How To Please A Man And Give Him The Night Of His Life

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Ladies are generally very concerned about how to please a man. Little wonder it comes up easily in most girls’ talk. Well, how to please a man isn’t a chore if he’s someone you care about.

So, if you want to learn how to make your man’s toes curl, his body explode with some real good pleasure, and later lay down in bed snoring after having a great time in bed with you, I’m going to show you. Come with me.

Pleasing a man goes beyond your looks. There has to be something unique about you that catches his eye, and when he gets close to striking a conversation with you, there should be something that strikes his heart too.

To achieve this means, you need to have some super diva qualities that involve looking great, being able to hold a conversation, being able to seduce him yet be as natural as possible, and also having something upstairs in your mind.

Sounds like hard work? But it’s not. As a lady, you should have much more than a beautiful body to bring to the table.
In today’s post, we will be considering how to please a man in every way possible.

I’ve seen a couple of ladies get so carried away with how to please a man that they forget themselves and concentrate so much on the man.

There’s nothing wrong with investing in your man; after all, love involves giving but ladies, learn not to lose yourself in the process.

How to please a man begins with your intention to do so. Once it’s in your heart, giving your thought expression won’t be an issue any longer.

When the phrase how to please a man comes up, the next thought that follows is getting intimate. This is correct, but I’d like us to explore another means to achieve this. You can begin to please your man long before you get into the sheets with him.


How To Please A Man Mentally

A large number of men want to be with both beauty and brains, and some ladies still have this combination. There are several angles to this.

Pleasing him mentally means that you can use your initiative most of the time, and he can count on you to get things done in his absence.

The next is knowing how to engage him in conversations without him being bored. When he gauges your iQ, how will you measure up?

Another thing to consider is how to please your man mentally without even getting into bed with him. Little things matters

Your smile, the sound of your laughter, kissing him surprisingly, and even giving him love hugs will please him emotionally too.


How To Please A Man In Bed

There are a whole lot of things to do to your man in bed that will please him and leave him feeling satisfied.


1.  Be Confident

This is the first step toward pleasing your man. Be confident in your skin.

Don’t look at your stretch marks or any other imperfection. Wear your self-confidence as a covering, and you will be on the right notes with your man.


2.  Set The Atmosphere

Even if it’s not going to be at your place, make the environment appealing and inviting. You could use diffusers and oils and also wear something inviting.


3.   Participate

No man wants to be with a lady who is laid back. Everyman wants a lady who he can connect in bed.

Endeavour to bring out your inner beauty. Wriggle and whine your waist while he’s into you. Hold his hands or even look into his eyes. Talk naughty if you can, concentrate on what’s going on, and don’t be distracted.


4.  Be Adventurous

Change positions while at it. Try new things together. Sometimes ask to take the lead and ask your man to relax while you do all to pleasure him.


5.  Pay Attention To His Sensitive Zones

His lips, tongue, ears, inner thighs, breast, and joystick are all places you should concentrate on. Rotate between using your hand and tongue while at it


6.  Let Him Hear Your Voice

Don’t go mute when you are with your man. If you enjoy what he does to you, let him know.

Move your body in a way that will drive it home. Hearing your voice will also be a huge turn-on for him.

Men love to win with their ladies, so hearing you whimper softly or even scream will let him know he’s doing the right thing. You know what that does to his ego as a man too.


7.  Give Him What He Wants

I don’t mean to sound autocratic here, but I believe in every relationship, before physical intimacy comes in, boundaries should have been discussed.

You have been with your man for some time now, and you should know what turns him on and what he likes.

Guys can be shy about telling you what turns them on and how they like to be touched. You can ask him. about his likes, especially if you are a new couple.

You can please him in bed by giving him what he wants as long as you are comfortable with it. Pleasing a man is one thing and satisfying him is another. We will be diving further into how to satisfy a man every time.

We touched on some aspects subtly above; here, we will be going deeper with more explanations. Satisfying your man means taking him into pleasure until he explodes.


1.  Get Down On Your Fours

The one big secret is most men like it the ducky way, and if you can do this, you will make him explode with pleasure. This could mean you are going down on your fours while he goes in you from behind.

The striking pose that makes it easy is resting on your chest. Don’t remain on your fours but go down a little, putting your hands on your sides and resting your chest on the bed with your backside slightly raised.

The feeling for most men is unexplainable. This allows him to fondle your melons and also allows you to pleasure him in between his thighs if you can. This is also how to please a man with delayed ejaculation. He would come rushing and not be able to hold back for you long.


2.  Work More At Making Use Of Your Hands And Tongue

how to please your boyfriend in bed

Get to be more familiar with his body. Before you get down on him, be sure he loves being given a fellation, as not all men like it.

Get familiar with his frenulum. It is one of the most sensitive areas down there, just beside the microphone-shaped being, which is on the underside of the head.

Playful licks and light pressure to the frenulum often coax more blood into harder erections. When stimulating him manually, wrap your hand around his organ so that the fleshy pads of your fingers and not the fingertips rub over the frenulum.

Try using lubes; it will make the experience more pleasurable for both of you. Place his hand over yours so he can guide you up and down just the way he likes it.

To double his pleasure, stimulate other steamy zones like his inner thighs, and his belly. Wrapping your hands around his backside will make him feel great too.


3.  Engage In More Cuddling

Spending more time in cuddling will make you understand each other’s bodies better. Remember, men are easily more excited than women, and it takes women some more time to burn.

So while you pleasure him for some more time, you also get the opportunity to get into the mood like him before your bodies eventually merge. This will help your man get excited more and experience pleasure in a better way.


4.  Communicate While At It

how to satisfy a man every time

You could also show your man how to pleasure you also. This way, you can move his hands and teach him how you want him to fondle and cuddle you.

Speaking with your eyes, your voice and even your whimpers will keep your moments with him in his memory.

You will satisfy your man by letting him know what feels good to you and what he’s doing right. Grip the sheets. Grab his arms. Whimper into his ear and talk dirty This is how to be unforgettable to him.


How To Give My Man The Best Night Of His Life

how to satisfy a man every time

1.  Don’t Turn Off The Lights

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who lets her guard down in bed. “He loves when he can see and feel your body.

Fix an environment where you can enjoy and treat yourselves to scented candles, soft music playing in the background, and a beautiful view even if the light isn’t glowing enough.


2.  Try Taking A Shower With Him

Turning your man on does not necessarily have to be only in the bedroom. You could suggest taking a shower with him and giving him a lap dance while you are in.

Apply soap on him and run your hands through his whole body, including his hair. Romantically wash his body. You may end up going on a quick journey before you are out of the bathroom.


3.  Be In Charge

how to please a man in bed

Like I always say, lovemaking doesn’t have to begin in the bedroom.

You can be the one to call for a meeting of the bodies by seducing him and taking the lead while in bed. You can tell him to relax while you take care of him. Give him. His favorite positions and teach him new positions too


4.  Attract Him

I’d be showing you subtle ways of doing this. Wear some clothes that reveal the flesh. Go about without panties and give a clue you do not have them on by squatting to pick something innocently.

Cuddle him or even send him flirty messages. Wear something really enticing and inviting and pretend not to have anything in mind for the day.


5.  Bring Some Adult Marital Aid To The Mix

Adults have tools too. It could be a stimulator or one you can wear for stimulation. Whichever one you want, but be sure your man will not be feeling embarrassed.


6.  Show Enthusiasm

Let your man know that you are happy being with him. Your excitement will also rub off on him. Don’t make him feel like you don’t enjoy being with him.

Your unbridled enthusiasm and confidence in bed is one thing that will turn your man on too.

It is exciting for him to know that he is pleasing you, that you want him and are enjoying him as much as he’s enjoying you. The more interactive lovemaking is, the better the experience is for him and for you too.


7.  Slow  Build-Up

Ever heard of the slow build-up technique when it comes to getting intimate with your man?

The whole point behind a slow build-up to lovemaking with your man is to have him shaking with excitement and anticipation, so he is all over you with kisses and hugs until he most likely carries you into the bedroom. How Do You Achieve This?

You get to this point when you get to your boiling point as you get intimate with your man. This happens when your emotions are heightened, but you can’t consummate them.

It’s that feeling you get when your man whispers something in your ear, and you get turned on and can’t wait to be alone with him.

It’s that rush you experience when you give each other goodbye kisses, and you can’t wait to return home because they seem to be occupying your mind all day.

Kissing your mate unexpectedly has a way of triggering emotions with them that would almost want to make them go the way with you. This feeling is amazing and cannot be described.

The bottom line is that you just can’t wait to rip each other, your emotions are raging, and you can’t wait to express them and ease the build-up in your system. This is how to be unforgettable to him.


8.  Engage In Some Love Talk With Your Man

how to please a man in bed

Most ladies think they are the only ones who need assurance from their partners, but it’s not true. You men want you to cuddle him like a baby, pat him on the back and also make him feel like a king.

He wants to know how well he rocks your world. How he makes you feel and how much you appreciate him. One great time you can achieve this if you are a shy person is to take advantage of the times after lovemaking.

You can talk to him right after lovemaking and ask him what he wished you did more of or less of. You can send him links to articles you find online and ask him what he thinks of them with regards to helping you pleasure him more.

The key with all of this is figuring out what method works best for you and your man. It will take some time and practice, but keep going, and eventually, you will be in sync with his expectations, even those he may not have shared with you.

This way, you will always know how to totally and completely pleasure your man every time you are together, and talking with him will make him know how much you care about him and his needs too.

Before we go further, let me quickly drop this: Remember that the state of your mind and general well-being has a role to play here. I’m sorry this is coming late, but please keep this handy.

So sometimes you can do everything right, but because your man is stressed, he may not feel you, so you have to put his state of mind also into consideration. Hope I didn’t distract you completely. Just needed to set the records straight


9.  Engage In Quickies

Sometimes, not all lovemaking moments should be planned. This form of lovemaking, as the name implies, is spontaneous but exciting too.

These most times don’t take place in your usual spots but places where you visit or some unlikely places in your home like the kitchen or even in the car. This form of lovemaking is most times the hardest experience to forget, and it creates memories.


10.  Play With Your Man

We can consider this type of play with your man to be flirting. The aim of flirting is just to play with him.

It can be tickling him, pulling his ears, and running away, so he tries to catch you. Touching his bum also or even blindfolding him while you caress him.

Flirting is easy at the start of a new relationship; the hard thing is to keep it going once things become routine.

Not only is flirting a great way to build up the tension with your man, but it will also make lovemaking a lot more pleasurable for both of you when you eventually get each other alone.


11.  Love Messages

Another great way to intensify the build-up of passion and emotions with your man is to send him some love messages when you are away from each other. This is to make you two look forward to being in each other’s arms.

Saying something as simple as, “I dreamt about you last night” or “I was thinking about you last night that I can’t wait to be with you are some nice lines you can send to each other to keep you in high expectations.

Your messages don’t have to be explicit all the time; keeping it simple is the real deal. It will keep your partner wondering what to expect.

It is also a good way to make your partner think of you just before they go to bed. That way, you may be one of the first things on their mind when they wake up.

How to please a man is not as difficult as you think after all, especially after having read through it.

Don’t forget that you should not be predictable, and you should add some hint of surprise to the mix, that way, you will blow his mind. I’d like to see other tips you have tried that have worked for you too.

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How to please a man mentally

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