300 Winter Date Ideas To Keep The Spark Alive With Your Partner

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It’s winter again; the time of the year where it gets super snowy and we are all forced to remain behind closed doors, curtains, and hide warm clothes.

This might bring a change in plans in our attempts to go on dates with our partners in the season. Nevertheless, where there’s a will, there’s away.

Even in winter, you are your special person can still have the most fun and enjoy each other’s company.

If you ask me, the winter and snowfalls only make it better, exciting, and fascinating for you and your partner to spend more time and enjoy special moments together.

However, the major challenge is finding the right option out of tons of great locations and winter date ideas to choose from.

To save you from wasting your time, I have successfully compiled the best winter date ideas for you and your partner and you know the best part, the options are wide and in abundance.


This means you can choose a date idea based on your partner’s preferences or personality! If your partner is an introvert and doesn’t enjoy the outdoors, then a cooking date or a movie night would be a great idea.

The same applies to partners who love adventure and thrilling activities. Whatever the case, there are abundant winter date ideas for you and your partner to explore and enjoy! Are you ready? Dig in!


Winter Date Ideas At Home

The winter dates ideas that can be used at home, are perfect for partners who have a more introverted side to them. It would work like magic if your partner is an introvert or has a warm, gentle personality.

Also, winter ideas that involve you and your partner spending time alone at home is a great step if you and your partner just began dating or are planning your first date.

Meaning, you can use the ideas in this category for winter first date ideas that you and your partner can enjoy with ease!

Winter date ideas at home are also great for building intimacy with your partner and for strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

In this category of winter date ideas, you will find all you need for all your home date escapades for just you and your beautiful partner. Feel free to explore!

1.  Cook Breakfast for Dinner.

2.  Have an old-school movie night.

3.  Throw a quiz night.

4.  Take a pottery class online.

5.  Visit a museum virtually.

6.  Bake something.

7.  Start a mini book club.

8.  Have a Scrabble tournament.

9.  Play a game that brings you closer.

10.  Make a cheese board.

11.  Host a hot chocolate competition.

12.  Swap your outfit for fancy attire.

13.  Sign up for a charity challenge.

14.  Set a themed gift swap.

15.  Try out a new art form.

16.  Go through old photo albums.

17.  Buy tickets to an online play or ballet.

18.  Take a yoga class together online.

19.  Give each other a massage.

20.  Play video games or computer games.

21.  Take a virtual cooking class.

22.  Make pasta from scratch.

23.  Make pizza from scratch.

24.  Do smartphone karaoke.

25.  Have a fondue night.

26.  Plan a duo exercise routine.

27.  Have happy hour at home.

28.  Learn how to brew something.

29.  Volunteer together from home.

30.  Have an electronic-free evening

31.  Have a bake-off.

32.  Marathon watches competition show.

33.  Take a calligraphy class online.

34.  Plan your dream trip.

35.  Make a mini bucket list.

36.  Try a brand new type of food.

37.  Switch places for a day.

38.  Organize important memories into a scrapbook.

39.  Make pancakes.

40.  Do a holiday-themed craft.

41.  Have an indoor campout.

42.  Marathon watch YouTube videos.

43.  Learn a dance.

44.  Take an actual online dance class.

45.  Have a board game night.

46.  Plan dates for the rest of the year.

47.  Make a Snowman.

48.  Sip Hot Cocoa.

49.  Go Ice Skating.


Outdoor Winter Date Idea

Since Winter is a beautiful season of the year, you and your partner can use the winter months to enjoy and explore the beauty of nature while spending more time together.

You will find the ideas in this category very helpful if your partner happens to love adventure, nature, and thrilling activities, especially as an extrovert.

The winter date ideas in this category are engaging outdoor activities that you and your partner could take advantage of in building your relationship. Well, if you and your partner are in love with outdoor activities, both of you will find this category of outdoor winter date ideas very interesting! Enjoy!

50.  Grab a Sled.

51.  Head to the Theater.

52.  Try Indoor Skydiving.

53.  Make a Picnic.

54.  Go Rock Climbing.

55.  Do Yoga.

56.  Bake a Gingerbread House.

57.  Visit the Holiday Lights.

58.  Make S’mores.

59.  Build a Fort.

60.  Enjoy an At-Home Spa Day

61.  Go on a hike.

62.  How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home.

63.  Have a “No Power” Date Night.

64.  Play Along With Game Shows.

65.  Make a Pizza.

66.  Have a Bake-Off.

67.  Drink Wine and Paint a Picture.

68.  Play Video Games.

69.  Go Antiquing 6.

70.  Plan a Trip.

71.  Go Holiday Shopping.

72.  Take a Cooking Class.

73.  Spend the Day at the Beach.

74.  Have an indoor picnic.

75.  Build a snowman.

76.  Learn a new skill.

77.  Look at Christmas lights.

78.  Stream a comedy show.

79.  Cozy up stargazing.

80.  Catch a drive-in movie.

81.  Make a gingerbread house.

82.  Volunteer together.

83.  Take a virtual workout class.

84.  Check out an ice hockey game.

85.  Go sledding.

86.  See a speaker—virtually.

87.  Have a hot chocolate competition.

88.  Play ping pong.

89.  Have a themed movie night.

90.  Visit an animal shelter.

91.  Go on a winter hike.

92.  Tackle an Escape Room.

93.  Take a “trip” to Italy.

94.  Spend the night at an arcade.

95.  Go holiday shopping.

96.  Ice skate.

97.  Meditate.

98.  Go camping—in your backyard.

99.  Enjoy a craft cocktail.

100.  Stop to smell the roses at a botanical garden.


Cheap Winter Date Ideas

Sometimes financial constraints can be another reason why spending time with ones we love is sometimes hindered. However, you can work your way through it.

You don’t have to hit an expensive restaurant or take a vacay if you can’t afford it. Other winter date ideas do not require you to break a bank before having the coolest date experiences with your partner.

To surprise you, you can impress and enjoy the company of your partner with a less expensive budget! This will not only save you the extra dollar bills but also make it way easier to just chill and spend time with your partner.

So, I went ahead and saved you the trouble of touring the internet to find less expensive winter date ideas and compiled very cheap winter date ideas that you will find very affordable and perfect for you and your partner.

Take a look at the list of ideas below and surely, you’ll find what you need! Don’t thank me, what are friends for?

101.  Take an online cooking class.

102.  Try a new winter activity.

103.  Decorate holiday cookies.

104.  Paint together.

105.  Make a delicious brunch.

106.  Work on a puzzle.

107.  Sing karaoke.

108.  Craft your winter cocktails.

110.  Hit a trivia night.

111.  Stroll around a flea market.

112.  Make fondue.

113.  Head to an art museum.

114.  Take a carriage ride.

115.  Go to a brewery.

116.  Or, go wine tasting.

117.  Make your takeout.

118.  Play tourist in your city.

119.  Go bowling.

120.  Have a progressive dinner party.

121.  Play Groupon roulette.

122.  Bake a homemade dessert.

123.  Take a mixology class online.

124.  Make a relationship scrapbook.

125.  Serve breakfast in bed.

126.  Give each other a massage.

127.  Have a staycation.

128.  Support a local brewery.

129.  Head out on a winter road trip.

130.  Sip hot cocoa by a fire.

131.  Soak in a hot tub.

132.  Toast marshmallows indoors.

133.  indoor Skydiving.

134.  Become an Olympian.

135.  Dance Classes.

136.  Couples Yoga.

137.  Indoor Shooting Range.

138.  Indoor Snowball Fight Date.

139.  Moonlight Snowshoeing.

140.  Snow Football.

141.  Mistletoe Christmas Date.

142.  Reindeer Games.

143.  Crazy Christmas Phrases Game.

144.  Sexy Stocking Date.

145.  Carriage Rides.

146.  Cozy Car Date.

147.  Walk-in a Winter Wonderland.

148.  Spouse Sleepover Date.

149.  Winter Heart Warmers.


Winter Date Ideas For Teenage Couples

Another struggle? Finding the right idea for you and your teen partner can be such a stretch sometimes especially when you have strict parents watching and monitoring your activities to prevent you from doing something stupid.

Let’s not even talk about how expensive some theaters and restaurants are.

Anyway, you and your teen sweetie can still spend as much time as you want together! Yes, you can!

I understand your plight so I thought you might find this list of winter date ideas and winter date ideas for teenagers great! Yes, I put together some simple winter date ideas that I think will be just perfect for a teenage couple!

You can go right ahead and find something that you can use for you and your teen Romeo/Juliet.

150.  Hot Cocoa Love Note.

151.  Indoor Picnic Date.

152.  Cruisin To The Caribbean Date.

153.  French Picnic Indoors.

154.  Favorite Things Date.

155.  Multiple Choice Date.

156.  Bowling Games.

157.  Year in Review.

158.  Date Night Workshops.

159.  Photobooth Fun.

160.  Get the Conversation Rolling.

166.  Power Outage Date Night.

167.  Beach Party Date.

168.  Catch Some Laughs.

169.  Year of Movie Dates.

170.  Groundhog Day Date Night.

171.  Winter Boredom Busters.

172.  Whose Line is it Anyway?

173.  Couple’s Cranium.

174.  Password Couples Game Night.

175.  Heads Up Spouse Edition.

176.  Love Jeopardy Game.

177.  Price Is Right Game.

178.  Couples Catchy Phrases.

179.  Spouse Pictionary.

180.  Chinese Please.

181.  Pizza Date Night.

182.  Dessert Off Date.

183.  Love’s Laboratory.

184.  Check Yes or No Date.

185.  YouTube Date Night.

186.  Mafia Group Date.

187.  Paint by Numbers Date.

188.  Go on a free drive around town.

189.  Bookstore Date Night.

190.  Paint the Snow.

191.  Soak Up Culture at an Art Gallery Opening.

192.  Progressive Dinner Around The World.

193.  Window Shopping.

194.  Mall Dare.

195.  Hockey Game.

196.  Dollar Menu-naires Date.

197.  Go to an Aquarium.

198.  The CSI: Love Edition Date.

199.  Theater Dress Rehearsal.

200.  Go to an Arcade.


Couples Activities In Winter

Sometimes, winter can be a little disturbing and maybe troubling as the months go on but we want you to know that you can still find and enjoy the don’tter, thrill, and excitement that winter brings all year long.

To help you as a married couple, these winter date ideas will be a helpful bunch of magic if you learn and use them to your advantage.

So, you can choose to go out there with your darling partner or even stay in! Whatever your decision is, you will not run out of winter date ideas as a couple if you go through this list!

Now, this list right here is for the older folks; married or engaged couples need date ideas that they can explore to spice up their relationships!

Well, you are at the right place! I know that since older folks are a lot more mature, they will need winter date ideas that can get allow them and their partner to enjoy intimacy as much as possible. Review this list and find the perfect idea and couples activities in winter for you and your partner.

201.  Romantic Ideas.

202.  Serendipity Date.

203.  Sunset Hot Chocolate For Two.

204.  Cuddle Kit For Two.

205.  Love Shack Date Night.

206.  Crepes In Paris.

207. Bella Notte

208.  Make a Marriage Bucket List.

209.  Love Letters for the Future.

210.  Snowed In Sexy Winter Date.

211.  Love You SNOW Muc.

212.  Couple’s Cafe.

213.  Sexy Room Service.

214.  Hotel Slumber Party.

215.  Reintroduce yourself to your neighborhood.

216.  Rent an Airbnb.

217.  Get a group together.

218.  Play poker.

219.  Learn something together.

220.  Show new sides of yourselves.

221.  Celebrate your relationship.

222.  Plan a mini treasure hunt.

223.  Learn the basics of a new language.

224.  Listen to a cozy wintry audiobook.

225.  Donate stuff if you live together.

226.  Embrace winter camping.

227.  Try “fake camping.”

228.  Make a photo album.

229.  Cook up something new.

230.  Enjoy some high tea.

231.  Order in some food.

232.  Plan a future trip.

233.  Double date.

234.  Up your plant game.

235.  Visit a Christmas Lights Display.

236.  Try Hot Yoga

237.  Head to a Book Shop.

238.  Explore a Christmas Market

239.  Go on a Weekend Getaway.

240.  Go Charity Shopping.

241.  Laugh at a Comedy Club.

242.  Seek out a Hot Tub.

243.  Head to Winter Wonderland.

244.  Do a Winter Wonderland Photoshoot.

245.  Catch a Match.

246.  Create a Cocktail’ Party.

247.  Pub Quiz Time

248.  Play Christmas Light Bingo.

249.  Throw a Gingerbread House Making Competition.


Romantic Winter Date Ideas

We all know how much a little romance can boost the status of a relationship. With these cute winter date ideas, you and your partner can fix every gap and get closer to each other again!

And yes, you don’t have to wait for valentine’s for you to be as romantic as ever to your partner!

Let’s be honest here. Most times, the great indoor might just be what you and your darling partner need on a cool, quiet Saturday evening, by a warm fire or in from to the Tv or Dinner for two with a nice board game afterward.

If you are looking for more interesting ways to spend quality time with the one you love, then check out the list below this paragraph.

Let’s hope you find something that can blow your partner away and turn your relationship into heaven on Earth.

250.  Movie Night and Mulled Wine.

251.  Go Wild With a Chocolate Fondue.

252.  Living Room Picnic.

253.  Spend a Night by Candlelight.

254.  DIY a Spa Day

255.  Make a Hot Chocolate Station.

256.  Read to Each Other.

257.  Participate in a Flash Mob Together.

258.  Enjoy the Hot Tub with Christmas Lights.

260.  Play Sumo Checkers.

261.  Do a Round of Blindfold Portrait Painting.

262.  Graffiti the Snow.

263.  Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling.

264.  Go to a Restaurant with Food They’ve Never Tasted Before.

265.  Do a Photo Booth.

266.  Watch a Terrible Movie Together.

267.  Tour their State Capitol Building.

268.  Fly a Kite on the Beach.

269.  Go on a Graffiti Crawl.

270.  Eat at a Revolving Sushi Restaurant.

271.  Find a Chili Cook-Off.

272.  Host a Pokémon Go Competition.

273.  Set a timer and see who can capture the most of Pokémon.

274.  Go on an Owl Prowl.

275.  Grab Some Smoothies.

276.  Find a Petting Zoo.

277.  Construct a Home Together.

278.  Chase a Food Truck.

279.  Go on a Free Ferry Ride.

280.  Create a Relationship Time Capsule.

281.  Use Your Parent’s Guest Passes.

282.  Host an Outdoor Ping Pong Tournament.

283.  Create Your Own Frozen Yogurt Bowls.

284.  Go on a Factory Tour.

285.  Meet Up to Watch the Sunset or the Sunrise.

286.  Go On a Zombie Run Together.

287.  Tour Some Haunted Woods.

288.  Go to Church Youth Activities.

289.  Sit at the End of a Dock or Pier.

290.  Haunted Walk Tour of Your Closest City.

291.  Go to Homecoming Activities Together.

292.  Show School Spirit Together.

293.  Play Darts in the Garage.

294.  Have an Indoor Snowball Fight.

295.  Create an Indoor Graffiti Wall.

296.  Play Pudding Pictionary.

297.  Do a Gourmet Chocolate Taste Testing at Home.

298.  Construct a Jell-O House.

299.  Play Mad Libs.

300.  Share childhood photos.

Now, I know you must have found something that can come in pretty handy on your next winter date with your partner! However, that isn’t all that is required to make your date and your relationship a better one.

A little secret? What makes a date super cool and fun for both you and your partner is the amount of planning and preparation that you put in.

I mean, if you love your partner, you’ll go the extra mile to see he/her smile just like you just did in your attempts to find the perfect winter date idea for your next date!

As you plan for your next day, here are a few things you might need to keep in mind.


1.  Choose A Special Spot

This is where all your date ideas will come in handy. A perfect spot will make it easier for your partner to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Remember, the aim is to enjoy each other and spend time together. Once that aim is compromised, then the beauty is taken away. Imagine being on a date in a lousy or noisy location? That’s a bad spin if you ask me.

Choose a more serene and peaceful environment, a place that is calm enough for you and your partner to interact and communicate. It doesn’t have to be a very special or expensive place. So as long as you and your partner will get to enjoy each other’s company and time, then mission accomplished!


2. Keep The Atmosphere Warm, Lively, And Fun

I know sometimes, dates can take a pretty awkward spin but it’s fine. Being on a date has its weird awkward moments but do not let it ruin the fun of the moment!

Like a wave, ride it and just go along with the flow and with the progression and you’ll find yourself on the right track. Good music, jokes, and games can be very helpful in keeping the atmosphere cool and less tense.

That’s it, with your perfect date idea and these steps, you are good to go. Your next date is going to be a big win! To infinity and beyond! See you next time!


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