How To Pleasure A Man And Make Him Swoon Over You

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Is your relationship on the rocks because of bedroom issues? Do you want to know how to pleasure a man?

This article will furnish you with 15 tricks you can employ to own your man in the bedroom. We all know that men do not joke with intimacy.

So, if you want to keep him best up your love-making skills. Gone are the days when women just lay on the bed and let the man do all the work.

Instead, women now actively participate in lovemaking. So, don’t be a dull lover. Use the tricks below to drive your man nuts (pun intended).


How To Pleasure A Man

1.  Kiss Him

Kissing is an integral part of lovemaking. When lovemaking starts with foreplay, it is with a lot of kisses. No one knows how to kiss from birth.

It is an art, a skill that can be learned. Anyone can learn; you too can. If you want to know how to pleasure a man, you have to learn how to kiss.

Kissing is not just about rubbing lips together and sharing saliva. You have to be very good at it because you can turn your man on and make him rock hard by kissing alone.

The first thing about kissing is to ensure you have a fresh breath. No matter the love your man has for you, he will be reluctant to kiss you if you have bad breath. So, how do you kiss? Here is how.

Briskly brush your lips on his and then part it slightly. Do not open your mouth widely. If you do this, it will cause lots of salivae to pour into your mouth.

Even though saliva mixing is inevitable during kissing, this doesn’t mean the man deserves to take all of your fluids. Next, gently invade his mouth with your tongue and tickle the edges of his teeth and tongue.

Some guys also enjoy it when you bite their lips softly and then suck their tongue. To know if your man enjoys these, do it to him and observe his reaction.


2.  Smell Good

A lot of women do not know the power their smell possesses. The feminine scent of a woman is a powerful aphrodisiac.

If you want to know how to pleasure a man, start with making sure you smell good. Shave the hairs in your armpit and use feminine sprays that still smell good even when you sweat.

One of the tricks to using perfumes is to apply them at pulse points. Some of the pulse points in the female body are elbow crooks, behind the knees, small of the back, back of the neck.

Spraying your perfume in these places causes the scent to linger. Next, pay attention to the soap, cream, and lotions that you use. These determine to a large extent, how you smell.

Another thing you should pay attention to is your hair. The smell from your hair can put off the man from doing anything with you in bed.

If you keep your hair long, ensure you treat it well to smell good. If you keep your hair short, wash and dry properly.

Apart from using perfumes, good personal hygiene is vital for maintaining a pleasant smell. Lastly, on scents, make sure that down there receives adequate attention.

Regular washing with water and a good diet is enough to make down there smell good.


3.  Stroke His Thighs

The thigh is an erogenous zone in the body. It is one place you should touch if you want to know how to pleasure a man.

It is common for men to stroke the thighs of their women, but some women don’t know that a sauce for the goose is also a sauce for the gander.

When you stroke his thighs, especially the areas very close to his groin, you send blood rushing down to his organ.

So, you and your man are making out on the bed. You kiss him hard, and then you go top while he lies down watching you.

Spread his legs, just as he would have spread yours, and make love to his thighs. Run your hands through them, from the knee down to his inner thighs.

Do this slowly and sensually on both sides. You can be sure that he would be rock hard, and his joystick would be screaming for attention. Ignore it. It is not its time yet.

You can also give yourself small pleasure and try something new in the bedroom. Rub your groin on his thighs. When you do this, your clit will be stimulated. A win-win situation for you both.


4.  Gently Caress His Groin

Caressing or stroking your partner’s body is one way you can turn him on. Your hands are sensual tools as much as your sensual organ.

Take it nice and slow. Remember, you are the one pleasuring your man. You have to be in charge. Trace patterns on his body and watch as his breathing pattern changes.

Start stroking from his chest down to his back and then to his buttocks. To make it hotter, look into his eyes while your hands work around his body.

Gently slide down your hands and grope. Hold his organ in your hand and apply pressure. Guys usually have tougher skins than women, so do not worry about hurting him.

Ensure, though, that you are not in contact with his balls as they are pretty sensitive to pressure. The shaft of his organ is built for a harder grab.

Squeeze it and watch him groan. Guys are very protective of their groin area, so you will know if it hurts them. He will wince.

While you are still in the groin area, ensure that you do not concentrate on a particular area for too long. Always switch it up for maximum pleasure.


5.  Don’t Ignore His Head

The male reproductive organ seems to be the part of the man’s body that gets the most attention. But there are many other pleasure zones in a man’s body that remain unexplored.

If you want to know how to pleasure a man, you have to learn other pleasure spots in his body. One of such pleasure spots is the man’s head.

On the head, you have the jawline, the nape of the neck, the scalp, the ear, and then Adam’s apple. Surprised? Don’t be.

The male reproductive hormone, also known as testosterone, is responsible for the development of Adam’s apple.

So, while working on your man, ensure that at least two of these parts of the man’s head are getting adequate and simultaneous attention:

  • Nibble on his ear while you are stroking the nape of his neck. After some time, switch it up.
  • Use your tongue to trace his jawline, then suck it gently. If you want to stretch it a bit, bite the jaw lightly.
  • Run your hands through the man’s scalp, concentrate more on the side behind the ear.

Now, use your tongue to play with the man’s Adam’s apple. Doing these things will give him no small pleasure. So, don’t ignore the head.


6.  Nipple Play Works

If you want to know how to pleasure a man, you have to ensure you pay attention to his nipples. Don’t be surprised. Many men do not know that their nipples are sensitive and can cause arousal when stimulated.

Well, we are here to gladly break it to you that the man’s nipples are pleasure spots. Unlike the woman’s nipples that serve as a conduit for milk, the man’s nipple is just there for you to stimulate, so pay attention to it.

At first, a man who has never had his nipples played with will be taken aback when you touch his nipples. Reassure him that he will enjoy it.

Since he is unsure, the best thing is to start slow. Instead of using your hands to pinch or pull the nipple, use your tongue.

Slowly roll your tongue around the nipple. The reaction you get from your man will inform your decision on whether to continue what you are doing or stop.

If he is silent or looking uncomfortable, then that is a sign that you should stop. Even though the nipple is an erogenous zone, nipple play does not work for everyone. Just like not all women get an orgasm from penetration.

But if he is moaning slightly, that is a sign that what you are doing is working and that you should continue. You can now add your hands.

Stroke the other parts of his chest and then apply more pressure on the nipple using your lips. Next, you can use your discretion, bite the nipples lightly. This will send sharp shivers down his spine.


7.  Stroke And Suck His Organ

You want to know how to pleasure a man, and you don’t know how to use your mouth on him? That is an error. It is essential you learn how to please him with your hand and mouth. Here is how to do just that.

First, get lube and apply them copiously on his organ. Note that it is not advisable to do a dry hand job to avoid desensitizing the organ.

The lube makes the experience slicker and more enjoyable. Now, slide your hand and down the shaft, occasionally paying attention more to the head. Start slowly first, and then increase your tempo as you go.

Sucking his organ is the next best thing after dark chocolates. It is sensual and can drive your man crazy. If you master this skill, then you have hit gold.

While the means mentioned above of arousing your partner may not work for all men, we are yet to hear a man who said he doesn’t like it, especially after they’ve gotten from someone who knows what she is doing.

So here is how to do it perfectly.

  • Slowly take the head into your mouth and slurp on it. Do not be afraid to produce as much saliva as possible. The wetter, the better.
  • Use your lips to hold the organ by drawing your lips inside. This is to prevent your teeth from grazing the joystick and leave your man wincing instead of moaning for joy.
  • If you want to be a pro, slowly take in the shaft and then guide it in with your tongue into your throat. Your gag reflex will activate, so you’d know your limit. Get him to thrust slowly for maximum pleasure.


8.  Don’t Forget The Balls

As we mentioned before, some of the tips listed in this article can be done simultaneously. For example, you can use your mouth and hand simultaneously.

Now, while you are slurping down on that joystick, know that the organ is not just made up of the head and shaft. It also has balls, two of them.

Don’t forget the balls when you are giving head. They are also important. An essential piece of advice about playing with the balls is to take it easy.

It is arguably the most fragile part of the organ. Do your best to avoid the teeth grazing the balls. For maximum pleasure, here is what you should do with the balls.

  • So, while you stroke his shaft, and use your tongue to trace that line that divides his scrotal sac into two. Think of the balls like a lollipop. Lick and suck with it with the same tenderness you use on your lollipop.
  • While rubbing his member, use your tongue to lift one ball and drop it in your mouth. Remember, no teeth. Swirl the ball in your mouth for a while. Do this again on the other ball.
  • Occasionally, take your mouth to the shaft while slowly playing with the balls. Doing this will surely make him go gaga.


9.  Straddle Him

If you want to know how to pleasure a guy, then try straddling him. How do you do that? Easy. Get your man to sit or lie with his back on the bed, floor, or couch.

Sit on him gently, with the two legs astride, just like you climbing a horse. When you are on top of him, gently rotate your hips, so it grazes the head of his organ.

Do this nice and slow. Then move your hip in an up and down motion, both of sharing your wetness.


10.  Stroke His Perineum

Okay, so this is a tricky part. And this is because men are usually skeptical about anything that is even inching close to the anus.

However, biology is just what it is, biology. The perineum is the space between the scrotum and anus. This area is filled with nerves.

If your man is open to it, you can stimulate it externally or internally. To stimulate it internally, you have to slide two fingers into your man’s rectum, crook the fingers and then massage the area in a round motion.

If he prefers external stimulation, you can place your hand on the space between the scrotum and anus and massage.



11.  Ride Him

If you want to know how to pleasure a man, then riding is one sensual style that you have to learn. Since men like taking the lead in lovemaking, they find it even more arousing if a woman is in charge.

And there is no sensual position that shows that the woman is in control of the riding position. To properly ride him, gently slide his member into yourself and allow yourself to adjust.

Then comes the hard part, the hip movement. First, gently move your hip up and down his shaft. This enables you to control the rhythm of the thrusting.

You can also move your hip in a circular motion. Remember to put your weight on your legs instead of on the man’s groin area. I have created a detailed guide on how to ride your man and take him to cloud 9 if you perfect your riding bedroom skills.


12.  Talk Dirty

Yes, we have heard that men are visual creatures and get more attracted to what they see. True. But that doesn’t mean your words don’t matter.

Just as ladies get aroused by dirty talks, guys are aroused too. So here is what to do; when you are riding your man, tell him all the sensual things you want to do to him.

Tell him how you want him to go hard, how you’ve longed for him to slide inside of you. Words are powerful. Use it.


13.  Try New Styles With Him

If you want to learn how to pleasure a man, you have to try out new lovemaking positions. It must not be the missionary style alone.

Try other styles like doggy, leapfrog, cowgirl, riding, seashell, 69, spooning, etc. When you try different positions, you will discover that some are way more pleasant and arousing than the agelong missionary.


14.  Get Down In A Different Place Other Than The Bedroom

Want to know how to pleasure a man? Well, here is a tip. Bedroom lovemaking does not always cut it. You have to try switching up things.

Monotony is dull, and variety is the spice of life. There are other places where you two can have a good time.

Ever tried doing it on the couch in the sitting room? What if doing it in the bathroom? Have you tried the kitchen? Some couples go as far as even doing it inside a car.

Using a different location can be very arousing—both for you and your man. So, when next he is seeing a game on the TV, strip and go down on him. He’d love it.


15.  Do A 69

Have you ever heard of the famous 69 style? This is one of the styles you should know and be willing to do if you want to know how to pleasure a man.

How is a 69 done? Easy. Let your man lie on his back, then lie on him only that this time, your face is buried in his groin and his face in your own groin.

Both of you will come face to face with each other’s sensual organs. Well, what do you do? Unleash all the sucking magic you’ve learned.

Suck him. While you are at it, grind your groin slowly on his face and encourage him to eat you.


How To Get A Man In The Mood

It is pretty easy to get a man in the mood. One of the things that work like magic is sucking his member. Say he is reading on his computer or chilling at the balcony, walk towards him naked and in a sultry manner.

Open his zipper, pull out his member and suck. You can be sure that your man will fly into the mood immediately.


How Do You Pleasure A Man’s Balls

You have to please a man’s balls gently. This is because the balls are very fragile and super sensitive. So, when you take the ball in your mouth, ensure you do not graze it with your teeth.

Then, again, provided that the line that divides the scrotal sac is appropriately licked.


What Are The Pleasure Points For Men?

There are many pleasure points for men. Here are some of them; the nape of the neck, the back of the ear, Adam’s apple, nipples, back of the knee, inner thighs, insides of the palms, the perineum, the male reproductive organ and then, the rectum.

Inside the rectum is a gland called the prostate, nicknamed the ‘g-spot’ for men. For a more elaborate discussion of these pleasure points, read our article, Most romantic and sensual places men like to be touched.


How Can I Satisfy My Man In 60 Seconds?

Men have different libidos and stamina. What works for one might not work for the other. While you cannot gauge the exact time to satisfy your man, you must focus on doing your part.

What can you do? Kiss him, stroke him, suck him, ride him and talk dirty. These should be enough to satisfy your man.



Now that you have read through how to pleasure a man, we hope you have picked a lot from the article. The goal of this article is to help you learn stuff that will spice up your lovemaking with your man.

Note that different men react to the same touch differently, so while touching your man, ensure you listen to his body language.

For more tips on how to please a man, read this article, How To Seduce A Man And Make Him Go Nuts For You.


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