How To Ride Your Man In Bed Like A Goddess

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how to become better in bed

Riding a man successfully certainly falls among the sensual fantasy many women want to see fulfilled.

If you have occasionally found yourself lost in thoughts of how to ride your man in bed expertly and leave him craving more, have it in mind that you are just one of several women with similar thoughts.

Certainly, riding a man – also popularly called woman-on-top position – gives the woman absolute control of her sensual pleasure as well as that of her man.

This means you’re responsible for the sensual satisfaction of two people. The thought of this alone might be scary to some women

You might find yourself wondering: how fast should I go? How will I know if I am hitting all the right spots?

Does he like it from this position or is he just faking it? Will bending back a little hurt him? Should I try kissing him while I ride him?

Questions like these and many others might continue to envelop you and increase your anxiety until you stop thinking of the pleasure entirely. And then, the whole thing suddenly becomes stressful, frustrating, and tiring.

If this situation rings true in your case and you are dead worried about how to not get tired when riding a guy or how to become better in bed, then this article has been written just for you.

The first thing to be conscious of when learning how to ride your man or how to be irresistible in bed is to refine your mentality. If you want to be successful at the woman on top position, then you must possess the right attitude.

how to become better in bed

Being on top is sweet and erotic because of the power it oozes and bestows on the woman.

But what matters is how you use the said power. While you might feel exposed and vulnerable initially, as you grow into it you must learn to be in control and enjoy yourself.

Ever wondered how to keep your man happy in bed? If he sees you dominating him and riding his big man thoroughly, you can be assured he will always look forward to sensual moments with you.

In romantic relationships, improving your bedroom techniques is as important as everything else.

And if you and your boyfriend are alien to this position, then learning the ropes and incorporating it into your affair is an amazing way to spice up your relationship.

I know you might be afraid of embarrassing yourself as this is uncharted territory for you. This is why I have taken the time to provide treasured insight into handy tips on how to ride your man successfully.

Trust me, when you put these points into practice, you will develop an unusual bedroom authority and experience that will both surprise your man and make him anticipate intimate adventures with you. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!



1.  Be Mindful When Sitting On Top Of Your Man

Hardly ever mentioned, the first tip to note when learning how to ride your man is proper positioning. It is important to place yourself in a position that will allow you to see his face easily.

An alternative form of riding a man allows the woman to sit on him with her back facing him.

While not bad, facing your man while riding him allows you to assess his facial features to know when he is truly enjoying the session.

Another advantage of proper positioning is that it allows you to play your role efficiently without tiring out quickly. If you sit in an awkward position, chances are your waist may give off quickly into the session, resulting in a bad experience.

So while you will most likely tire out with time, proper positioning ensures you ride his big fella for a long time before exhaustion kicks in

Remember that once a man becomes hard, he loses his flexibility. As such, sitting on his crotch wrongly or pressing it with your entire weight might end up hurting him. So find a natural angle, one you are both comfortable in and do your wonders.


2.  Put Your Pleasure First Before Your Man’s

Many women go into the riding process seeking to please their men first, and candidly, this spells for disaster.

Knowing how to ride your man isn’t the problem, mastering the art is. When you go on top of your man, just imagine him as a source of personal pleasure.

Ride him to give yourself maximum satisfaction first and other things will follow naturally. You can be guaranteed that if you are enjoying the activity, then he is enjoying it as well.

So when getting ready to climb your man, tweak your mindset towards personal pleasure. That way, each move comes easily and flows smoothly.


3.  Be Inventive

how to become better in bed

Knowing how to spoil your boyfriend in bed and how to make a man cry for you literally is important if you are going to keep your relationship healthy and make it last longer.

Since it is common knowledge that men derive great pleasure from intimate adventures in the bedroom, why not go a step further by getting creative with more ways to spice up your bedroom using special sensual positions.

As mentioned already, when you are on top of him it is important you take control and not appear like you are boring or lacking energy.

One way to do this is by asking your man erotic and dirty questions with confidence. There are hundreds of dirty questions to ask your man to get him right in the mood. I have compiled a list of these questions just for you here

Also, you can bend over and fill him with kisses or ask him to do other nasty things to you as you ride him. Anything you do, just try to get creative when you ride your man. Remember, routines are recipes for disaster.


4.  Relax And Enjoy The Moment

I can’t stress this well enough. You must strive to enjoy every second, minute, and hour of the ride.

You can change positions, look right into the eyes of your man, grind on him like an experienced woman, or command him to do any of your biddings.

Whatever you do, just make sure it follows with a desire to enjoy yourself and fulfill your fantasies.

The energy you pass on to the process flows from you, so if you are not enjoying the ride, it will reflect on the whole session.


5.  Learn And Practice This Wonder

Ever heard of the sensual movement called the motion of the ocean? Don’t contort your face. This movement is easy and can take your intimate sessions to a whole new level.

What you do is to maintain a rolling and then steady rhythm similar to the way the ocean flows while riding your man.

When you do this gently, the sensations you will both feel is better experienced than described. You can also be certain of riding your guy for a long time without tiring out.

When you make out with your partner, it must be filled with passion. So while you ride him utilizing the motion of the ocean movement, you can infuse a mixture of lying flat on him, kissing him, or touching your cheeks to his.


6.  Switch Directions

If you are a woman seeking how to ride your man, you must recognize the pertinence of understanding the desires of your man.

Some men prefer their women facing them while doing the riding, others would rather their women ride them with their backs turned and still others would fancy a frequent change of directions.

When you know your man’s preference, you can satisfy him better. To increase the tempo and sensual intensity, you can ride him while playing with your clit and making nasty facial expressions and erotic sounds.

In all, be conscious that some men get easily bored with seeing just one side of you. So, understand your man’s choice and work with it.


7.  Be Conscious Of Your “Up And Down” Motions

 how to keep your man happy on bedDo you know that while riding your man, if you mistakenly let his big fella slide out of you just before you fall back on him, you can easily hurt him? This happens to many partners and can be pretty tiring and frustrating. Here is the simple trick.

While you ride, don’t just move your waist around. Be intentional about your movements.

You might be scared of getting tired easily from frequent up and down movements, but that is the most recommended movement.

To smoothen the process, you might try doing it from the sides as well.You can also try back and forth movements. What matters is that you are passing the right sensations to his big fella.

No, you cannot be a guru after just one or two experiences. Constant practice will help refine your skills and improve your movements. Talking about constant practice…


8.  Don’t Forget, Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to know how to ride your man perfectly, you must be ready to put in the effort by consistently trying and practicing it.

While at it, remember that we learn by making mistakes. So do not be afraid to make a few of them.

Take them in your stride, learn from your experiences, ask your man questions, and don’t be too quick to settle for failure.


9.  Be Confident In Your Abilities

 how to keep your man happy on bed

Another important tip on how to ride your man is self-confidence.

Self-confidence is needed to excel at almost everything in life, including your bedroom expertise. And interestingly, this is a commodity that can’t be bought; it has to come from within you.

I have mentioned the essence of frequent practice. However, if you are less confident in your abilities, your mindset will be automatically altered such that you will easily accept failure and be ready to settle for less.

Confidence brings motivation, which is key to lasting long while riding your man.If you are not confident in your abilities, your man will notice this and will not be open to the idea of you dominating him. Being confident doesn’t only apply to riding your man. It should also rub on your sensual drive.

Take the effort to initiate intimate sessions sometimes and watch your romantic life experience obvious progress.

You can be assured few things turn a man on than a horny woman who isn’t afraid to ask for what she wants. So boost your confidence level if you are going to drive your man crazy.


10.  Learn How To Control His Big Fella

In case you are unsure, the size of your man’s fella matters a lot. While some women can confidently ride any size, others might require practice upon practice.

One of the first things to learn is not to go further than The secret behind this is not going further than his original length when you ride him.

Going further will result in his big fella slipping out always and this can be uncomfortable and tiring over time. Yes, men attain hardness and experience the sweetest sensations around the cap of their big fellas.

However, you have to be conscious of his size and be careful not to go too far as you ride him up and down. Once you can gain complete control over his hardon, you can drive him straight into fantasy land.

11.  Liven The Mood With Some Cool Music

 how to keep your man happy on bed

Yes, songs are totally sweet to the soul, can change a sour atmosphere, can improve your romantic performance, and their rhythm can help you ride your man smoothly.

However, the extent to which songs can influence your sensual performance depends on the selection you have arranged.

You want to opt for something cool, pleasant, and soothing. Slow jams in the genre of Soul, R&B, or Blues can also work a lot of magic.

Some men might even opt for something more rough and fast to go with the moment if they decide to flip you over after you are exhausted from riding them. So, mix your selection and see what gives you the most fun.

And there you have it the best effective tips on how to ride your man like a pro! If you have applied some tips that have been really helpful and you totally recommend kindly leave it in the comment section to help other couples create a hotter spice in the bedroom.


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