoid controversial arguments

12.  Be a gentleman

13.  Get her a little gift

14.  Eat what you’re comfortable with

15.  Be financially well-prepared


1.  Don’t Panic Or Get Too Excited

Many things can ruin a date, but the ultimate is overexcitement or panic. When you’re trying to figure out how to impress a girl on a first date, remember that you should be on your A-game if you want a second one. So, relax.

There’s nothing to panic about. Besides, there’s no way to charm her or enjoy yourself if you spend the time worrying about how she sees you, if she likes you, and whatnot. Focus and relax. Keep your calm and just do your thing.


2.  Compliment Her Appearance

You don’t know how to impress a girl on a date? It’s simple: set the stage with compliments. It’s a surefire way to snatch her attention and make her comfortable with you.

Women put a lot of effort into looking good. She would dress her best so she can make an impression on you, and nothing would light up her evening more than you noticing her efforts and showering her with compliments.


3.  Bring Up Meaningful Conversation Starters

“Do you have a pet?” “What pizza topping do you like most?” “What is something you’re proud of doing as an adult?” Questions like this will get the convo in full swing.

You can check out our article, Conversation Starters for more sleek inputs to set the right atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company.


4.  Talk About Common Interests

Find a middle ground in your conversations with her and dwell on what you both have in common. That’ll make her super comfortable around you, and trust me, you’re earning yourself a guarantee of a second date.


5.  Ask Personal Questions

If you’re wondering what to say to a girl on a first date, you might want to pay attention to this one. Questions! Ask questions. Be genuinely interested in her and what she’s about. Get her talking.

However, there’s a fine line between asking personal questions and being nosy. For instance, it’s ridiculous to ask about her sensual escapades on the first date, or why her parents got divorced.

Personal questions like her pet, her ambitions, and what gives her a sense of fulfillment will show her that you have a genuine interest in understanding her. Just make sure to not cross the line.


6.  Smile And Maintain Eye Contact

No matter how fun you are, she’d not be comfortable if she doesn’t feel like she has your attention. She’ll warm up to you if you look like you can be warmed up to.

So, look at her. Smile when your eyes meet. Wink, too. It gives a more playful effect. That’s how to win a girl over on the first date — slowly, a smile at a time, but surely.


7.  Pay Attention To Her

Aside from talking, laughing, and getting to know her, pay attention to her body language. Not all women open up easily to others.

Some might take a while. Watch her body language and decipher what her eyes are saying, or what she’s trying to tell you when she purses her lips.

Also, pay attention to how she responds to your jokes to know if you’re crossing any boundaries. Be sure she’s enjoying herself.

More importantly, listen to her when she’s speaking. Pay attention to her choice of words. They’ll tell you a lot about her, and show her that you’ve been listening all along.

She’ll also be happy to know that she hasn’t been talking to herself all along. Trust me, she’ll rate you higher than she did before the date.


8.  Remain Confident

There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who’s confident in himself. Confidence is so sexy in men! It’s okay to feel nervous but remain calm.

Collect yourself and remain levelheaded. She’ll be impressed by your maturity. I’m fairly certain that if you don’t, she’ll be the one to ask you out on a second date.


9.  DO NOT Talk About Previous Partners

Don’t do it! It doesn’t matter if you run out of topics to discuss. Do. Not. Bring. Your. Exes. To. The. Date. It’s not only a major turnoff to any woman; it’s also an insult to her.

The purpose of the date is to know each other better and spell what may be the start of a new relationship, so why should you bring your past along? Talking about your exes says just one thing: you’re not over them yet.

If you’re serious about figuring out how to impress a girl on a date, don’t even think about it!


10.  Dress Properly

Wear a suit, a necktie, and your nicest cologne if it’s a dinner date. Wear nice jeans and a clean and simple shirt if it’s a casual date. Fix your hair.

Appear neat. If you’re a fashionable person, come prepared. Showcase your style.

She has put a lot of effort into her appearance. Put just as much in yours too. It doesn’t matter how masculine you want to appear, if you’re dressed shabbily, she’d not think much of you.


11.  Avoid Controversial Arguments

Another pointer to how to impress a girl on a first date is to not make the common mistake of raising a controversial topic. I strongly DO NOT recommend religion, politics, or homosexuality.

Those are sensitive topics that are definitely not suitable for a first date.

Settle for general topics. Celebrity gist, music, and movies are always safe topics.


12.  Be A Gentleman

This is an effective way to wow your damsel. Open the doors and pull back her seat for her. When it’s time to order, too, ladies first. That’ll make her feel special and cherished by you.

Not many guys understand that little things like opening doors make huge différences to women, but those are pointers to how to win a girl over on the first date.


13.  Get Her A Little Gift

Never go on a date empty-handed! No matter how little, get her a gift. It’s the thought that counts, not the gift itself. Women love thoughtful men and that act would leave a great and lasting impression on her.

Women also love being pampered. You’ve won an automatic point if you’re this thoughtful on the first date.


14.  Eat What You’re Comfortable With

This is perhaps the most important part of the entire date. I get that you want to make a good impression, but don’t go overboard. Don’t go out of your comfort zone to impress her.

It’s okay if you don’t eat a particular meal. Don’t think much of it. You don’t want to end up bloated or constipated after the date. So, be yourself.


15.  Be Financially Well Prepared

If you’re having your date at a fancy restaurant, don’t leave home with a flat wallet or without your credit card.
If you’re going to the park, remember to carry extra cash with you.

This is another pointer to how to impress a girl on a first date. She’ll see you as financially capable and believe me, financial security is everything.


What To Say On A First Date With A Girl

Now that you know what to do to capture her interest, how about learning what to say on a first date with a girl? Do you know what to ask her?

Do you know what sort of questions are off-limits and what would be acceptable? Check out these 20 important and relevant questions to ask on a first date.

Let’s dig in!

1.  Discuss food

2.  Tell her about your ambitions

3.  Music is a safe spot

4.  Be open about your hobbies

5.  Ask questions about her family and friends


1.  Discuss Food

Food is common ground. Everybody eats. Everybody has a favorite meal. Ask her about food. Does she like eating? What’s her favorite food? You’ll find out that at the end of the day, you’ll both be familiar with your different tastes in food.

Also, talking about food can make her open up to you. If she’s a foodie, that’s a bonus as she might have a lot of things to say.


2.  Tell Her About Your Ambitions

This is an expert conversation for you if you don’t know how to impress a girl on a first date. This is your forté. You have dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

She has desires and goals. Bring up the topic. Tell her what you want to achieve in your life. Tell her how you plan to achieve that dream. Ask her about her ambitions.

Here’s the part where you get to learn about each other. That’s the point of the date, anyway.


3.  Music Should Come Up

What kind of music does it for you? Rock? Drill? Or plain ol’ country music? Let her know! Music is a universal thing and discussing it would put her at ease. You might be lucky to have a similar taste in music!


4.  Be Open About Your Hobbies

Talking about your hobbies is a rather interesting way of loosening up if you don’t know how to impress a girl on a first date. Tell her what you like doing on your idle days. Find out what she does as well.

By doing this, you’d be giving her clues on the kind of person you are based on the kind of things that please you. In return, she’ll tell you about her interests and passions, and you’d get to know who your beloved is in a meaningful way.


5.  Ask About Her Family And Friends

Inquire about her family and friends. What are her friends like? How many siblings? What kind of family did she grow up in?

These questions might seem irrelevant, but they’re important if you want to understand an aspect of her personality and maybe understand some of her actions as a result of her family background.

She’ll be super open to you if you show genuine interest in her family and friends because these are people that are important to her.


Gift Ideas For A First Date

NEVER go on a date empty-handed! Going on a first date without a gift for her is a terrible idea. If you don’t know what to get a girl on a first date, I have some suggestions for you.

You just might put her off for the evening if you get her the wrong gift, and you’ll start the date on a shaky leg.

1.  Flower!

2.  Roses!

3.  Jewelry!

4.  Indulge her sweet tooth

5.  Make her a gift


1.  Books

Some ladies are avid readers. They’d read anything they get their hands on, or they might even have a genre that impresses them to a large extent.

Find out if she’s a bookworm and get her a meaningful volume of something you’re certain she’ll love.

With that alone, you’ll keep her smiling through the date. Why? You’ve gotten her something she really wants.


2.  Roses

Roses would make the perfect gift if you do not know what to get a girl on a first date because of the number of positive things roses have come to represent over the years.

Love, beauty, peace. You’ll be giving her all these in just one bouquet. What are you waiting for? Hit the flower shop and get a lovely bunch of roses for her.



3.  Jewelry

Jewelry can never be the wrong gift to take with you if you don’t know how to impress a girl on a first date.
Jewelry is an absolute winner.

If she’s putting on a piece or two, she’ll sincerely appreciate one more. I suggest you get her something delicate and beautiful, but not too pricey so she doesn’t feel awkward accepting such an expensive gift from you.


4.  Indulge Her Sweet Tooth

This is a particular favorite of mine. Get her a box of chocolates or a pack of lemon drops. She’ll be so happy. It’ll be a pleasant thing for her to open the door and see you with a box of sweet darlings to satisfy her sweet tooth.


5.  Make Her a Gift

As much as a girl would appreciate a gift you’ve bought for her, she’ll gush over you if you give her a handmade gift.

This would tell her that you see her as special enough for something that deserves your time and effort. In truth, making her a gift is a heart snatcher, and she’ll be happy and responsive in your company throughout your date together.


How To Impress A Girl On A Coffee Date

Dates are not limited to dinner gowns or parks or fancy restaurants. Sharing a cozy cup of coffee is also a great way to get to know each other better without straining your pocket! Here’s how to impress a girl on a date even if coffee is the only thing on the menu!

1.  Be casual

2.  Have meaningful conversations

3.  Talk about yourself moderately

4.  Limit your coffee intake

5.  Get personal

6.  Show off your personality

7.  Make her laugh


1.  Be Casual

First off, this is a coffee date. Dress for the occasion. It would make absolutely no sense for you to get dressed up in a suit and tie for a coffee date.

So dress casually. Wear your favorite shirt and your jeans and be cool, calm, and collected.

Also, don’t try to be formal. This isn’t a dinner date, it’s a coffee date, and coffee dates should be light-hearted and free from tension. Don’t kill your date by being stiff. Be free and have a good time with her.


2.  Have Meaningful Conversations

A coffee date is a perfect opportunity for you to make meaningful conversations that aren’t too deep and serious.

You can ask each other questions and discuss a wide range of neutral topics. It’s a perfect time and setting to impress her with your wit, so bring your A-game to the coffee table!


3.  Talk About Yourself Moderately

I get it, you don’t have a single idea of how to impress a girl on a coffee date, but that doesn’t mean you should come out bragging about your achievements.

If you’re doing this to appear confident, I’ll advise you to stop, because you are achieving the opposite effect by appearing arrogant instead.

You must speak about yourself in moderation. Then give her a chance to speak too, so you can both learn significant things about each other. It’s not all about you, bro. Pipe down a bit.


4.  Limit Your Coffee Intake

Ironic, isn’t it? It’s a coffee date. You should be drinking cup after cup, but don’t. Coffee can make you hyperactive and jittery. You might end up embarrassing yourself instead of making a wonderful first impression.

If you’ve had two cups of coffee already, you both still have time on your hands, and if you don’t want to drink coffee alone, order something else. Maybe some soda or just water.


5.  Get Personal

I know what I said about being casual, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the fact that she has vital information about herself that you should know.

Start with yourself. Open the table to a personal conversation and she’ll follow suit. This is a great way to build intimacy.

In a casual setting, you’re both light-hearted, but depending on your willingness, your conversations can be more personal.


6.  Show Off Your Personality

What’s a major turn-off for a girl? A guy who isn’t comfortable with himself! Don’t let the ebb and flow of your relationship die by hiding your personality.

Show it to her, and she’ll be glad to be in your company, and anticipate the next date. She might even be yours then and there.


7.  Make Her Laugh

I know many ladies who would choose funny guys over rich guys. Trust me, there’s so much happening in the world and everyone is looking for a system of release.

If it’s spending time with a guy who makes me laugh and feel good? Perfecto!

If you want your date to miss you and probably suggest another date, make her laugh non-stop. She’ll fall in love with you. Poke harmless fun and be free with her. You’ll make a lasting impression that way.


Final words

Every girl is unique, but if you want to capture her heart, it’s essential to know how to impress a girl on a first date, if not, you might waste all your efforts and end up disappointed.

Follow all I’ve written in this article, and a successful date that could lead to something better is guaranteed!

Save this for later!

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