100 Anniversary Gift Ideas To Make Your Partner Feel Special

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An anniversary is an important milestone in a relationship, and it should be taken seriously. Whether you’ve been together for a decade, 3 years, or even 6 months, staying together through all the challenges and differences is a big deal, and worth celebrating.

However, it can be a hassle trying to find the perfect gift your significant other can see and cherish for a long time.

In this article, I’ll walk you through 100 anniversary gifts ideas to make your big day special for your special person. Read on!


Anniversary Gift For Husband

On significant days like this, it’s important to appreciate your significant other’s role in your life.

Your man contributed his quota to the family by providing and protecting in every way he can, and even if you do your part, you still cannot underrate his place in your life.

So, take time out to get him a befitting present that tells him how much you appreciate and value him. Don’t look too far for inspiration.

Here are a couple of anniversary gift for husband to make your anniversary memorable.


1.  A Customized Mug

If your husband is a beverage person, this is perfect! You can put the cutest picture you have of yourself together on the mug, with a short but sweet message. Whenever he takes a sip of his tea, he’ll think of you.


2.  Photobook

Your memories with your man matter a lot and should be kept. Literally. A photo book is one of the perfect anniversary gifts ideas to keep your memories with your lover set in stone.

Put in pictures of your fondest memories together. Make it sweeter and tell your stories with your photos — arrange them in a sequence of when you first got together till the present moment.


3.  Outdoor Movie Date

If you want a break from the conventional romantic movie at the cinema and kisses in between munching popcorn, an outdoor movie date is one of the anniversary gifts ideas convenient for you.

Get a projector in your yard and build a little tent. Stock up on soda, popcorn, and candy, and you’re good to go. He’d not object to spending time in your arms, seeing his favorite movie.


4.  Framed Photograph

A photo of you two together that you find beautiful is worth saving. Choose a pretty frame to go with the house’s colors and place it on his side of the bed where he can see it easily. You can also make one for a spot on his workspace.


5.  Shaving Kit

The art of shaving is intricate and sacred for men, so he’d find this thoughtful. Trust me, he’d love and appreciate it.


6.  Handy Cooler

If he’s a workaholic (or a computer programmer — they have 9 lives, I tell you), this is one of the many anniversary gifts ideas that suits him perfectly. A nice meal in a portable cooler is a beautiful idea.


7.  Luggage Box Set

If your man is always on the go, a luggage box set is a pleasant gift to get for him. It should be a blend of his favorite colors o. For a better effect, hide sweet notes in its compartments.


8.  His Favorite Goodies

Depending on what he loves, get him a ton of his favorite goodies. It can be a mix of coffee, chocolate bars, cookies and, tea bags, or more. Just things you know he loves to snack on.


9.  Wine

You can get him the kind of wine he enjoys best. Wine is a lovely, rich gift to give to anyone and he’d certainly love it.

10.  Skincare Products

Men need skincare, too. Get him a variety of skincare products suitable for his skin type. Watch your man glow up, baby!


11.  Jewelry

A simple gold/silver chain, rings, or a pair of sunglasses are statements that can change up an outfit. Get him whichever his preferred jewelry item is. This is a lovable gesture, and he’d be very pleased with it.


12.  Scarves

In the winter, scarves are quite useful in keeping the cold away. They’re also beautiful and bold fashion statements. Gift him with some in his favorite colors. He’d love them.


13.  An Addition To His Collection

If he likes to collect s particular item, say, wristwatches, or sunglasses, get him something new to add to his collection. He’d find it thoughtful.


14.  Comfy Slippers

Slippers with fur and soft foams are comfortable and soft against the skin. Get him a pair for indoor use.


15.  A New Suit

This is a marvelous idea and can make him incredibly happy. Get him a suit in a color that he doesn’t have.

Make sure the color can go with his skin tone and shoes. Make sure it’s well-tailored and suits him perfectly.


16.  Personalized Pen With Case

Get your man a pen case with his initials engraved on it. It’s not only stylish but a cute gesture. Trust me, he’d take it everywhere with him.


17.  Beer Fridge

This is convenient for storing beer in his game/workroom. It’s a thoughtful idea which he would appreciate. His friends would thank you, too!


18.  A Music Box

This is a perfect gift for your husband if he enjoys outdoor and indoor activities. It’s multi-purpose: it’s suitable for use while on a picnic, at family gatherings, camping, and for indoor parties.


19.  A Bucket List

Create a bucket list filled with new experiences for him. It should be new and also things you know he has been willing to try out. It’s a great start to plan the whole thing.


20.  A Fancy Black Wristwatch

Black is a color that goes well with any outfit. A fancy watch might make a bold fashion statement, and it’d complete his looks in any outfit.


21.  Customized Throw Pillow

This is quite a common idea, but it doesn’t get less cute. The concept is for you to get a picture of yourself and your spouse and have it printed on the throw pillow.


22.  Vintage T-Shirts

These shirts have an appealing style that makes simple outfits look good. You can get him one in a color you know he’ll love.


23.  Streetwear

You can add to his wardrobe. Just buy him casual clothes and shoes.


24.  Cocktail Recipe Book

A recipe book offers different mixing substances that can give a unique taste and feel to your cocktail. If he loves cocktails a lot, he’d love this book.


25.  Comfy Sweats

During exercise, you have to be in the attire you’re comfortable with. You can get a pair of sweats for your partner so they can do their exercises comfortably.


26.  Designer Wallet

A simple designer wallet is probably what your man needs. Change his old — and probably battered — one and replace it with something new and more classy.


27.  New Video Game Console

This is for the gamer boyfriends. Your boyfriend would be overjoyed with this gift especially if he has been looking forward to getting it.


28.  A Signed Book By His Favorite Author

It will require a lot of energy and effort, but it’s worth it. It’s a priceless gift and he will definitely hold the memory, the book, and you dearly.


29.  Dinner — His Favorite Meal

It’s a date! Cook him his favorite meal and let him eat to his heart’s content. Don’t be shocked if he gives you a blank cheque afterward.

You know, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Besides, there are other things he could eat…


30.  Engraved Cufflinks

Have your man’s initials engraved on a pair of cufflinks. You should choose a pair that would stand out and look good on whatever he has on.


31.  Electric Grill

An electric grill is an eco-friendly product that doesn’t produce too much smoke while in use.

It will still smoke your meals with no errors, so you don’t have to worry. Gift this to your boyfriend, especially if he enjoys barbecue.


32.  Candy Dispenser

Is your boyfriend a sweet-toothed child at heart? If yes, this is the best gift you can get him. A dispenser that supplies him with his favorite candy will leave him speechless and in awe.


33.  Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are fashionable and can never go out of style. You can pick the classic black leather jacket or the brown one. They’d look good on him.


34.  Love Letters

Love letters are never too old school to be written. They’re original and come from the heart. Write things only you two know: experiences, bittersweet moments.

Pour your heart out. You can choose the gift box according to the things your boyfriend enjoys most.


Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

Beautiful days like your anniversary should be spent together with the love of your life. You should spend the day reaffirming your love for each other and planning your future together.

Gifts are also not out of it. You can give each other separate gifts or agree on something to buy together. It’s not about the gift, but the memories you make together.

If you’re not certain about where to look, consider these anniversary gifts ideas for couples.

1.  Personalized Puzzle

Create a puzzle based on your similar interests. It’s going to be an interesting game to play, and you’ll cherish it for a long time.


2.  Customized Journal

Customize a journal by creating your cover and content for it. This cover can be a congratulatory message or a message to your significant other.


3.  Scented Candles

Scented candles are soothing and relaxing. They have a way of calming the body and mind. Get your lover candles with unique scents to help relax their mind.


4.  Gift Cards

Another lovely gesture is buying gift cards. These should be to get a couple of stuff from your favorite shops.

5.  Customized Jewelry

A bracelet or necklace with both of your initials is very cute and romantic.


6.  Massage Set

A set of massaging tools that can help to relieve every ache and knot in your body is an amazing gift.


7.  Spa Day

Use your anniversary as a day to treat her to the spa. You can join in as well, so you both get pampered and properly taken care of.


8.  Pajamas Set

Everyone loves a matching set and she probably would too. Get her a pajama set in her favorite color.


9.  Customized Pillows

Aside from the throw pillows, your customized pillows can also go into your bedroom. You can design them to your taste. If you feel like being goofy, you can add funny texts to them.


Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Her

Special days like anniversaries are a big deal for women. Most times, they want to go all out and do extra to commemorate the day and imprint in your memories, and that shows how much they care about you.

On your end, you can make your anniversary memorable for her, too. Here is a list of anniversary gift ideas for her to put a smile on your woman’s face.

1.  Skincare Set

Get her original and natural skin care products that are suitable for her type of skin. She would not forget this in a while.


2.  A framed Collage

You can do this yourself. Attach various pictures captured from distinct moments to make your DIY collage. To get it framed, however, might require some professional help.


3.  Customized Cuff Bracelets

Bracelets are naturally pretty accessories. You can get some customized just for her and add your initials, cute doodles, or a short message to it.


4.  Sneakers

She might love exercising, so you can get her a pair of sneakers.


5.  Necklace

A dainty necklace will do if you’re unsure of what to get her. You can get one with tiny pendants or cute inscriptions on them. Just go with the one your heart chooses.


6.  Simple Watch

Minimalists will prefer simple accessories over flashy ones, so if she is one of them, you know what to get her.


7.  Perfume

A delicate perfume with an irresistible scent is a wonderful gift for her. She’ll appreciate this.

8.  Gift Box

This box is a cute idea. Gift boxes usually contain a variety of things: snacks, makeup, little pieces of jewelry. It would certainly bring a smile to your significant other’s face.


9.  Framed Love Song Lyrics

This love song should be one she loves herself. Have the lyrics written out and framed as a gift for her.


10.  Jewelry Case

It’s easy for jewelry to get tangled and annoyingly attached. You can fix this by getting her a jewelry case with dividing sections. Ensure it is efficient and portable enough to be carried along while going on a trip.


11.  Chocolate Box

If your girl has a sweet tooth, a box filled with varieties of your girlfriend’s favorite chocolates is a good idea for a gift.

12.  Matching Bracelets

You can get your initials or a message engraved on a pair of bracelets for both of you. It is also an added item to your jewelry. It is a romantic and cute gesture.


13.  Personalized Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are cute and snuggly. Personalize it by getting cute or romantic words written on it to her.


14.  Breakfast In Bed

Cook simple, but lovely dishes to surprise her in bed. She’s going to love this gesture and be touched by it.


15.  Love Letters

To make this easier for you, you can write a letter a day while counting down to the anniversary.

There’s no right way or wrong way to write a letter. The memories are yours to put down. After writing these letters, put them in a beautiful envelope and give them to her.


16.  Anniversary Card

Often, people forget this card. They disregard it and think it’s not as important as the gifts.

Words surely have a way of tugging at the heartstrings, so why not go simple and get her a card. This doesn’t mean you mustn’t get her a gift, but it’s a simple and heartwarming gesture.

17.  Books

A girl that loves reading will love getting more books. You can know the books to get her by checking the ones she already has. Doing so will help you reduce your options and settle for something she’d love.


Surprise Gift For Wife On Anniversary

Surprising your wife on your anniversary together is not a bad idea.

It’s only a small gesture to render your appreciation for how far you’ve come all this time and the profound impact her presence in your life has made.

This list of anniversary gifts ideas to surprise your wife has been put together to help you shock her in a good kind of way.


1.  Cake

Over the years, you should have gotten to know the favorite flavor of cake your wife loves.

Be it a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, red velvet cake, or strawberry cake, make her one for herself alone. For a better effect, bring it to her in bed.


2.  A Vacation

Book a vacation for both of you to one of her favorite places and have fun. This is an opportunity for you to sightsee, visit new places together and create fresh memories.

3.  Loungewear

Everyone loves having time to relax, but you can’t relax in tight-fitting clothes. This is where loungewear comes in. Buy your wife varieties of loungewear for her relaxation periods.


4.  Blanket

There are a couple of unique ways to customize your blankets. You can add your initials to it as well as a congratulatory message or you can write a message to your wife on it. This is one way to warm her heart and her body with just a single item.


5.  Weekend Bag

A weekend bag that can serve also as a normal day bab is a luxury your wife would be grateful to have. It should be big enough to fit her things when she’s going out and chic enough to go as a regular handbag.


6.  Classy Heels

You can never go wrong with a pair of heels. If your wife is a fashionista who loves and adores heels, then this is a perfect gift for her.


7.  Bouquet

A bouquet of roses (or flowers she loves) given as a surprise will never get old. It’s a pleasant gesture that will make your wife feel special and loved.


8.  Dinner Date

Take her on a date to her favorite restaurant or surprise her by going somewhere she hasn’t been before. Ensure it’s a place that can allow you two to talk freely and chat while enjoying your meal.


9.  Cozy Slippers

Walking around the house in slippers that give a homely feeling is worth it. Your wife deserves them too. Buy her cozy slippers.

10.  Nail Care Set

The nails are attractive when they’re clean and pretty. Your wife deserves nail care set for her pretty nails. Purchase one for her to celebrate your special day.


11.  Massage Machines

Your wife might be constantly busy with one thing or the other that leaves her with a cramp. Get her a massage machine and relieve her pains with this. It’ll be beneficial to you as well.


12.  Robes

Get her some thick, woolen robes that are soft on the skin. You can have some personalized details added to it as well if you want to.


13.  Framed Wedding Vows

You can get a video of your wedding day and write out the wedding vows. Wedding vows are emotional and it would get her emotional as well.


14.  Tickets

The tickets can be for anything, it depends on your wife’s interests. You can get her tickets to see a movie or her favorite band perform at a concert.


15.  Silk Nightgown

Comfort is key, and that’s why a silk nightgown is a nice surprise for your baby girl. Retiring to bed every night in this soft material will help her sleep soundly.

16.  A Cassette With Her Favorite Songs

If your wife is a lover of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, she’ll absolutely fall in love with this idea. Compile her favorite songs — new and old — together in a cassette and give them to her.


Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

It’s a bold step to decide to spend the rest of your life with someone. It’s bolder to build a future around that person and choose to make that association work.

Therefore, a wedding anniversary is totally worth celebrating! It’s a huge bridge to cross, and it’s only the beginning of a more blissful and blessed union.

If you’re stuck with ideas on what to give that beautiful couple, check out this list of wedding anniversary gifts ideas. If you’re also going to exchange gifts with your significant other to commemorate your special day, I got you!


1.  Decorative Sculpture

Sculptures of swans or cute animals together would be a beautiful gift. This sculpture would be a reminder of their anniversary and also serve as a decoration to their home.


2.  Personalized Wine Glasses

How would you feel drinking from a glass with your initials on it? Good, right? This idea helps to keep a lasting item and gives a classy feel.


3.  Engraved Flower Vase

Your spouse might be into gardening, so this is a cute gesture. The flower vases can have your name, initials, or your anniversary date engraved on them. It’s a pleasant decoration and also a kind gesture.


4.  Fruit Basket

A basket filled with fresh fruits is a sweet idea to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Fruits signify growth and longevity, so they’d appreciate it.


5.  Coupons

it’s possible that you might not know what exactly to get your partner. Why not let them choose for themselves? Get them a coupon from their favorite store or brand and let them buy what they want.


6.  Art Museum Visit

A museum is a place filled with a plethora of memories, lives, and moments. If you’re into art, this is a brilliant idea.


7.  Personalized Wall Art

Your walls deserve a lot more and can be used as a memory box. Design your wall in celebration of your wedding anniversary. It can be something simple, like your initials, if you don’t want to be too extravagant.

8.  Doormat

A doormat that says exactly what you want it to sounds like a lovely idea, doesn’t it? You can choose the design or words you’d like to have on your doormat.


50th Anniversary Gifts Ideas

50 years is a long time! A milestone like this cannot be celebrated casually! It’s a lot to build a life with a person for 50 whole years, especially if you have kids together. It’s an achievement that should be recognized.

Whether it’s your parents celebrating a golden jubilee together, or your friends, or even neighbors in your vicinity, you should reach out and drop them a gift. You might want to take a look at these 50th anniversary gifts ideas so you don’t stick.


1.  Photo Frame

If you can get hold of a picture of them on their wedding day or any day in their “formative” years, it would go a long way! An old picture frame will leave these couples reminiscing about the old days.


2.  Champagne

50 years together is definitely worth celebrating! Champagne is just the flawless blend of special and classy. You can even customize a bottle to include the initials of the couple and the year of their anniversary.


3.  Family Tree

A tree that shows how far they have come with their lives. It is a lovely gesture that will leave them happy.


4.  Golden Cake

50th anniversary is associated with the color of gold. Why not bake a golden cake in celebration? This cake can be decorated to your taste.


5.  Embroidered Blanket

A blanket with their names and anniversary date engraved into it is a cute idea. You can employ the help of a professional for this. Each time they use the blanket, they’ll remember their anniversary fondly.


6.  Custom Portrait

An artwork of the couple together is a lovely gift for a 50th anniversary. It’s original and unique. You can frame it as well and have them hang it on the wall.


7.  Personal Montage

A collection of videos and pictures they have taken through their days and have it put into a montage. It will bring back a lot of memories and it will leave the couple feeling nostalgic.

8.  Home Decor Sign

A way to establish an unforgettable moment is to make it into a sign. You can get customized home decor signs which can be placed on the wall.


Anniversary Gifts Ideas For Parents

Anniversaries are not for couples alone to celebrate. Their loved ones are not exempted from the celebrations.

You wouldn’t exist in the first place if your parents did not get together, you know. So, don’t just be there, participate actively and make their day more beautiful.

Appreciate them for being amazing parents and for setting beautiful examples for you. These anniversary gifts ideas are pointers to gifts you can get them to achieve that. Partake in their joyous moments.


1.  Homemade Cookies

Nothing says love louder than homemade meals. You can recreate a cookie recipe from your parents. You can also implore the help of your siblings if you have any. Add cute messages or drawings to it. It doesn’t have to be perfect; the effort says a thousand words.


2.  Matching T-Shirts

Your parents wearing matching T-shirts will probably leave the entire family in smiles and hearty laughter. The T-shirts can have cute quotes written on them. Anything you want.


3.  Custom Cutting Board

Get your parents a cutting board with their names engraved on it. The style and design of the letters will constantly amaze them. You can easily find shops that help with board customization.


4.  Picture Frame

You can use the picture of your parents from their wedding and their current picture in a frame. You can get cute quotes written on this frame as well.


5.  Traveling

Give your parents a gift they’ll be grateful for. A trip to a new place is an amazing idea! If you can, organize a surprise trip for them to the place where they first met.


6.  Picnic Date

Organize a date for your parents. You should steer clear of them once they go on this date. Simply leave them to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce on the past while enjoying the meals you’ve prepared.


7.  Anniversary Mugs

You can get your parents matching mugs wishing them a happy anniversary. You can get creative with these mugs and get them customized instead.


8.  Gourmet Gift Basket

If your parents enjoy wine, candy, and snacks, then this is the one for them. Buy them a gift basket containing every one of their favorite treats.


Final Words:

Be it a month, a decade, or a century spent together, anniversaries are beautiful periods in a relationship, and they’re worth the hype. So, go all out and share wonderful moments with your loved ones.

Cheers to a beautiful and rewarding relationships!

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