10 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend

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Everyday life can be very repetitive and boring, which is why adventures are a huge part of our human lives. If you are caught up in the loop of boredom, I think it’s a perfect time to switch things up.

One place where things can get boring is in a relationship. Things can get a little stale after a while, especially if you both have hectic lives.

If you are worried that your relationship with your boyfriend has gotten stale, then you might want to consider freaky things to do to your boyfriend that will spice things up.

What are some freaky things to do to your boyfriend? Not to worry, I’ll share ten freaky things to do to your boyfriend to help get the excitement back into your relationship.

A little disclaimer, most of the freaky things I’ll be sharing here are conventional and acceptable things you can engage in as a couple to spice things up.

If you want to try unconventional things with your partner or switch things up a lot more, I think you should be very intentional about checking with your partner to see if they are okay with whatever ideas you have.

If you wish to be freaky with your boyfriend, you need to get creative about making his fantasies come through and stimulating his senses.

Getting freaky with your boyfriend is like organizing a showroom. An excellent place to start might be to seek his opinion on what he would want his showroom to look like.

This might be by asking a direct question about his bucket list or randomly making suggestions and asking what he thinks of them.

Of course, you must understand that no matter how creative you want to get, if it does not appeal to your boyfriend’s taste, you might risk making things awkward between you. People’s tastes differ, and as such, it can be quite hard to please a partner.

However, there are a couple of freaky things to do to your boyfriend that most men find exciting. Ten of them, which I will explain here, have proven to be quite effective in giving men a boost of excitement in their lives.


1.  Role-Playing

Role-playing is a way to switch things up with your boyfriend. Pretending to be a new character brings a kind of novelty to the bedroom. Desire and romantic appeal thrive on novelty.

Have you ever wondered why Halloween or costume parties are so exciting? It is because it allows us to explore other dimensions of ourselves.

Role-playing is first on our list of freaky things to do to your boyfriend because it is easy to get into it once you understand the dynamics.

However, Role-playing can be intimidating for first-timers because of how self-conscious anyone can get when trying to act a part.

It can also be very awkward, especially when you wonder what to say or do in response to your partner’s actions and words.

This is why before you begin role-playing with your partner, discussing what is permissible in the act is important.

Is there a particular script you would love to act out with your partner, and how far would this go? It is important that you both discuss your fantasies and see if the other person is cool with them.

For couples who engage in a lot of domination and submission roles in the bedroom, you might want to establish a safe word.

This safe word would allow your partner to tell you when they are not comfortable with a behaviour.

As I stated earlier, what makes role-playing such an exciting and freaky thing to do is ease, but it is only as easy as you allow it to be. If you want to become better at role-playing, you need to do the following:


1.  Do Not Bother Too Much About Getting Your Acting Right

You are not an Oscar winner (and will probably never be one, just saying). What matters is that you enjoy the moment; this is not a show for the cameras but for your boyfriend.

I want to believe that being in a relationship with him means you can be vulnerable. Don’t bother about your acting. It is normal to feel silly, do not stress about it.


2.  Make Do With What Is Available

Trying to get a complete costume or find the best script for your role-play will do you very little good.

A simple white dress is all you need to play the part of an attractive nurse. You do not need to spend all that time looking for a nurse’s outfit. You’re not a screenwriter. Why obsess over the details of the activity?


3.   Try Switching Location

The whole point of learning freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to bring some novelty to the relationship.

Novelty provides new experiences. Not only can you try a new personality and clothes to spice things up with your boyfriend, you can also try new locations.

Maybe a vacation or anywhere your boyfriend would fancy having a lovely time. Please be respectful of public spaces; many couples often use this as a cue to make love in absurd places.

That is not what I’m saying. I’m saying you can take your boyfriend somewhere he likes and get freaky with him.


2.  Being Spontaneous

In many instances, a couple’s routine looks like this: Saturday night, eating out, and love-making after. Rinse and repeat. It becomes very mundane after a while. You become predictable, and after a while, the relationship starts to lose all excitement in it.

One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to make love-making exciting. Perhaps you can plan a little dinner with wine, candle lights and serenading music.

It doesn’t have to be a unique ceremony or a special anniversary for either of you. Interestingly, it can even happen on a weekday, too.

Doing something so sweet like this randomly will make your boyfriend feel very excited. However, note that your spontaneity should be quite thoughtful rather than chaotic. For instance, you do not want your boyfriend to get drunk before his big presentation the next day.

Neither would you like to spend your finances planning an expensive dinner when the rent is almost due. For certain partners, spontaneity like this can be very scary or suspicious. Understand your partner and learn what is most appealing to them.

Spontaneously getting intimate with your boyfriend can make him feel desired. It can be really hot seeing that he doesn’t need to do anything to gain your attention or make you want him.

So next time you are home with him, put on that lingerie and lure him to bed with you. Do this as often and at random times. These are freaky things to do to your boyfriend that will have him mesmerized by you.


3.  Flirting Over The Phone

If you have ever sent a risky text to someone, you can tell how thrilling and nerve-racking the experience can be. Sending and receiving risky texts are a great idea if you wish to find freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

This is mainly for those in long-distance relationships or couples who spend significant time away from each other.

Teasing texts can also make you go freaky using your imagination and words. You can have your boyfriend feel excited and think of you with teasing texts. Teasing texts can also serve as a warmup or foreplay before the actual love-making.

You can talk about your fantasies and plan bedroom activities while texting. This will create a build-up to the actual moment.

It might seem awkward at first, but practice makes perfect, and before you know it, you will be an expert.

Besides texts, you can also use facetime to get freaky with your partner. Some of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend on facetime include:

  • Putting On Seductive Clothing And Doing A Strip Tease
  • Complimenting Him And Telling Him How Much He Turns You On
  • Tell Him What You Would Like To Do In The Bedroom Once He Returns
  • Showing Him The Little Romantic Setup You Made Or The New Set Of Lingerie That You Got For Him

Doing all of these will have your boyfriend thinking of how exciting life is with you.


4.  Making A Tape

Typically most people are rather careful when making a tape with their partner during love-making. There is the risk of internet exposure and having your tape being used as blackmail. It is pretty risky, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

If everyone were so scared of the worst possible scenarios, then we wouldn’t be having any fun at all. Regardless, I would share some tips that could serve as a precaution against any malicious use of the tape.


1.  Use Only One Recording Device, Preferably Yours

This is very important because it is easier to keep track of the video. Do not send or share the video. Your partner can see it on the device. Most people would record a single memory card to hold any tapes that they have.


2.  You Should Delete Videos Immediately After They Are Made

You can agree with your partner not to allow a video beyond a specific time frame before deleting it. Please make sure you are the one that deletes it yourself.


3.  Do Not Show Your Faces When Filming, Even If You Must Make Sure Your Partner’s Face Is Visible In The Video

This is a great way to protect both of your identities. And even if anyone tries to blackmail you with the video, they risk revealing their identity.

Once you take these precautionary measures, you have so much fun making tapes and getting freaky with your partner.

5.  Taking The Lead


In many intimate relationships, men are usually the ones who have to take the lead. Suggesting dates, making advances and having to pleasure his woman.

Taking the lead is one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend that will drive him crazy for you. For instance, taking up the romantic charge and serenading him with romantic gestures are freaky things to do to your boyfriend on Valentine’s day or during special occasions.

You can start by taking him to his favourite place, doing all his favourite things and basically leading him through the day with your own plans.

In the bedroom, take on the lead, set up adventures, get on top, and get creative. Show him how much of a pro you can be when you take charge and what you are capable of. He would be grateful for it and appreciate you a lot more.


6.  Teasing Him By Making Him Wait

Why rush things? To create a freaky moment, try using a build-up. Makeout sessions can be a lot of fun if you can build it up and tease a lot more.

One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend while making out is using slow kisses; you start slowly and pull away at intervals.

Make sure you are teasing him, biting softly on his lips and using light kisses but never more profound than that. He’ll be anticipating the climax but make him wait till he is running mad with desire.

Not only during makeout, it can also apply to other scenarios. The idea is to have him longing for you while you tease him senseless. Mind you.

This also requires a degree of self-control on your part. Instead of jumping straight into the act, delay a lot while teasing him.

You can try kissing his ears and caressing his back and inner thighs. Just doing everything but the very thing he would love you to do. Build-up like this heightens the sensation when eventually, you get down to the real deal.

7.  Dancing

You haven’t started taking pole dancing lessons or salsa lessons; I totally recommend it. The beautiful part is that you can both take up these lessons together.

Giving your man a seductive dance is one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend. If you don’t know how to give one yet, I suggest you begin practising.

You can tease your partner by dancing. Giving lap dances can be pretty freaky and help your man get his groove. By slowly whining up against him, you can get him very excited.

Dancing can also serve as a form of teasing, helping you build tension and desire in your boyfriend. He would be intrigued to see how you move your body.

A bonus is if you are both able to practice dancing together, this way you can build a bond with each other. There are several benefits of dancing, but most importantly, use it as a means to get your relationship exciting again. There’s so much confidence being exuded when you are a great dancer.


8.  Experimenting With Toys

Unlike women, men are not very accepting of toys and know very little about how to use them. However, using toys in the bedroom can be a multiplier to your pleasure experience.

First, you may want to get your boyfriend into the mindset. Talk to him about toys and their benefits. Do not try to force him to do what you want. Simply have a conversation regarding the subject.

Try to convince him, but do not force him. Once he is willing to try, you both need to go toy shopping together. Next, you can research different types of toys and how they are used.

The reason for shopping with your partner is so you can both decide what toys work best for you guys. It also gives room for your boyfriend to choose what kind of toys he’s comfortable with.

Finally, shopping together will build anticipation and have you both feeling excited about the coming encounter.

Once the toys arrive, it is important that you start slowly. First, make sure you understand how they work and can be used correctly.

There are several accounts of accidents with toys, so be gentle, try all the basics before advancing slowly. Also make sure that your boyfriend feels comfortable with how you decide to use the toy.


9.  Create A List And Tick It Off

You know how setting those goals and hitting them can cause ripples of positive feelings. You and your partner can make a list of freaky things and then try to tick them off. You and your partner might want to start by making individual notes of all your fantasies.

Then share these notes with each other. Once this is done, you can compile it into a comprehensive list and set milestones for each.

You and your partner can also look for exciting goals to set, for instance, you can decide to take cues from the Kamasutra or any other book that can make such suggestions.

The excitement of setting these goals and actually ticking them off will set the mood for you and your partner.

By filling your calendar with all of these goals, you will always have something to look up to. In setting these goals, it is important that you make them able to actualize.

You don’t want to set goals that might be hard to pull off. Make your goals small and actionable. It is also essential that whatever activity you have planned is something that you would find enjoyable.


10.  Take Him Somewhere New And Exciting

Novelty is quite exhilarating, and our human mind constantly wants to be stimulated by new sensations. If you’re like the average person, you probably spent a lot of time doing the same mundane things.

Work, home, and school. It is little wonder why several relationships eventually get boring, and it is not because they got tired of their partners. It is just their minds wanting more or some sort of variety.

Unfortunately, many people are unable to seek this variety because they either don’t have the time or never think they can. Your boyfriend probably feels the same way.

Has anyone ever handed you a concert ticket when you thought you would die of boredom? You know how you felt, right? One of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to take him somewhere unique or lovely for a good time.

Make sure it feels like a getaway by adding a bit of spontaneity. For instance, you can tell him to pack up for the weekend and hop in the car with you as you show him the rest of the city. You can also plan a vacation.

All he has to do is get dressed and follow. Basically, removing the mundane things and making them an escape from reality to paradise.

Doing these like these will have him feeling very excited. The upside is you’d be unlocking a beast in the sheets. There is no excuse for work or stress, just the both of you having loads of fun.

When looking for freaky things to do to your boyfriend, the general advice is that you need to do something he finds to be quite exciting.

As much as novelty is emphasized in several bits of this article, if whatever new thing you introduce your boyfriend to is not exciting or pleasurable, you might freak him out (definitely in a scary way).

Communication is key. Always check in with your partner to see if they would be comfortable with whatever freaky idea you have come up with. In the case where it’s a surprise, you can generally ask his opinions without actually giving away the thought.

Think of it as a game; it can be a lot trying to come up with something exciting but trust that when you do, you’ll be doing your relationship an excellent service.

It is also essential that you don’t work yourself into a lot of pressure trying to be freaky. Make sure you enjoy the moment too.

Nothing good comes easy but if you just make it happen you need to let things flow. Having said that, go get started on living an exciting life with your boyfriend!

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Sharing is caring!

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