20 Little Things That Serve As Signs He No Longer Loves You

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What do you do when a man stops loving you?

Breakups don’t just happen. Men don’t wake up one morning and decide, “What a beautiful day to cheat!” In relationships, there are no coincidences; there are always red flags waving right in our faces, but then, love is blind.

We tend to ignore these warning signs; we deem them insignificant and irrelevant and just turn the other way, but it’s the little things that count!

Good news: you don’t have to wait until your significant other begins to switch up on you to take action.

There are always signs he no longer loves you, and you can do well for yourself by spotting them and walking away before you get in too deep or — worse still — dumped like a bad habit.

Get up, sis! From this moment onwards, begin to pay attention to the little things that serve as signs he no longer loves you.

However, while it may be true that your man has fallen out of love with you, it’s still important to have a heart-to-heart and find closure.

You can never be too sure, you know? You might think he’s just being emotionally distant and unnecessarily difficult, but he might just be going through a bad phase in business or at work.

All in all, you should be careful when you’re assessing your relationship with your man. You don’t want to make rash decisions and find out later that your fears were unfounded.

How do you know when a man is done with you?

So, how do you recognize the signs he no longer loves you? Ride with me!

1.  He Disrespects You

How do you know a guy is pushing you away?

Disrespect is something you should not condone from anyone. Anyone at all! Least of all, your significant other.

Regardless of whatever conflicts might arise, men respect women they care about and treat them well.

So, if he’s doing things like raising his voice at you or calling you names, in private or public, you should pay attention.

This is one of the huge signs he no longer loves you, and it should not be overlooked.


2.  Absence Of Communication

Communication is the most important aspect of a relationship, and it goes beyond just talking.

Eye contact, body language, mode of speech make up communication. And one of the signs he no longer loves you is that he severs communication.

Even the little details that used to keep you bonded, like talking about your day, would bore him immensely. You might be at your wit’s end trying to understand the situation, but each time you bring it up, he’d shut down on you. See?


3.  He Is Furtive

In a relationship, lovers are meant to be open and accountable to each other. Being secretive will breed distrust.

Accordingly, one of the signs he no longer loves you is that he begins to do things without keeping you informed.

He goes out without prior notice or telling you who he’s going out with, but demands these things from you? I’m sorry, sis. That man’s heart no longer beats for you.

4.  He Lies To You

If he begins to make excuses about one thing or the other even when you’re together, that’s a huge possibility he doesn’t care about you anymore. It’s one of the signs he no longer loves you.

You know, telling one lie requires that you tell more to keep up and prevent your little tale from blowing up.

Moreover, the only reason why a man would lie to you is that he isn’t ready to be truthful to you, and he doesn’t care if you figure it out or not. Run.


5.  He Avoids You Like A Plague

When you first got together, you always wanted to be around each other, right? Great.

One of many signs he no longer loves you is that he’d just — snap! — disappear. Even if you live in the same neighborhood, you won’t bump into him. This is most likely deliberate, especially if you know his work schedule. He’s actively making sure you don’t cross paths.

There’s no justification for your man staying out of your lane for no reason, and he’d do this for no other reason than dwindling love for you.

6.  He Stops Saying ‘I Love You’ Back

They say actions speak louder than words, but we still can’t overemphasize the place of words!

“I love you.” These 3 words are probably the most overused in the world, but they carry so much weight. And this is one of the signs he no longer loves you: he’ll not say “I love you,” even when you say it to him first.

A man who genuinely cares about you will do everything to show it to you, and reaffirming his love is not out of it.


7.  He Doesn’t Show Concern When You’re Angry

No relationships exist without disagreements. However, people who deeply care about each other will try to soothe each other’s aches when the need arises.

So, how to recognize the signs he no longer loves you is to pay attention to his attitude when you fall out — especially if you’re the one upset.

If he just looks the other way or puts up a nonchalant attitude or attempts to shut you up when you try to express your grievances, you should know what’s up already.

8.  He Stops Prioritizing You

How do you know a guy is pushing you away?

Naturally, men are inclined towards protection and provision for the people they care about. They put them first. So, if a man truly cares about you, you’re going to top the list of his priorities.

He’d be there for you anytime, anywhere, 24/7, regardless of whatever situation it is. He would go out of his way to make you feel safe and loved even if it’s inconvenient for him.

If these qualities don’t describe your man, it’s clear that he no longer loves you.


9.  He Compares You To The Women Around

Let’s paint a scenario. You’re taking a nice stroll with your man to the diner down the street, and a woman walks by you.

Your man ogles and whistles after her, then says “You’d look nicer if you had a killer shape or baby blue eyes like hers. Damn, that booty. I wish yours was that fat.”

Absurd, right? Exactly!

No one enjoys being compared to another person. It’s a rather sublime form of disrespect, and one of the glaring signs he no longer loves you.

If your significant other does that to you, he doesn’t respect you anymore. Tell me, where’s the place of love without respect?

If he takes this a step further and begins to compare you with his ex, it’s all the red flags you need waving to see that he no longer loves you.

10.  He Doesn’t Apologize When He’s Wrong

In the event of a disagreement with your partner, when it’s clear to you both that he’s at fault, he won’t attempt to apologize.

He’d ignore you when he offends you, and pay you no attention even if you sulk over it.

But, when you err in the slightest, he would demand that you make amends immediately.

If you can relate to this situation, you should pay attention. It’s one of the signs he no longer loves you.

It should not be a big deal for a man who cares deeply about you to make a simple apology to end misunderstandings between you. Least of all when he’s even the one in the wrong.


11.  He Is Gloomy Around You

When a man is in love with you, there’s this spark that ignites in his eyes when you’re around.

He’ll be bubbly and full of life, wanting to spend his every waking moment having fun with you and making memories.

If, on the contrary, he seems happier when you’re not together, and downcast when he’s with you, you should take heed.

It’s a red flag if his mood switches off that way around you, and you should talk with him about it.

If he just waves you off and gives excuses without giving you a coherent reason for that, you already have your answer. He no longer loves you.

12.  Everything You Do Agitates Him

My best friend, Kayla’s ex-boyfriend, was a great guy. He was cute and sweet and everything, but he was too overprotective.

Bit by bit, his clingy attitude began to stifle the affection Kayla had for him, and nothing was the same again.

Cute, loving messages and random calls just to check in became annoying. Just his very presence infuriated her. It didn’t take long for her to fall completely out of love with him.

The thing is if you don’t like a person as much, the slightest things they do begin to get off on your wrong side. If this is how he gets when he’s around you, you might want to be cautious.

As time goes on, he’d run out of patience with you and might begin to pick fights for no reason.

This is a signal no you cannot miss, one of the most obvious signs he no longer loves you.


13.  He Finds Fault In Whatever You Do

Nothing you do satisfies him or is right in his eyes, and he never misses a chance to let you know that. He also consistently makes derogatory comments to make you feel inferior around him.

There’s no use putting up with this kind of behavior that screams signs he no longer loves you. No man who loves you will belittle you or look down on you. And even when you wrong him, he’ll correct you in love.

14.  He Hurts You Each Time You Disagree On A Topic

If your man uses every opportunity he gets to hurt you when you can’t seem to see something from the same perspective, just know he does not love you anymore.

Arguments will arise, but they’re not avenues to throw jabs at each other or play “Who can hurt best?” Regardless of what you disagree on, your arguments should be healthy.

And a man who truly cares about you will never hurt you on purpose.


15.  He Asks You To Give Him Space

When a man asks for space, there are only 2 ways it can go: it can bring you closer or break you totally, finally apart.

If your lover asks for a break without a cogent reason why that’s one of the clear signs he no longer loves you.

He doesn’t feel the need to be with you any longer. If he comes with a lame excise, it just proves your point further.

Well, depending on how you feel about the whole thing while spacing out, you can still check on each other from time to time.


16.  He Stops Texting Or Calling You

What do you do when a man stops loving you?

At the onset of the relationship, you were texting and calling constantly, inseparable, happy to be in each other’s thoughts and faces, but now, it’s a different case entirely.

He’s just…there. Cold. Withdrawn. Out of reach. And even when you reach out to him in texts or calls, he doesn’t respond.

What other signs he no longer loves you are you looking for? A deliberate breach in communication is a huge red flag!


17.  He Prevents You From Meeting Friends Or Family

Men always want to show off the women who matter the most to them.

They want their friends and family to know who they’re with. If the case is different with your man, it’s one of the signs he no longer loves you.

It depicts two things: possessiveness and plain old disinterest. Possessiveness is not cute or sweet. It’s unhealthy and toxic behavior! If it’s not checked, it could culminate into abuse.

Disinterest, on the other hand, means that there’s no trust, respect, or affection anymore. He doesn’t love you. He just likes the idea of being with you and owning you.

18.  He Stops Being Romantic

The simplest gestures can count as romance: kisses on the forehead, random back hugs, compliments, et cetera. And they can make anyone swoon.

These gestures go a long way in keeping a relationship alive and blossoming, regardless of how long you’ve been together. Compliments can make you feel loved and special to your lover.

If he stops doing these things and insults or abuses you instead, it’s one of many signs he doesn’t love you anymore.


19.  He Belittles You

Shy women tend to neglect this. “Little” things like your significant other making a joke among his friends at your expense are not exactly uplifting.

You might just go with the crowd and laugh awkwardly, but you’d squirm within yourself.

If your man does this, you’re looking at one of the signs he no longer loves you. If he does, he’ll respect your privacy and feelings. Personal things should remain personal.


20.  He Is Uninterested In Your Life

When a man genuinely loves you, he would like to be actively involved in your life.

He would like to understand you and know things about you: what makes you tick, what would make you cry, your love language, what issues you’re dealing with at work, your temperament, et cetera.

If your man isn’t interested in these things, it’s one of the glaring signs he no longer loves you. That’s all the proof you need.


What Do You Do When A Man Stops Loving You?

How do you know a guy is pushing you away?

It’s a whole lot to handle if you look out for signs he no longer loves you and actually find them. But, it’s not your fault, okay? Some relationships just don’t work out, and you’re not to blame for that.

When you discover that your lover has fallen out of love with you, there are many things you can do. And no, they don’t involve getting a gun.


1.  Be Understanding

Being understanding in this situation means trying to see things from his perspective. It’s a lot. To wade through; you both are dealing with a lot of feelings, so it might be awkward to find closure. He might even be clueless about how to express his emotions.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. End the relationship amicably and stay on good terms with each other — if you can handle it.

If you can’t, stay out of his space and sight, and keep him out of yours. It doesn’t mean you hate him, you’re just doing what’s best for you.


2.  Let Him Have Some Space

How do you know a guy is pushing you away?

If he asks for some space, indulge him. Everyone needs some time for themselves, anyway, so let it go. Perhaps he wants to sort out his feelings for you and decide if he’s already emotionally detached from you.

However, you should use this to your advantage. The space would give you the chance to focus on things out of your relationship, so focus on ideal ventures. Invest the time in yourself, friends and family.

If, after taking his time away, he decides that the relationship should end, take it in good faith. Acknowledge your efforts and leave it be.


3.  Ask Him What He Wants To Do

First off, it’s disheartening to have to watch your significant other fall out of love with you. Then, it can be quite a drag to figure out what’s in his head.

Notwithstanding, don’t deny yourself closure. Discuss with him and iron things out. He probably doesn’t understand how he feels about you anymore, and he needs your help to do so.

Talk to him and find out if he wants to leave or stay. Don’t let him leave you hanging.


4.  Gather Your Thoughts

Get yourself together. In this kind of situation, you need to be as calm and rational as possible.

You can’t rush into action or begin to wage war. Relax. Take a chill pill. Carefully separate your emotions from logic, and let logic prevail.

Don’t pretend it didn’t happen, too. Don’t shove your emotions away and attempt to ignore them. Allow yourself to feel, then think and take the next step.


5.  Deliberate On Breaking Up

When all options fail, and you realize there is no way forward between the both of you, you should consider breaking up.

Tell him you’d like to end the relationship and see if you’re on the same page. If it’s mutual, then you can both go your separate ways.

Take it easy, though, and don’t feel terrible about this. Some relationships just don’t work out, and that’s no one’s fault. Focus on getting yourself together.



How Do You Know A Guy Is Pushing You Away?

What do you do when a man stops loving you?

Generally, a guy tends to be less vocal about his feelings, so it might be a challenge to find out if he’s on the same wavelength with you in your relationship, or he’s giving you subtle signals to leave him be.

You should note, first, that a guy who wants you would like to be in constant contact with you.

So, if he goes out of reach or just stops communicating with you, that’s one out of many subtle signs he no longer loves you and wants you out of his space.

Then, he’ll develop “sudden” amnesia and begin to forget important dates in your lives, like your anniversary or your birthday.

When you eventually inform him about these dates, he’d put up air of nonchalance. What does that tell you? He just doesn’t care anymore.

Moreover, he’ll want to play the guilty card and act as if everything that happens is entirely your fault. He’d blame you for the flimsiest things.

I dated a guy once, and he got mad at me whenever a guy looked at me when we were walking down the street. Dumb, yes? It was hilarious.

The blame game is his subtle way of nagging you out of your wits. He wants to frustrate you until you get the message.

Furthermore, he’ll begin to remind you of how unworthy he is of your affection and how you deserve better.

This reminder is his way of saying he doesn’t think he’s good enough for you, and you should go date someone else. It’s also the prerequisite of a breakup and one of the signs he no longer loves you.


Final Words.

A relationship should be just what it is — a RELATIONship. This means it should not be one-sided.

The energy, attraction, and love have to be mutual. Otherwise, the whole thing will crash under the weight of just one person.

There are always signals to look out for to know when your significant other is no longer on the same wavelength with you, signs that he no longer loves you, and you should not ignore them.

When you see these signs, do what you have to do and just live your best life. You deserve all the good things of life, Queen.


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How do you know when a man is done with you?

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