15 Signs Of Your Man Losing Interest In You

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Relationships can be dull sometimes and even leave you looking for signs of your man losing interest in you.

It is important for you to note that when you begin looking for these signs, you are not being irrational. It is absolutely normal to double-check if his heart is still in the relationship.

Most times, the devil is in the details, in the way he acts or reacts, and not necessarily in what he says.

In this article, we took the time to compile and x-ray some of the signs that show your man is losing interest. Below are some of the signs that your man is slowly slipping away from you

1.  He Is Becoming Distant

One of the signs of your man losing interest is being distant. Now, this does not mean physical distance. Rather, it means an emotional disconnect.

He may be sharing the same living space with you, but you just know that he is not there; you just know that he has become a shadow of himself. You notice this when he does not talk to you much before leaving for work or when he returns.

We all know that giddy feeling that engulfs one who is in a new relationship. That excitement and spark are just missing. He is no longer eager to see you as much as he did when you two just started.

He gives you one-word responses when you even ask him anything. It feels as though a wedge is between you two. That is a clear sign that he is slowly losing interest in you.


2.  He Picks Up Quarrel With You At The Slightest Chance

A man who has lost interest in you will find it easy to nitpick whatever you do or say. It is normal for couples to have occasional quarrels. In fact, it is one of the signs of a healthy relationship.

In fact, if you have never quarreled with your partner, then something is wrong. This is because humans are different and cannot get along completely without issues. But that doesn’t mean you two should be at loggerheads every day.

It does not mean you both should yell at each other all the time. So, when you notice your man suddenly has an issue with everything you do, then maybe he is losing interest.

There are some errors that can be overlooked in a relationship, but when you see him complain about every single thing, then something is definitely wrong.


3.  He Rarely Makes Love To You

Remember those good old days when he didn’t seem to have enough of your body? He always wanted to touch you, to hold you. You both made love anytime you had the privacy. Even public display of affection was on the high side.

Now, you don’t even know what it feels like when he touches you. He has stopped wanting to make love. He makes no effort whatsoever to initiate lovemaking. Even when you are in the mood, and you touch him, he brushes you off.

He tells you that he is tired and needs to rest. You wear that seductive nightie that gets him mad and hard, but he barely even notices.

Physical intimacy is one of the signs two people are in a relationship, and when that suddenly ceases, then there might be a problem.


4.  He Only Makes Love To You

This might seem like the opposite of the third point above, but then it is still valid. When your partner disconnects with you and only approaches when they are in need of sensual relief, then there is a problem.

The lovemaking becomes less affectionate, and he leaves once he has achieved satisfaction, this is a sign that he is no longer with you mentally.


5.  He Does Not Pry Into Your Business Anymore

Couples usually share with each other what happened to them individually when either partner was away.

This is an opportunity for communication and bonding. When one partner tries something new, it is not unusual for the significant other to pry into their business.

You see them calling to know what their partner has been up to. If this is not present in your relationship, it is a red flag.

You have applied for your dream job and got an interview invite, and shared the news with him. The day of the interview comes, and you go.

He doesn’t call you to ask how it went. He doesn’t ask you even when you return home. He comes across your social media posts and sees another guy making advances, and he isn’t even bothered about it nor asks who the person is; then maybe your partner is losing interest


6.  He Forgets Important Dates

And so today is the anniversary of your marriage or relationship, and you have been waiting excitedly for him to dole out plans for the celebration.

Would you both travel to an exotic location for it? Are you  going to an expensive restaurant for a date? But you watch as the day goes by.

No romantic texts from him, no social media posts of him telling the world how much he loves you, no cards, no flowers. Nothing from him other than pure silence.

You suddenly recall as the day draws to a close that your birthday was three weeks earlier, and he did the same thing.

And when you confronted him, he gave an excuse that he had been swamped with work. If you find yourself in this situation, then there is a possibility that your man has lost interest in the relationship.


7.  He Stops Trying

You remember the very first day you, too, bumped into each other at the public library and his hurried apology. Then you remember again the second time you two met again and got properly introduced.

Your friendship with him blossomed until he asked you out. You liked him, but you feel you both are rushing things, so you decline. But that did not deter him. He waited for a while and then asked again.

He was doing all he could to win your heart. He would take you out, gift you stuff, leave notes and flowers for you, hang out with you and still chat with you often on social media platforms. Then you finally agree. He was so elated.

The relationship has been going smoothly ever since. But suddenly, you realize that he no longer tries to win your heart. He no longer makes any effort to make you happy.

You remember how he used to join in to help you make food in the kitchen just so you were happy. He doesn’t do that anymore. This is one of the signs of your man losing interest.


8.  He Shuts You Out

One of the signs of your man losing interest is when you meet a stonewall when you approach him. All has been going fine and smooth, and then suddenly, it just looks like all his affection for you has faded away into thin air.

You broach the subject with him, and he just shrugs and says nothing is the matter. But deep down, you know that something is wrong. So, you try pushing it and what you get is him saying you are overthinking and that it is all in your head.

Then you expect something to change, but nothing changes. He does not even let you care for him anymore. Your meals are left untouched.

He does not tell you anything he might be going through. And when you accidentally find something that went wrong and ask him, he gets annoyed. This is a sign that he is pulling away.


9.  He Ignores Your Calls And Texts

One of the signs of your man losing interest is that there would be a communication gap. He stops letting you in on his plans. He does not ask for yours either. His responses are almost robotic.

This communication problem does not even end when you two are in the same physical state. It spills into the way you both text and call.

Normally, he would call you any day he would be finishing late from work, but recently, you have noticed that he has stopped doing that. And whenever you reach out? That’s even worse.

He does not pick up your calls, nor does he return the calls. When you text him, he does not reply, or he takes ages to do so. That is a red flag and a clear sign that his interest is beginning to wane.


10.  He Breaks Promises/Plans

When someone promises you something, it triggers some sort of dependency and hope on the person.

All of your heart is fixed on what has been promised, and it is sad to be disappointed by the one who made the promise.

Now, note that humans sometimes are forgetful and may end up not fulfilling a promise they had made.

But a person who constantly breaks his promises shows that his words cannot be trusted. He promised to pick the kids up from school, but he ended up hanging out with his pals.

He promises to give you a gift or some cash you have been asking for on a particular date, and he does not.

You both plan to go visit your parents or a mutual friend, and he calls at the last minute to cancel. When these happen often, you should know your man is slowly slipping off.


11.  He Does Not Argue Anymore

There is a tendency for couples who live together to have disagreements that can lead to arguments.

Even couples who are in long-distance relationships get into arguments too. Now, arguments should not always be viewed in the negative.

Arguments are signs that the relationship is healthy and that one person is not lording it over the other. It shows that both parties recognize and have a sense of self.

The relationship has not eroded personal lines. It also shows that both parties are still emotionally vested in the relationship. But when you notice that the arguments are beginning to disappear, then there is a problem.

If his response to everything you tell him is ‘ok’ or ‘whatever you want or ‘I’m fine with it, then he is totally not fine.

It means that he is no longer emotionally invested in that relationship. And that is one of the signs your man is losing interest.


12.  He Spends Less Time With You

Want to know one of the signs your man is losing interest? Check how much time you two spend together. Do you remember when you two started dating newly? It was almost impossible for you two to be apart.

Either you are spending the weekend at his place, or he is at yours. You two go shopping together, pick stuff at the grocery store together, go on dates, and all. Whenever any of his friends threw a party, he would always insist you go with him.

He was so proud of you, so proud of showing you off. But now, all of that has changed. You notice him giving excuses anytime you suggest a hangout.

He always has some other thing to do that keeps him away from you-either the boys are hanging out to see a football match live, or he is working late hours. Even during his off days, you rarely find him at home.

You notice he is no longer comfortable being around you. It almost feels like you are a pest, and he is always on the run.

Even when he is finally home, he’d rather be on the phone, watching TV, or using his PC. When you see these things, they are indicators that your man might have checked out of the relationship.


13.  You Feel You Are No Longer His Priority

Everyone has a scale of preference, even if they don’t say it or agree to it. Your scale of preference shows when you make a decision.

If you are in a relationship and you notice your partner does not put you first anymore in decision-making, then something is wrong.

You also notice that he does not even ask for your opinion; he does whatever he wants whenever he feels like it. His schedule is always packed, too packed for him to have any space for you. That is a red flag.


14.  He Takes No Initiative In The Relationship

Most men love to be the one calling the shots in the relationship or at least love being the one who proposes ideas. Simply put, men love taking the initiative.

It is usually the man that asks the woman out; it is usually the man that proposes marriage; it is the man that plans dates and hangouts.

Now, when you get into a relationship or marriage with this kind of man, and then suddenly he stops being proactive, then that is a disturbing sign.

When the going was good, he called when he was coming back from work, asking what you want him to get on his way back.

He sees something you need and gets it for you even without you asking. But suddenly or gradually, all of these stopped. That is one of the signs your man is losing interest.


15.  He Offers No Support

One of the strongest signs your man is losing interest is when he offers you zero support in the relationship.

The support here may not necessarily be financial support. It could be emotional support that your partner is supposed to offer you.

Have you noticed that he does not even know when you are angry or sad and need consoling? Or maybe he knows but isn’t just interested in doing so.

You tell him about your plans for your career and business, and he shrugs and says, ‘Okay.’ There are zero contributions he brings when you are the one involved.


Am I Overthinking Or Is He Losing Interest?

Am I overthinking, or is he losing interest? You are not overthinking. He is actually losing interest.

We hate to break it to you, but if you have come to the point where you think he is losing interest, that means he is. No matter how much your family members, friends, and even he tell you that all is fine, once you have that gut feeling, chances are that what you feel is right.


Signs Of Losing Interest In A Relationship

What are the signs you should look out for to know you are losing interest in a relationship? Here are some of them


1.  You Feel Lonely When You Are With Them All the Time

Relationships can be boring sometimes, no doubt. But when you feel lonely whenever you are with your partner, then maybe you both have lost connection.


2.  You Have Nothing To Say To Them

Another sign that all is not well is when you have nothing to discuss with your significant other. Whenever you are together, you both wallow in silence punctuated with few words, which is a sign of interest loss.


3.  They Are Not The First People You Share News With

So, you got promoted at work, and the first person that comes to your mind to break the news isn’t your partner? Check that. Something is awry.


My Boyfriend Is Losing Interest In Me; What Should I Do?

Did you notice signs of your man losing interest in you and want to know what to do to regain his interest and save the relationship? Here is how to do just that.


1.  Open Confrontation

When you notice your man is pulling away, the best thing to do is to voice out your concerns to your man.

Do not bring it up in an antagonistic way; rather, do it in a compassionate and understanding way. Ask him what the problem is, what led to it, and how you can help solve it.


2.  Apply A Slight Push

Some men might say their minds when you confront them and this makes it easier for you.

But some won’t give in that easily, so you need to apply a slight push a little. If he doesn’t respond the first time, let him be, but come back later.


3.  Suggest Therapy

If you seem not to be making headway with him, then try seeing a relationship therapist.


4.  Develop Yourself

When you notice your man is losing interest, it sort of affects your self-esteem.

You may begin to ask yourself if you are good enough, smart enough, or beautiful enough. Build your self-esteem by doing new things, hanging out with friends and families, or working.


5.  Give Him Space

When you see that you are not making headway with any of the steps above, then let him be for a while.

You can also read this article, How To Keep A Relationship Stronger, for more tips on how to get your partner’s interest back.


Signs That He’s Losing Interest In You

What are some of the signs that he’s losing interest in you? Take a look.


1.  He Flirts With Others Before You

Most men will hide if they are flirting or cheating on their women because they still respect the relationship. But if he has gotten to the point where he flirts with others before you, then he no longer values.


2.  He Doesn’t Talk About The Future

Have you noticed that he does not include you in future plans? It is almost like you don’t have a place in his future. You ask him where the relationship is headed, and he gives an evasive answer


3.  He Doesn’t Notice Anything About You Anymore

When a man is into you, his eyes are sharp to take note of every detail about you.

Whether it is your smile or your frown, your new hairstyle or new shoes, when he has lost interest, he barely notes your mood or your new outlook.


How Do I Know If My Partner Is Losing Interest?

You know your partner is losing interest if you notice the following:


1.  No More Words of Affirmation

So, when was the last time your partner told you they loved you?

When was the last time they looked at you, smiled, and gave you a heartwarming compliment? When was the last time they said your dress fits you perfectly? If your partner no longer tells you these, chances are that they are losing interest.


2.  He Doesn’t Share Things Anymore

So, when you both got married or started seeing each other newly, your partner was always ready to share thoughts and feelings.

Whenever they come back from work or school, they are always so eager to fill you in on how their day went. But now, you have noticed they don’t do that anymore. That is a signal that something is amiss.


3.  They Don’t Let You Be Affectionate With Them

This is one of the most hurtful signs that show your partner is losing interest. You hug them, and they go stiff; you try kissing them on the lips, and they turn their cheek.

They even slip their hands out of yours in public. Even when you try to cuddle, they pull away. That means they are losing interest in the relationship.



Now that you have read through the article, ’15 signs of your man losing interest’, have you noticed any of the signs with your man? If not, you are in luck.

But if you have noticed such, then all you have to do is to confront your partner and know what the problem might be. Do not run to conclusions that he is cheating.

Sometimes, the vicissitudes of life can be daunting and cause men to act like that. When you have done your part in finding out what the issue is and there is no end in sight, engage a therapist.

It would be great if you, too, attended the session. But if, after the session, nothing changes, then maybe it is time to tell yourself the truth and move on.

Save this for later!

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