What Men Want In A Woman (10 Important Things)

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the role of a woman in a relationship

Trying to piece together what men want in a woman could be really tiring and tough even for the most devoted zealous person. This is because people are different and possess peculiar tastes and preferences which Influence the behaviors they display. You might think you have got Mr. A figured and then decide to use a similar yardstick for Mr. B only to fail miserably.

Of course, there are apparent features like love, respect, loyalty, and affection that every man will have in common. However, other preferences will most likely differ from man to man.

Some men might fancy an independent lady who has a thriving career or business of her own while others would prefer a submissive lady who is content to sit at home, have all her basic needs catered for with her only responsibility being to care for the welfare of the kids and her man. Like I said, individual preference differs.

More so, men are naturally difficult to understand; some come into your life with healthy intentions while some have particularly sinister motives up their sleeves as they try to gain a trustworthy spot in your life.

 things every guy wants from his girlfriend

The whole process of trying to comprehend what men want in a woman, what ticks their boxes, and what makes a relationship grow stronger ultimately becomes a tiring run-around-the-mill adventure to some impatient women.

Despite these differences, though, there are some common conclusions about what a man needs from a woman in a relationship. If you are still wondering what men want in a woman, here are ten important things to be aware of.


1.  Someone Who Actually Understands Him

Most women think the most important thing a man cares about is their beauty or physical appearance. Some even go as far as altering or modifying their natural appearance to lure and attract masculine glances.

While not totally out of place, men are not primarily interested in what you have to offer physically. Rather, the foremost concern of a man is how much the woman he intends to make a life partner understands him.

The role of a woman in a relationship is not limited. A man will respect every woman who recognizes and tries to motivate him when he is mentally low, a woman who understands when his mood is simply to be left alone, someone who knows him on a deeper level and knows what he feels as soon as she looks at him, and someone who shares his goals and ambitions and is willing to make sacrifices for him.

Understanding and support are key to maintaining a relationship and once a man finds a woman who likes him for who he is rather than what he has, he would stick with her firmly.


2.  Someone Who Is Confident And Independent

Out of all the things a man needs from a woman, confidence and independence are relevant desirables. Men like women that can make decisions and stand by them without resorting to external influence from friends, colleagues, or family members. This form of mental independence gives a man every assurance he needs about the security of his relationship.

Men like women who are confident and convinced about their abilities; a woman who is never content with settling for less than she deserves.

Men are drawn to women who are independent and who will not rely solely on a man for their happiness; a woman that can take control when the moment arises.

This is not to say men want intimidating women who are always ready to challenge their statuses. No, far from it. Rather, what men want in a woman is someone who displays an aura of self-confidence and who is ready to live by her decisions and actions.


3.  Someone With A Great Sense Of Humor

what can a woman offer a man in a relationship

You don’t have to be a comedian or a clown to show you possess this quality. Having a great sense of humor simply means being fun and easy to talk to. Deal away with any uptightness you might have and flow with the moment. Every man likes a woman who can maintain the flow of a conversation.

Some things might appear irrelevant or unnecessary until a closer inspection reveals how important they are. If as a woman you can break the ice that comes with every first date, you can be assured the man will want to see you often and spend more time with you which invariably leads to a stronger bond and a fruitful relationship.

When a man sees that he does not have to force conversations when around him, he gets freer and more relaxed. When he sees that you are an active participant in conversations and not a passive listener and that you are willing to lead discussions and not get roped into them, he would naturally feel drawn well enough to fall in love with you.

Also, when he sees that you can easily identify the jokes in his statements, he will feel more inclined to hold discussions with you. So learn to loosen those knots and nerves.


4.  Someone Who Is Attractive

Yes, you finally read it; men like attractive ladies. However, looks are not enough to keep a man, if you do not possess the right behavior and qualities to complement your nice looks, you won’t be able to keep a man. He will only end up leaving once he is fed up and has gotten what he wanted.

It is important to note, however, that beauty is a relative subject. What one man may find appealing, another might find disinteresting.

Apart from beauty, some of the things every guy wants from his girlfriend are soft qualities – empathy, affection, kindness, industriousness, amongst others. If you do not have these qualities to go with your beauty, you might lose a man quicker than you gained him.


5.  Someone Who Respects Him

what a man wants in a woman in bed

People value respect, not just men. If you are trying to make a list of what men want in women, then respect must fall among the top bracket. If there is no respect in a relationship, then there is no way it will turn out fine.

This is because love and respect go hand-in-hand. Respect is the foundation on which love thrives, and just like a building with a weak foundation would eventually collapse, so would a relationship bereft of respect.

Respect in a relationship means when the love has gotten less hot than it was at its initial stage, you both would still be there for each other. Respect in a relationship promotes a mature love, one that would remain when you and your partner get older and lose interest in the playful kind of love you both cherished at some point.

A respectful woman will remain the pearl of her partner’s eyes; even during hard times, he will not lose sight of your significance. So, endeavor to massage that ego of his, and he will reciprocate the gesture in turn.


6.  Someone Who Is Brilliant

A brilliant woman is a treasured jewel. Brilliance in this context does not imply being top of your class in school or bagging first-class honors, rather it means being generally knowledgeable.

What are your contributions outside the kitchen and bedroom? What do you bring to the table apart from your good looks which are likely to fade away with time?

Men are not content with someone who is just pretty outwardly, more like a beauty without a brain. No. Among qualities men find desirable in a woman, instead, is the ability to strike and maintain interesting and impactful conversations. Men want someone they can discuss topical issues with and talk to about anything without getting bored.

While you are not an object to be displayed publicly, it is not entirely wrong to conclude that men are naturally egoistic and want someone they can proudly show off to others. If you cannot display enough intelligence to enamor your partner, he may be unhappy and dissatisfied.


7. Someone Who Is Modest

Another quality to be aware of as you update your knowledge of what men want in a woman is modesty. As Douglas Wilson opined, “Immodest and attractive is easy.

Modest and repulsive are easy too. But modest and attractive is an art form.” Nowadays, women try to be unnecessarily showy in a bid to attract attention whereas they can easily maintain their modesty and attract the same attention.

Modest women are not driven by things that do not matter. They want their love to be earned and not bought with expensive gifts, dinners, or exotic trips.

Men know this and also know that only women who agree to be with them because of their innate qualities instead of their material possessions will stick close when the going gets tough, and it is this class of women they will seek.

Meanwhile, you must be self-conscious not to let your efforts at being modest to affect your mindset. Having a low opinion of yourself is not modesty, choosing to settle for less is not modesty, agreeing to something which does not work in your favor just to please your partner and appear submissive is not modesty. Be careful not to depreciate your self-value in your bid to appear modest.


8. Someone Who Will Be Good In Bed

What a man needs from a woman in a relationship

Talking about what a man wants in a woman in bed, every man desires someone who matches them. Making love in a relationship or marriage carries huge importance to many people.

Everybody, not just men, wants a partner who is an active participant in the sensual process, not one big bore who consistently dampens the mood. Once you can give your partner the exciting satisfaction he craves, the chances of him looking outside are considerably reduced.

Most relationships have ended up taking a sour turn because of the apathy of one of the partners to give the sensual pleasure the second partner seeks.

To avoid this, always have an open discussion with your partner about their preferences. What are their sensual zones? What excites them about making love? What are their favorite making love positions? What are their sensual fantasies?

Spice up your sensual life and give your man something to always look forward to. Sometimes, show confidence by being the one to initiate making love. This shows your man how deeply you feel about them and is one way to be less confused about what men want in a woman.


9.  Someone Who Is Ready To Stand By Him Always

No relationship is flawless, none. There are times when things seem so perfect and surreal; when everything appears to be going to plan. It feels like heaven; like you were tailor-made for each other, in fact, you can’t seem to get enough of yourselves.

But this is life and not a fanciful Disney story, and eventually, tough times are bound to arrive. What do you do, or who do you become as a woman when the going gets tough?

Every man looks for this particular trait in a woman. They piece little clues and actions to understand the kind of woman she is. So ask yourself: are you the kind of woman who would ridicule or chastise her partner when things appear like they are going south? Or are you a comforter who acts as a human shield for him during his rough patches?


10. Someone Who Will Remain Loyal

Loyalty is one of the most important things in every relationship. If the parties in a relationship are not loyal, everything else is futile.

What can a woman offer a man in a relationship bereft of loyalty? Loyalty shouldn’t be secluded to the woman alone, a man shows how much he cherishes and values his woman by his sense of faithfulness.

It is impossible to develop a healthy relationship with someone who will cheat on you every time they get the chance, and this is why men take this requirement of loyalty highly seriously when deciding who they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Relationships are regular plugs in the lives of many adults and the peculiarities associated with the concept have meant that people put a lot of factors into consideration when deciding their other half.

The question of what men want in a woman has also come a long way and while answers might differ universally, the points explored above are commonly obtainable.


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things a man needs from a woman

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