How To Romance A Man Deeply- 15 Eye Opening Tips

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Thinking of how to spice up the moment with your man?  How to attract your man in bed? How to seduce your man? How to be more romantic with your man? Thinking of how to romance a man deeply and leave him wanting more? Thinking of how to make your time with him enjoyable, exciting, and memorable? Then, think of romance tips!

Romance has a way of keeping you occupied with each other; it keeps your minds connected and of course, gives an avenue to explore each other, know your weak points, and turn-ons.

If you are concerned about how to romance a man deeply and keep him thinking about you always, you are just in the perfect place. These tips explored below will help you become a better woman in the art of romance.

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They will teach you how to romance a man deeply such that he wouldn’t want his moments with you to end; they will generally tell you what to do to catch his fancy over and over again.

Men are not as complex as women. Giving a man a good romance is in no way difficult. Just understand some unique romantic gestures for him which you can implement from time to time.

Know what he wants, how to give it to him and you are good to go. You will keep satisfying him and he will keep appreciating you. If you are ready to know how to romance a man deeply, then let’s dive in!


How To Romance A Man Deeply


1.  Caress, Cuddles, Snuggles

There is a general saying that women enjoy cuddles, snuggles, and caresses more but you must know that men enjoy them too.

They love being touched and pampered, so you must learn to give him this special treatment too as this is one one the best romantic ideas for him in the bedroom.

While the two of you are together, perhaps lying down, snuggle close to him, make sure your bodies are touching properly.

Cuddle him too, place his head on your chest, wrap your hands around his neck or waist and your legs around his, hold him tight as if you are never going to let him go.

Caress his hair, fingers, cheeks, and any other part of his body. There is this special feeling that comes from being very close to your man and a man would deeply appreciate this.

You shouldn’t only cuddle him when you both are in bed, you could hug him from behind and stroke his chest, you could also caress his laps when you both are sitting together.


2.  Kissing Him

Kisses range from simple small kisses to very intense ones. While holding him close, give him small kisses on the ears, nose, jaw, and other places including the abdominal region.

Kiss him sensuously on the lips. Eat his lips, make him ask for more and make sure you always keep him mesmerized with your lips. Well, some women aren’t very good kissers, but you can improve yourself if you fall in this category, especially if you are committed to knowing how to romance a man deeply.

Men like being with women who can kiss so if you do not know how to, it should be among your “things to learn” list now.

3.  Dress In Revealing Clothes When You Are With Him

When you are with him isn’t the time to dress in jackets and thick pants, keep those outfits for offices and snowy days.

Show off some skin, show off those curves and give him that dirty wink when you catch him staring.

Men love bold women and it shows you are not trying to be shy with him. So put this at the back of your mind the next time you go shopping and look for those “bad girl” dresses.


4.  Talk Sensually

Knowing how to romance a man with words or how to romance a man on phone is crucial if you want to be excellent at this game of keeping him glued to you. One way of doing this is by talking dirty.

When you are with him, don’t always be a saint; you shouldn’t even be a saint. Say things that would get him aroused. Say things you wouldn’t naturally say just anywhere.

Men love it when you play dirty with them. It shows you are free with them, and then you would be able to express yourself in clear terms.

Don’t kill the moment by being too withdrawn or reserved. Instead, flow with it, by showing him the naughty side of you.


5.  Compliment And Advice Him With Appealing Words

Tell him nice words about how he looks and how handsome he is. If he is someone who fancies bodybuilding, compliment his body shape and perhaps, his abs.

Tell him how ravishing he looks in his briefs and how his complexion, his style, and everything about him is perfect. Did he just get a new body cream? Tell him how it has made his skin glow.

If you are in search of some romantic and mesmerizing compliment to share with your man worry no more I have carefully complied some of the best romantic compliments you can ever give a man feel free to check it out and spice up your man’s ego.

Encourage him too, you shouldn’t just keep mute when he is telling you about his struggles at something, tell him things that would make him keep going, Romance him with your words too. Men often feel loved when their women hug, kiss, and generally show affection through their words and actions.

They love it when you listen and give suggestions about something that concerns them; when you take part in their burden. Say sweet things at random times to him too, it shows you are fully behind him and trust me when I say he is going to appreciate these so much.


6.  Borrow From Others

Read romantic books — novels, journals, magazines, etc — and watch romantic movies too. Use words or romantic quotes from them on your man, or act out romantic scenes for him.

If you need some romantic ideas for him at home, you could dress the bedroom in a beautifully romantic way according to a movie or feed him his food the same romantic way a woman in one of the movies you watched did. All these things will make him grow fonder of you.


7.  Change Your Outfit

If you are used to wearing a particular type of clothing may be due to the nature of your job or just personal preferences, you could change your style of dressing for a day because of him.

Ask him how you look and if he likes the dressing. For example, if you are the type that is always seen in trousers, you could wear a dress or short gown for a change. Tell him you are changing your style of dressing for that day because of him and he will most likely appreciate you.


8.  Massage Him

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Perhaps he’s had a stressful day and would use the services of a masseuse. Instead of him going to get that from a spa outside, you could put your hands to use and help relax his stressed nerves.

To make the activity more enjoyable and easier, you could add sweet-smelling oils and perfumes. Or if you can’t do this, you can organize spa sessions for him occasionally so they can help him relax his body more.


9.  Sneaking In Flirty Notes And Small Gifts

When he is at the office, send that email containing loving and flirty words. Let him open it, read, lean back, and smile, it helps not only the union but the body system too.

Alternatively, you could send it as a package to be delivered to him with little gifts. They could be edibles like cookies, chocolates, fruit juice, or small pieces of jewelry like wristwatches, bracelets, or neck chains if he fancies these.


10.  Whispering Sweet Words Into His Ears

Words are powerful and romantic words are even more powerful. While you are in each other’s arms, whisper some sweet, sensual words into his ears, stroke his beards, rub his chest, bite his ears gently, and run your tongue across his earlobes. This will make him giggle and hold you closer.


11.  Having Phone Conversations And Texts

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If you are invested in learning how to romance your man deeply but are bothered about an existing distance between you guys, you don’t have to worry. With the digital presence characterizing society, you can maintain romantic moments with your man.

Call him on the phone and engage him in lengthy conversations laced with humor, laughter, and petting. You can call him via video call too and tell him how handsome he is. Texting too can go a long way.

Ask how his day went, what he is doing at that time and many other questions via text messages. You can also send romantic text messages to make him smile and blush. You can send good morning text messages to him, ask how his night was, and bless his day.

Send picture texts too and don’t be scared of telling him how everything played out during your day. What about sending him gifts? He doesn’t have to be close before you send gifts. Send things you know he would love, value, and need. But then, let’s properly talk about gifting.


12.  Give Him Gifts

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One way to make a man appreciate you is by giving him gifts when he least expects them.

You don’t have to wait for birthdays or anniversaries before gifting him things. Did he just pull off a commendable feat or achieved something worthwhile? Gift him in appreciation.

Did he mention wanting to get something for himself in the past? Beat him to it. Get it for him and give him a huge surprise. Show him you are fully into the relationship. Romance him not only with your fingers and words but also with your money and gifts.


13.  Public Display Of Affection

Although some men don’t fancy this but if you realize that your man loves you showing him love in public, then do it. Stroke his beards and rub his head, hold his hands and caress his fingers, kiss him on the cheek and neck, hug him, hold him tenderly and wrap your hands around his neck or waist, lean your head on his shoulder.

Do anything that will pull you closer to him. Try to get you both to wear matching outfits sometimes, wink at him, and blow him kisses from afar in the full glare of everyone. He might smile sheepishly, but he would be very proud of you.


14.  Do Things Together

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If he enjoys doing chores, get him to do some with you. Play with him during the process, splash water on him, and run around while he chases you. Watch television together instead of running off to your room to use your phone or to sleep.

Stay with him and watch his favorite programs together. Take walks together, bathe together, do sports together, read books together, you can also get him to start enjoying the things you have an interest in.

You could tell him a few things about a particular sport you love and ignite his interest as well. You both could also share memories and fun experiences. Look for things you both enjoy doing and create time for them.


15.  Dress Him Up

Don’t turn your back on him when he is getting dressed, instead give your opinions about his clothes. Help him bring out his clothes from the wardrobe and arrange them on the bed before he comes in from the bathroom.

Help him put his shirt on or do his buttons. Straighten his shirt and help him put on his perfumes, help him wear his socks while he sits on the bed and his shoes too, and in all, don’t forget to place a kiss on his cheeks before he leaves the room.



Romance is important in every relationship. Learning how to romance a man deeply as such must be an important goal for every woman who wants to strengthen the bond between her and her partner.

Men are generally perceived to be the initiators of romance but you as a woman can adopt these tips to create and induce romance. You can use these tips to make every moment spent with him memorable, satisfying, and exciting.


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