How To Treat A Man Like A King

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To many women, gaining the ultimate approval of their man is a special satisfaction. Nobody wants a discontent spouse or one who picks an issue over every trivial issue.

As such, many women take great pleasure in caring deeply for their husbands, giving him the treatment that befits a king to ensure his happiness and comfortability.

However, every woman who wants to know how to treat a man like a king must begin by understanding the nature of her man.

Men possess psychological factors that distinctively differentiate them from women. For starters, they think differently, feel differently, behave differently, and process emotions differently.

As such, you must know what ticks your man’s boxes before setting out on the journey of treating him specially.

Most men struggle with the simple art of communication. They find it difficult to express their needs and feelings to their wives, often assuming she is supposed to know them without any pointers.

Sometimes, they hold their partners to certain expectations and when these oblivious women are unable to fulfill the same, it could lead to some form of frustration or disappointment.

How a wife should treat her husband

Even if you know how to treat your husband like a king, if you do not properly understand the kind of man you are married to, your efforts at satisfying him might appear inadequate.

Gaining the approval of a man goes beyond looking amazingly attractive. Granted, your looks might be powerful enough to draw his attention, your behavior, though, is what will keep his interest in you burning. You need to learn what he expects of you, therefore, so that you can work towards meeting them.

Take this practical example. Imagine you just got a new home appliance that comes with a user manual. The manual is supposed to guide you through the process of using the appliance, including its hidden features and functions, but you didn’t bother reading through to understand it.

Weeks later, the appliance begins to malfunction. You try to set it right, touching and tweaking several parts but it just wouldn’t work right; the problem only seemed to worsen more.

Eventually, you decide to read through the manual and right there you realize there is an auto switch that you had mistakenly activated. This simple detail which you had missed was what had frustrated you constantly.

Similarly, if you do not read your man well enough to know how he is structured and what he expects from you, how then do you expect to meet his expectations and avoid his auto switch?

As a woman, understanding how to treat a man like a king also involves recognizing your position as someone specially equipped to nurture and grow your family.

You have the power to influence a lot of decisions in your family including your partner’s life, career, marriage, and the growth of your children. Therefore, take ample time to study your partner carefully and understand them properly.

If you are ready to learn how to treat a man like a king, we have prepared some important tips to be mindful of. Read on to see these tips.


1.  Show Him Respect

 how to treat a man rules

A marriage is a union of two different people coming together to form a team. These people have different backgrounds, attitudes, personalities, and behaviors.

While they are consciously trying to live in harmony, they recognize the unavoidable presence of disagreements and conflicts.

Yes, it is perfectly okay to clash with your husband over particular issues since you are made differently. The problem arises when you begin to lose the respect you have for him, forgetting how to treat a man like a king.

Men are naturally egoistic, with one of their foremost relationship make-or-break being respect. If they realize they are not getting the respect they feel they deserve from you, it might push them away from the marriage.

Sometimes a woman might treat a man disrespectfully without meaning to. Perhaps you desire something from him which he is not forthcoming about. This might cause you to lose sight of how special he is.

Men want their wives to be there for them every time and to keep respecting them no matter how high or low their economic or social status gets.

Taking away the words of respect from your husband amounts to reducing his masculinity, and while we are not asking you to reduce your position to that of a slave, you must give respect to whom it is due.


2.  Compliment His Appearance And Personality

Coming from a personal place, one of the mistakes women make is restricting their compliments of a man to just his physical appearance.

This mistake is borne out of a misconception that men only want to hear how attractive they look. On the contrary, while men most definitely like to be complimented on their appearance, they also want their personality to be acknowledged as well.

Compliments are like first-class tickets to a man’s heart. They warm him up and make him appreciate you even more.

If you want to know how to treat a man like a king, try complimenting him with nice, affectionate words. You definitely cannot go wrong with compliments and there’s no limit to how often you compliment him. What matters is how genuine it sounds.


3.  Gaze Into His Eyes During Conversations

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As the famous literary writer, William Shakespeare, once said, the eyes are the windows to our soul. There are few better sensually romantic ways to treat your man like a king than looking into his eyes when you discuss together.

If you’re wondering how a wife should treat her husband, ask yourself how you act when he initiates a conversation with you. Do you keep using your phone, scrolling through social media, or navigating other less relevant apps? Or do you look him in the eye, letting him know that he has your undivided attention?

Your partner has to know you’re listening to his words; he has to see how vulnerable and interested you are, and one way to achieve this is by gazing into his eyes when he speaks to you. Remember, you get what you give. So if you want to be treated like a queen, begin by treating him like a king.


4.  Show Gratitude For The Little Things

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No matter how appealing your other numerous features are, if you do not know how to treat a man like a king, you will end up losing him eventually.

One way to make your man feel loved and cherished is by expressing gratitude, even for the little things.

There are numerous things you can do to show you are grateful for having your partner around without actually saying anything.

Remember the popular saying that actions speak louder than words? Yes, that could be applicable in this situation.

When your partner returns from a stressful day, you can give him a massage, cook his favorite meal even if it requires great effort, or hug him warmly during unexpected moments.

You can become mushier by writing him a cute love letter and placing it where he is bound to find it. Imagine the delight on his face when he puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out a lovely note from you.

Contrary to widely held opinion, gratitude is not only shown through expensive things, little, everyday things are also special, personal, and much more effective.


5.  Initiate Lovemaking Sessions

Men have long been considered the natural initiators of sensual bedroom adventures, and even other things outside the bedroom. This should not be the case.

Sometimes, take action to upset the norm by initiating sensual activities with your husband.

Study him carefully to understand his soft spots and use this knowledge creatively. You can romantically use words to arouse him and then follow the cue with your actions.

Play the dominant role and give him an experience he wouldn’t be too quick to forget. Trust, he will admire your confidence and character and love you even more.

He will see you beyond your attractiveness as a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it; he will see you as the perfect woman in the world.


6. Shower Him With Surprises

A surprise is something that happens rarely. However, while surprises come infrequently, strive to make your relationship stand out by regularly showering your husband with surprises.

Of course, this requires great consistency, but the results are massively rewarding

Find out what he wants at the moment, without arousing any suspicion of course, and work towards them. If you need some Ideas: get him take-out from his favorite restaurant, send him random hot pics of yourself, take him on a picnic, write him an emotion-filled letter, or do other creative things you are certain would be significant to him. Just be careful not to follow trends.


7. Be Understanding And Compassionate

No matter how hard, rough, or tough-presenting a man is, the slightest display of compassion is bound to melt his heart deeply.

You can show your man that you understand him by always giving him a listening ear, refraining from jumping into judgments about him, supporting his decisions, and providing comfort when he is mentally weak. In this way, you’d be acting like a best friend, companion, and lover.

When he is going through tough times, provide him a shoulder to rest on. Let him know that you are reliable and trustworthy and that you will always be there for him anytime he needs you.

It is very difficult for men to admit they need help or comfort, show understanding by recognizing when he is weak and doing the needful.


8.  Ask Him For Help And/Or Advice

There are several ways to make a man feel important, but knowing how to treat a man like a king involves observing some actions that ordinarily appear weightless.

One of these is by requesting his advice in certain situations. The second thing men love the most after love-making is to be asked for help my their women. It emphasizes their male ego and makes them feel invaluable.

You know that heroic feeling you get when you achieve something you never thought yourself capable of? Well, men experience that same feeling when their women show a reliance on them for certain things.

They like to feel like true heroes who have either saved your day or made your life easier. In fact, the more difficult the tasks they solve for you, the bigger their feeling of accomplishment.

So, even if you’re a strong, willful, and independent woman, always strive to satisfy their thirst for heroism by asking them for advice whenever you are faced with challenges either from work or personally.


9.  Make Important Decisions As A Couple

Every relationship requires the joint efforts of the parties involved to be successful. Working as a team is very essential if you are going to keep the boat that is your relationship moving in the right direction.

Teamwork in this context means carrying each other along, communicating your feelings, and making important decisions together.

So if you are concerned about how to treat your man like a king, let him feel like he is an active participant in the relationship and your life.

Always include him in important and even less important decisions you have to make. Listen to each other and respect his opinions even if you don’t agree with them.


10.  Shun Any Bossy Behavior

Forget how they present themselves, men do not fancy bossy women, neither do they want an excessively obedient woman. Instead, they are drawn to women who have found a way to balance both characters

So, while you want to give off the vibe of a confident woman; someone who knows her place and isn’t ready to settle for less, don’t go about doing it the wrong way.

You can always make your partner do your bidding in a less commanding manner, without being dramatic, dominating, and plain disrespectful.

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how to treat your husband like a king

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