10 Tips On How To Love Your Husband Better

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“ I look at you and I’m home. I see nothing worse than to be without you because with you my soul feels complete, you are the other half of me and I love you. you are my home no matter where that is.”

Loving your man is a conscious effort that you must do intentionally to get desired results. it’s really not enough wishing your marriage is like your friends’. The real question is are you playing your part in your marriage?.  

As a woman how do you love your husband better? Is there a format to be followed? Or maybe ask your mother?. But the truth remains when you truly love someone, it’s never a problem as to how you are going to continue because it will come naturally. 

You did not love your husband because someone else is asking you to, it’s something that flows naturally. The best thing to do is to ask yourself how I can love my husband and the answers will come rushing to you because you love this person. 

I know how it feels when you start getting into intuitions that just maybe you aren’t showing him how much you love him. Trust me, you are doing just great. And this post will make you realize that as well add up to what you are already doing as a wife.

 With these few tips your husband will have no choice but to love you more, you will also see the positive results that these simple acts produce. It doesn’t really matter how long it’s been since you’ve been married. Marriage is not supposed to be old-fashioned or boring, 

It’s meant to be full of love and enjoying each other. There’s no doubt you love your husband but you are here because you want to know more or if you are doing it right. So in this article, I’ll be highlighting 10 points you should definitely do to capture your partner’s heart forever.  

1.  Respect Him

Even though it sounds so simple and you might say you also deserve to be respected. The truth still remains, and you can ask your other married friends they will tell you the reality which is a man wants; In fact, they love it when their woman gives them respect. 

Respect is defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone and something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. You as the wife of course deserve and should be respected but the men don’t take it lightly. 

it’s one of the very first things they expect to see in a woman that draws them to a particular woman. I was having a talk with my married friend Jenny months back and this particular topic came up and she was like truly, you see this respect give it to your husband, they eat it like food they adore it. 

This is like a hidden tip some women use in their relationship or marriage. So if you’re looking for how to love your husband make sure you are respecting him when he says he doesn’t want something or want to go somewhere just don’t push it ok.


2.  Be Confident In Yourself

 Some women tend to lose confidence in themselves especially if children are involved. They stop looking hot and sexy for their husband and most importantly stop putting in the effort but it’s not supposed to be because they believe they already got their man. 

You need to be very confident in yourself that you are still the most beautiful woman for your husband and that he loves you more than anyone else in the world. Believe that no matter what, he will always choose you.  

If you have this in mind you will definitely have the courage to not just love him but find ways to show it to him the way he will appreciate it more. This is where knowing your partner’s love language comes into play.

3.  Seek His Opinion

 This is very important, some women actually forget they are married and they are supposed to consult with their husband before doing anything. A couple actually came to my office for advice on this issue. 

Apparently, the wife actually went to the salon to cut her hair without telling or discussing it with her husband, so the husband came back and met a low-cut hair wife and did not take it so well. The wife was like it’s my hair. I can do whatever I want to do with it, forgetting the feelings of the other person.

If there is a decision to take, do not just take it alone. Seek your husband’s opinion, listen to his view he might have a better insight into the matter even after listening, and if you still feel yours is better go ahead and discuss your decision with him and come up with a conclusion.


4.  Be Spontaneous With Your Intimate Moments

 Why not decide to Spice it up in the bedroom make moves that will surprise him. Don’t lie there for him to just do his thing and boom it’s over.

 Don’t be shy, make the first move you might play a sensuous song set in the mood. Tell him where you want to be touched and do things to him that you’ve never done to him before. be naughty. It is very important to make it something that should be always wanted and ask for more from him.


5.  Show Him Off

 When you love someone you can’t afford to hide it. Show people that he is your man, when you are out with friends talk about the good things he does, talk about his achievements since you’ve been married to him. 

Lock hands when you go out, smile at him, touch him, touch his head. These little gestures plant a seed in his mind and body that you are proud of him and you love him. He feels it.


6.  Let Him Have His Privacy

I always advise women there isn’t any need of you desiring to go through your partner’s phone or emails. The Mere thought of it, is the beginning of the end of a relationship or marriage, always wanting to listen to why he’s talking on the phone.

 Let him go if he says he’s going out with friends, don’t try to force his hand to stay. Don’t be too curious. The truth is you will definitely still know about stuff from him he will still talk to you about his friends, work, and so on. unless there is a clear sign of him cheating and deceit then you can break the rules.

7.  Play With Him

 They say a man acts like a baby when he’s in love and a woman like a mother. don’t hesitate to play with your husband, tickle him, have pillow fights, tease each other. It creates a happy and comfortable space for you both.


8.  Be His Friend

 Be his first to-go person when he’s going through something or wants advice.


9.  Dress The Way He Likes

 This is one beautiful secret to capture a man’s heart forever. If he has mentioned how he loves to see you dress and look, do it. It will warm his heart to see you dressed how he loves in a hairstyle he picked. Men appreciate it a lot.

10.  Surprise Him With Gifts

 Don’t let him be the only one who gets you stuff. You can decide to surprise him once or twice every month with a gift. not necessarily a break-the-bank kind of gift, just something to show him that you love him. Might be as simple as cupcakes or his favorite cup of ice cream or tickets to the movies.

For You!

All The Tips Listed Above are not exclusive to just the woman, the men can as well use these tips.

Loving your partner is simple. If you put in the little effort required. Remember your marriage is exclusive to you, what works for your friend may not work in yours. 

Sharing Is Caring!

Sharing is caring!

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