15 Freaky Things To Do To Your Boyfriend To Keep The Flames Hot

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They say variety is the spice of life so that is why we are bringing you varieties of things you can do to your man in 15 freaky things to do to your boyfriend.

When a relationship starts newly, it is easy for couples to always have the hots for their partners. But as time passes, some of that intense feelings wane.

You already know the traces on this person’s body. There is nothing new or exciting to look forward to during bedroom time. This sometimes makes a relationship perfunctory and boring.

This does not mean you are no longer in love with this person. It is just a human thing to normalize something that you have with you all the time.

Do you feel like the spark in the bedroom is going off or has gone off? This is the article for you. Here, we will explore some hot stuff you can do and say in bed with your lover to turn him on and keep him coming back for more.

To do and say these things, you must be self-assured and unafraid.

Below are some of the things you can do to spice things up.

1.  Do A Lip Tease

This is one of the freakiest things to do to your boyfriend that would enhance your relationship. Kissing is a sensual motivating activity for both men and women.

You can make kissing for your guy more thrilling and pleasant as a girlfriend. You can make him want you even more by giving him a lip tease.

This can be accomplished by slowly licking and biting your lips while looking at him in a sultry way. You can go further by kissing him for a few moments and then pulling away.

After a minute, return and kiss him passionately. This will pique his interest, and he’ll be even more eager to kiss you. If you’re not a shy girlfriend, you can do this in public with your partner; it’ll blow his mind.

He’ll make sure you get back home promptly and that you’re properly satisfied. You can also do a lip tease when you are not with him.

This is equally one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend on facetime. This would even arouse him the most because what we cannot have at the moment usually inspires a great fire of desire in us.

2.  Tease Him With A Footsie

This basically means teasing him with your feet. This one is not common but it sure works, making it one of the essential freaky things to do to your boyfriend in your relationship.

Let’s say you went out on a group date, or you two are at dinner you’re your parents, do a footsie on him and watch him react. When you do it in public, it’s incredibly arousing.

When you do this, you can be sure he can’t wait to have you all by himself. How do you do a footsie? Simple. Run the outside of your foot up and down his calf lightly, beginning on the outside and ending on the inside.

Would you mind slowing down and making sure you maintain eye contact with him? This will drive him insane, whether you’re in public or at home, and he’ll find a way to get you into his bed.

3.  Make Him Take A Shower With You

A shower might sound innocent but there is nothing innocent about two freaky couples in the shower. The chemistry can be built from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Most people rarely have baths with their significant other, not knowing how powerfully bonding this activity can be. Get your man into the shower with you.

Trick him if you must but get him under the shower. Offer to wash him. Take the sponge and give him a slow and sensual bath. You know the areas in his body that are erogenous, spend time there touching him there.

Kiss him lightly and continue your work. When you feel his breath getting ragged, hand over the sponge to him and ask him to wash you. he will most likely jump at this offer. He will use his hands to explore the contours of your body.

In no time, he will be ready to go all the way. You both can do so at the bathroom, or wait till you are out to have at each other.

4.  Try Sitting On His Laps Sometimes

Sitting on the laps is one of the most romantic things you can do to a partner. Here is how to do it to effectively meet your goal. First of all gauge his mood.

When he is happy and a little bit carefree, wear a skimpy skirt or a really small shorts and walk across to where he is sitted. Sit on the laps and slowly grind his groin.

You can do this without saying anything but just looking into his eyes. You can as well kiss him for good measure.

5.  Send Teasing Photos At Random Moments

The good thing about sending random teasing photos is that there is no wrong time for it.

You can send it at 2 am when he is racking his brains to a particular financial problem at the office or 5 pm after a bad day at the office for him, and at both times, those photos would elevate his mood to a whole new level and make his creative light shine brighter than ever.

So, think of those teasing photos (showing a part of your body he loves, your pouted lips as though aiming a kiss at him, your tongue out, and your dress a little revealing just for his eyes to drink) a medicine for him.

6.  Flirtatiously Eat Beside Him

One of the most freaky things to do to your boyfriend is eat anything flirtatiously, such as a banana or ice cream. One of the most exciting things you can do is enjoy an ice cream cone.

Say you’re in the mood for ice cream and get some. Once you’ve taken a seat with your ice cream cone, lower your head, look up coyly, and make eye contact with him as you lick the entire circumference of the cone.

After that, take a bite of the ice cream on top. Some will get into your mouth’s corner. Maintain eye contact while you use your tongue to slowly seek for the ice cream in the corner of your mouth.

Your partner will have dragged you back to the house for some much-needed care by this time.

7.  Practice Role-Play On Him

If your boyfriend enjoys role-playing, this freaky idea will definitely work. This is one of the best freaky things to do to your boyfriend; even if he is not into role-playing, you will entice him with both the suggestion and costume.

Dress up as a cheerleader and wait for your lover to arrive home if he likes them. Please make sure you’re the first person he sees when he walks through the door.

You might even decide to go out and pretend to be strangers meeting for the first time. In this manner, you can tell him about the dirty and weird things you desire a guy to do to you during your bedroom gymnastics.

This will undoubtedly enrage him, and it will drive him insane with want for you.

8.  Be Sensual With Him

Inquire whether his lips are chilly and lonely and if he would like some company. This one is a touch cheesy, but it’s an excellent way to get started.

Who knows, it might lead to a more personal exchange where he begins to show sides of him you hadn’t seen. Men appreciate it when you express your desire for them—sending a sensual SMS to your partner while at work is erotic art and can get you a big reward.

He will be compelled to return home earlier as a result of this. You can contact him to tell him how hot he is or how much you want to ravish him when he gets home.

If you’re so confident, you can even send him a gorgeous photo of yourself. This may even prompt him to seek you out during his lunch break.

9.  Randomly Hit Tease The Most Sensitive Part Of His Body

You know how it is when you get touched on your most sensitive part, the thrill of it, the rush of blood that seems like it has a mind of its own. This is what it means when your most sensitive part is activated by someone you love.

So, do this to your boyfriend. When together, either alone or with friends, you should randomly hit the most sensitive part of his body teasingly.

You have been with him and shared intimacy with him, so you should know where it pleasures him the most to be touched.

There are occasions when you can choose to be naughty in public for your boyfriend. You have the option of accidentally rubbing a part of yourself against him.

You can pretend to be innocent by brushing one of your breasts against your boyfriend’s arm. Continue in this manner, pausing each time you brush up against him.

This will undoubtedly pique your boyfriend’s interest. He’ll start looking at you sensually and perhaps tell you it’s time to leave. When you arrive home, you can bet he’ll pull your clothes off before you go to bed.

Note, the hit tease should be light. We don’t want injuries in place of pleasure.

10.  Striptease

So, let us get reak honest here. A lot of people condemn strippers in nightclubs but the truth is, these people will love it when they are being strip-teased.

So do not get shy strip teasing for your man. They may not say, but your boyfriend loves that stripping to be done in front of them and by you! The freaky thing to do to your boyfriend here is to give him the idea or a tip of the iceberg of what he can get or will get.

Tease him by stripping in front of him but not totally stripping. You begin by removing a part of your blouse, and you stop halfway, making him drool and want more of it.

When you do this randomly, you’re sure your relationship can never be boring. Be prepared to liven things up in bed as his girlfriend. Do the striptease when he’s not looking.

Strip for him slowly and tentatively, as though you’re not sure if you want to take off your clothes. Make sure he doesn’t touch you or try to assist you in removing your garments.

He’ll be wild for you by the time you’ve taken off all your clothing—definitely one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend to liven your relationship.

11.  Spontaneous Lovemaking

When you are making love with your boyfriend in the same environment, such as the bedroom, it can become tedious and dull. Seduce your boyfriend in various locations across the house to spice things up for him.

If you have comfortable chairs and no nosy neighbors, you can try out different areas like the kitchen counter, the carpet in the living room, or even the balcony.

You can use chocolate or peanut butter to apply on various parts of his body, such as his nipples, and then suck it off. This will drive him insane, and he’ll want more, even if it means doing it to you. When you’re both done, you’ll be fatigued, but you’ll have had a great time.

The goal is to use spontaneous lovemaking as one of the freaking things to do to your boyfriend to spice up your relationship. Also, showers are one of the freakiest places to make love.

Slip into the shower with your partner while he cleans off following a long day at work, and watch how quickly the stresses of the day go away. Get him up and running and again after the first round of lovemaking.

Men love this, as it shows they are being wanted and appreciated. Some men have a strong intimate drive and will never be content with just one lovemaking session.

As a result, after you and your lover have finished making love, give him a moment to collect his breath before asking if you want to try again. He’ll undoubtedly lose his mind.

You will have made his night, and he will be awestruck by you if you do this. It is even one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

12.  Play Dirty Games

There are freaky games to play that are simple and entice you both. You can propose that you play a game in which both of you or one of you ends up naked.

Strip poker is one of the most popularly paid games. Ascertain that you have won his favorite bra and panty that he enjoys. The thrill of the game is seeing who can remove the most garments, and seeing you naked will drive him insane.

This is one of the freaky things you can do to your boyfriend, and you can perform this freaky act in the privacy of your own house; as a result, it will be him making love to you on the floor.

You can also play the whisper game with your boyfriend. The whisper game entails you saying hot and dirty things into your man’s ear and then playing with his ear.

You might tell him how much you adore him, how hot he is, and how much you enjoy it when he wears specific outfits that make him desirable.

Then softly take his earlobe between your teeth and flick the inside of his ear with your tongue. In combination with the words, that will send shivers down his spine and completely blow his mind.

This can be done in a public place or at home. Your boyfriend’s senses will be heightened, and he will want a piece of you or all of you for that matter. They add a kink factor to your love life. You can also play games based on the Kama Sutra.

13.  Engage In Sensual Jokes

Your relationship must not be all too serious, and one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to engage in sensual jokes. Puns are hilarious.

You’ll chuckle even at the most ridiculous of them because they’re so casually bright. This is a sweet way to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your partner.

Example: You light my fire, probably because you’re my perfect match.

There is also dark humor you can employ, but it is not for everyone. People are easily offended by dark humor; thus, it isn’t for everyone. If you and your lover are into extreme stuff, whether it’s love life or humor, this is the one to go for.

14.  Try Out Quickie In Weird Places

This is synonymous with lovemaking, except it is faster and usually more exciting. To increase the excitement, you must try weird places where you know it is inappropriate.

The danger of being caught and lack of privacy makes it all the more exciting, more fun, and freaky. There are times when everyone is rushing to get to work, and when you return home in the evening, you are both exhausted.

Try having a quickie with your boyfriend if you want to spice up your love and bedroom relationship. You can do it in the morning before you both leave in the shower, or you can suggest doing it over your lunch break.

This will keep you both going and longing for the next time you see each other. A quickie will keep your partner thinking about you and how much longer it is till lunch. This lunch part of course is feasible if you two work in the same office.

15.  Stimulate Him In Public Places

Some girls do this at the beginning stage of their relationship, where they throw kisses at their boyfriend when they are outside and sometimes wink at them seductively.

And as the relationship grows into them, they tend to stop those, but those are the spice in the relationship and, if anything, should be encouraged.

The same thing goes for sitting on your boyfriend’s laps and rotating in a way that drives him nuts. This is something that some boyfriends and girlfriends enjoy doing in the early stages of dating.

However, when a relationship becomes serious, they rarely do so, and in some cases, they stop entirely. It may appear mundane, but what you do while sitting on your boyfriend’s lap can be one of the freaky things to do to him and filthy enough to blow his mind.

You can sit on his lap in the living room, or when he is relaxing on the balcony. When you sit, make sure your private parts are aligned with his. Shift your weight or grind yourself against him after a while.

The grinding will stimulate his groin, and his focus will transfer to you. If you keep grinding, it’ll drive him insane, and he’ll be dragging you to his bed in no time.

When in his bed, one of the freaky things to do to your boyfriend is to take charge during your lovemaking session with him. It’s sensual and exciting when a woman decides to take command in the bedroom during bedroom gymnastics.

When a man is the one who usually initiates the lovemaking and has to take charge, he can feel bored. Men admire women who are self-assured enough to initiate lovemaking.

Take your boyfriend’s hand and lead him into the bedroom when he is sitting around doing nothing. Allow him to lie down on the bed as you slowly strip for him.

Make sure you’re wearing lingerie because it will arouse and drive him crazy. Your partner will definitely adore you after. Do not be shy as spicing up this part of your relationship will positively affect all the other parts.

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