Compliments For Girls And How To Make Them Feel Special

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Compliments for girls are superpowers only the best of us can wield successfully. Anyone can throw a compliment, but knowing how and when to properly and effectively release compliments for girls is an art itself.

A delicate art that can turn the details in your relationship, or even get you into a relationship.

Want to know how to get that girl that has got your head in the clouds? Want to find out how to keep your baby girl stuck up on you? Ride with me!


How To Compliment A Girl

Dishing out compliments for girls is not the problem. The real issue is “the how.” You don’t want any misunderstandings to arise, especially if the girl you’re complimenting is one you’re not romantically attracted to.

You also don’t want to scare the girl you like, away by coming on too strong or saying cheesy things that will make her think you’re not serious.

Here, I have put together a list of guidelines as regards to dishing out compliments for girls. You should not be caught slacking. Ever.

1.  Be Sincere

Compliments make everyone feel good and loved. However, they have to be straight from the heart to have any effect at all. In other words: be honest. That’s the easiest way that compliments for girls get through.

Females are naturally perceptive. You know, the female intuition, it’s easy for them to tell when you’re being sincere and when you’re speaking with your tongue in cheek.

So, don’t say what you don’t mean. It would have zero effect, and you’d scare her away. Whatever you do, DO NOT LIE.


2.  Go Easy: Don’t Exaggerate

Compliments for girls are not about the cheesy and overused lines, about how her beauty transcends all the perfections in the universe, or how the stars are dim compared to her smile or the glint of her eyes.

Say something nice and sincere about her hair, eyes, fingers, personality, or even how she makes you feel.

You could tell her how much impact she makes or has made in your life, and how she inspires you to be a better person, how she reminds you of a happy memory, or how her smile makes you feel safe.

Besides, you’re not supposed to be showing off your poetic skills. Go, Shakespeare, just don’t go over the top till it gets deceitful.

3.  Be Unique

“Your eyes are as beautiful as the stars in the-” Stop!

You probably hear people talk about how girls are used to receiving compliments. It’s the truth. And many compliments mean that she hears the same things over and over again.

I can’t stress how important it is to do something differently. Rather than being like the other men, think out of the box! Take note of something you like about her. Maybe the way she smiles, her hair, or her eyes. Then, be genuine in expressing your affection.

“Your beauty is brighter than the sun-” Sorry, bruh, but that doesn’t cut it. Even if she likes you, it won’t change how she’ll feel about that cliché talk.

Be innovative. Think beyond the adjectives we’re used to. It can become boring and ineffective if things are becoming dull between you two, so you need to spice things up a bit and bring back the romance and magic.

Do follow this link here to read the perfect article that can help keep things spiced up.


4.  Be Creative

This goes beyond throwing adjectives around. You also need to awaken the Allen Poe in you.

As much as you’re going out of the conventional with your compliment, it’s equally important to execute it most creatively. What matters isn’t what you’re saying. It’s how you’re saying it!

Stun her, man. Sweep her off her feet. Be as dramatic as you want, and let her see that you’re different from the other guys.

She’ll feel special and loved, and that’s the aim, isn’t it?

5. Avoid Literal Statements

When you’re making compliments for girls, make sure to avoid literal statements. Don’t be too direct.

Instead of saying “you have hot eyes,” You can say “Your eyes are beautiful and soulful.” That sounds more sincere and way better than “hot eyes.” Yuck.

Beautiful and thoughtful compliments for girls — with droplets of poetry — can make you more attractive to her.


6.  Pay Attention To Context

Let’s go back in time. Remember when that hottie caught your eye on Tinder, and you decided to try your luck and get into her space.

Remember how you sent a text to get her attention and got aired? Aha!

Why do you think she never replied? It’s simple: your text was just not “it.” It was most likely out of context and inappropriate for that moment.

As I said at the beginning of this article, compliments for girls are an intricate art. You don’t just say what you think. You also have to read the energy. Evaluate the situation and check your compliment.

Even if your intentions are good, you should read the room. Even the sweetest compliments for girls can come off as insensitive, inappropriate, or downright creepy.

7.  Do Not Invade Her Privacy

I bet that no lady would find it funny if she’s taking a walk alone, or with her earphones on and you show up out of nowhere and offer a compliment.

In this age where crime is rampant and trust is expensive, regardless of how nice your compliments are, she could get frightened.

Wisdom is key here. Before you reach out that way, be sure you’re not crossing any boundaries. Good intentions don’t always cut it.

If you want to get a girl’s attention, you can make your message known through your body language. Say, eye contact, a wink, brief stares, a wave, etc.

Your manner of approach would determine if your compliments for girls are going to the wind or not.


8.  Avoid Backhanded Compliments

There are some compliments for girls that might seem appropriate but are actually insulting and terrible.

For example: “You’re too pretty to be smart.” “Wow, you’re gorgeous, even for an Asian girl.” See? They are insulting compliments to offer a lady.

Saying things like that will only earn you trouble.

9.  Avoid Physical Compliments As Much As You Can

Physical compliments for girls are the most common compliments men offer. And we’ve agreed that we want to deviate from the norm, right?

I did a personal survey with my female friends about what compliments they welcome; 9 of 12 of them responded that they prefer compliments about their personality, sense of humor, or wit, and they agreed that physical compliments for girls come off as raunchy.

In short, be innovative. You don’t want to be like the other guys.


10.  Be Confident

Even if you outdo the marvelous sonnets of Shakespeare, if your words are not backed up by confidence, they’re as useless as a public holiday on a Saturday.

Imagine sweating profusely and wringing your hands just to tell your crush what you think about her.

It can be a challenging experience to walk up to someone you like and make your feelings known, but what’s the worst that could happen, really?

You should be at your A-game, otherwise, the girls won’t take you seriously. Again, it’s not what you say, but how you say it!

It doesn’t take a lot. Your physical appearance can go a long way in improving your confidence. Dress well, smell nice, have a killer smile, and don’t be scared. What’s the worst that could happen?


How To Praise A Girl’s Beauty In One Word

If you aim to impress a lady without saying too much, you should pay attention to this.

You shouldn’t use a common word, but you shouldn’t use a complex word that’ll have her racing for dictionaries, either.

Just think of a lovely word that describes her accurately and tells how special you think she is. Most importantly, your word should not border on sensuality. That’s not a nice (first) impression to make.

I’ve put together a variety of words that serve as compliments for girls and can set you off on the right foot. Keep them in mind, and don’t be afraid to use them when the time comes.


1.  Cute

This is attractive, especially in a dainty way. A fancy word for pretty.


2.  Graceful

You can use this as compliments for girls having or showing grace or elegance.


3.  Beauteous

This also means beautiful but in a cooler way. Use this one if she’s a book nerd.


4.  Foxy

This one is pretty dicey. It’s a nice way to say sensually attractive. But if used in the right context, it could be impressive.

Make sure you’re on the same wavelength first.


5.  Dreamy

This means having irresistible charm; gorgeous; so beautiful that it feels surreal. I find this compliment very nice. Who knows, she might find it nice too.


6.  Engaging

This is to say charming and attractive. Here’s an uncommon word that does well as one of the nice compliments for girls.

You can try telling that girl how she has an engaging smile. Quite direct, simple, sincere, and unique, and also not overly flirty.


7.  Feisty

Use this because she’s a lively, determined, and courageous person. She’d find it cute.


8.  Genuine

This means real; sincere; honest. It can seem pretty basic, but it’s a pretty genuine compliment to give to a genuine lady.


9.  Comely

For the literature nerd again, this means pleasant to look at; attractive, a head-turner.


10.  Pulchritudinous

You might want to be careful with this one. It’s a rather scholarly way of saying beautiful.


11.  Magical

Mysteriously enchanting – A magical compliment for the lady who touches you deeply, in all the special places.


12.  Mesmerizing

It means capturing one’s complete attention as if by magic. Tell her how mesmerizing her stare, eyes, or smile is.


13.  Sublime

Of very great excellence or beauty. A very poetic word. My personal favorite. It’s highly recommended.


14.  Statuesque

If she’s a model or athlete, she’d love this one. It means she’s attractively tall, graceful, and dignified.


15.  Regal

This is a word to say extremely remarkable or excellent; akin to royalty. Fit for a queen.


16.  Ravishing

Delightful or entrancing. It’s not so common and has a slightly flirty ring to it.

I hope this list gave you an idea of the kind of unique words I was talking about.

There are many other words like this you can use if you look well enough. So, pick up a dictionary and expand your vocabulary.


Compliment Lines For A Beautiful Girl

Here, I made a list of one-liner compliments for girls, beautiful girls. They’re neutral and sweet, and they don’t give off sensual vibes that could come off as raunchy or creepy. I permit you to borrow them.

1.  “You are extremely good at what you do,” This shows that you recognize and respect her talents. It’s a pretty nice break from the usual “You’re very hot”.

2.  “From the tips of your toes to the scalp of your head to the innermost depths of your soul, you are beautiful.” This line is poetic. Ensure you’re only using it on a willing recipient.

3.  “Just in case you needed a reminder or ever felt any different, you are gorgeous with a capital “G.”

4.  “You have an amazing soul. Simple and sweet.”

5.  “Your beauty captivates me, entraps me, and leaves me in awe.”

6.  “In your smile, I see the trace of something more beautiful than the stars.”

7.  “You have a heart of gold and a stardust encrusted soul.”

8.  “You have such sparkling eyes and a very dazzling smile.”

9.  “You are beautiful, both inside and outside.”

10.  “You are one in a million.”

11.  “Your beauty warms my heart.”

12.  “You are unique and unapologetically you. You are simply beYOUtiful!”

13.  “Your hair looks amazing.” Women love it when you notice how much attention they have put into their hair.

14.  If you’re looking to be mysterious or to tickle her fancy, you could say this to her “There’s something about you, I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

15.  “Your eyes are so warm. I can feel the warmth coming off from them.”

16.  “You are so smart”. Take a break from her beauty once in a while and appreciate a lady’s intelligence.

17.  Sometimes people feel insecure about their appearance, so it might work to remind her how pretty she is. You could say to her “Everything about you is just perfect. There’s not a thing that I would change about you.

18.  “You take my breath away.” Just ensure you don’t forget to breathe while appreciating her beauty.

19.  You look so breathtaking. You bring warmth into any room you walk into.

20.  You could ask this one in case you don’t want to be too direct in your compliment. “Let me in on your secret? How do you manage to look so pretty every time?” Emphasis on every.


Sweet Compliments For Her

Compliments for girls can be sweet without being overly mushy or cheesy. Most people don’t know the difference. The difference is in the recipient of the compliment!

Before you attempt to compliment a lady, get to know little details about her first. You don’t want to sweeten up to an ice queen and get aired.

Well, here are some sweet compliments for girls you can use. You can play around with them.

1.  I haven’t met a person who is as nice and as caring as you are.

2.  I love you for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will ever be.

3.  Your voice is music to my ears.

4.  Your every action, your every word glitters with pixie dust.

5.  To me, you are the most adorable and tender girl in the world.

6.  You’re spectacular. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

7.  Every time I look at you, I see beauty as bright as that of the sunshine.

8.  You are beautifully and fearfully made.

9.  You have a beautiful soul.

10.  You are an admirable woman.

11.  I can almost swear my eyes turn to hearts every time I set my eyes on you.

12.  You make me so happy.

13.  Here’s a special one. “You make me feel so complete.”

14.  I get lost in your eyes. They are so emotive.

15.  I love every inch, every nook, and cranny of you. You could pick up a mic and sing Ed Sheeran “I’m in love with the shape of you!” to her.

16.  I always feel like I can fully be myself whenever I am in your presence.

17.  “I adore every shade of you, mon amour.” Nothing quite as sweet as referring to her in the language of the romantics.

Hey, now. Don’t say stuff like “You could pick your nose and I still wouldn’t be disgusted.” Maybe you wouldn’t, but I definitely would. And there is a rather high probability she would find it weird (Kinks/fetishes – Am I a joke to you?).

18.  Your smile puts me at ease. I feel like everything is going to be alright when I’m with you.

19.  There aren’t enough stars in the galaxy to show you to what degree you brighten up my day.


Compliment For Girl’s Eyes

Poets say the eyes are a gateway to the soul. They can be attractive, and it’s only right that we compliment them, too.

When you’re giving compliments to girls with beautiful eyes, you should be careful so you don’t come off as creepy.

The tone of your voice is also an important factor. It’s the easiest way to tell if your compliment is heartfelt or not. And only genuine compliments hit the right spots.

Let me teach you a little trick: compare her eyes to those of a celebrity.

This would make a mark, especially if it’s a celebrity she likes. You can make your findings and find out which celebrity she likes, or choose the one you think she has a high chance of knowing.

You could start by saying, “Has anyone ever told you, you have the eyes of [insert celebrity]?” Or something like, “You probably hear this a lot, but your eyes look like [insert celebrity]’s.

You can also put an adjective in the works. Like this: “Your eyes are as exotic as Beyonce’s.”

To drive your compliments for girls with pretty eyes further home, take notice of her eye color, then tell her how much you love it.

You can also get creative by relating her eyes to a physical object. This works even better if you’re relating it to a theme in nature.

For example: if she has blue eyes, you could say her eyes remind you of the ocean. Isn’t that sweet? Then, you should tell her what effect her eyes have on you.

Women love to know that men find them physically attractive. Let her know how her eyes remind you of home, how warm her eyes are, how you could get lost in her eyes, how her foxy eyes awe you.

Peoples’ eyes are a good indicator of their innermost emotional state. So, compliments for girls would be telling her what emotions her eyes convey to you.

For example: “Your eyes are intense.” “You have laughing eyes.” It would seem as though you have peered into her soul.

Moreover, if she has eye makeup on and you find it attractive, you should not hesitate to appreciate it. It would go a long way in leaving a good and lasting impression on her. It’s mad effective.

For her, it would mean that you pay attention to her, and care enough about her to tell her how good she looks. Compliment, check. Heart, check. Killing many birds with 1 stone.


Compliments For Her Beauty

Compliments for girls who are head turners can be a bit tricky. You know, the attraction is usually what you see. You might find her body shape or cleavage nice, but don’t tell her that.

No lady wants a random stranger complimenting her boobs.

Another strategy for compliments for girls who are beautiful is to focus on nonphysical traits. Ladies tend to have a negative impression of men who show interest in their bodies.

In essence, stick to the safe areas. Don’t talk about the sensitive parts, like boobs. Except in a case where you know the lady well enough and are sure that she will appreciate such a compliment, focus on areas like her hair, eyes, fingers, etc.

However, if you’re looking to avoid physical compliments altogether, you can just compliment her outfit, or the perfume she’s wearing.


Compliments For A Girlfriend

I have been talking about how to come up with compliments for girls. Mostly, I’ve been referring to strangers or people you barely know. But those are not the only types of people you might want to compliment.

If you have a girlfriend, then you should realize how important it is to show your woman your affection and how much you care about her.

And what better way to do that than to express how wonderful you find her in your compliments?

But this can be very confusing at times for most men. So, I realized that a guide on compliments for girls would not be complete without paying special attention to this topic.

While trying to compliment your girl, you have to realize that you have a lot of room to be creative here.

You probably know a lot about her already, what she likes, what parts of her body make her feel insecure, etc. Hence, you have a lot of information to work with. So, be creative.

But, in the process, do not put focus on parts of her she’s not so confident about. If you must, tell her how perfect she is and how much you love her despite her physical flaws.

Also, pay attention to the small things. It’s always the little things that count. Pay extra attention to her looks.

Notice and compliment her on her new hairdo, a new nail color she’s trying out, or her new cologne. It shows that you care about her enough to notice the little changes.

Furthermore, never forget to tell her how much you love her. Don’t fall for the silly advice of so-called internet alpha males telling you never to tell women how you feel about them.

That is wrong. Ladies love it when you tell them how much they affect you, how they make you feel, and what feelings their thoughts of them bring in you.

So, awaken the Sheldon in you and win your girlfriend’s heart all over again with the appropriate compliments.


Final Words

When coming up with compliments for girls, keep in mind, first, that they are a superpower you are privileged to use and don’t misuse it. Be yourself: be sincere, make your point softly yet firmly, and don’t let your compliments for girls border on creepy or raunchy.

Also, keep in mind that there are only 2 things that could happen: She warms up to you or she doesn’t. Prepare yourself in advance.

The truth remains that no matter how sweet and pure your intentions are, she gets to choose to accept them or not.

If she accepts your compliments, take the initiative to drive the conversation to where you want it to go! And if she doesn’t, leave and move on.


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