10 Subtle Signs A Woman Wants To Sleep With You

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Men and women differ in the way they show sensual interest. Due to society, it is easier for men to be straightforward with their approach. For women, it is different. Most women will not openly admit that they want to sleep with you.

What most do is give you green lights and signs that they want to go down with you. Many men have missed the chance to bed the woman they so desire simply because they were not attentive to these signs from women.

We know you don’t want to be that guy. That is why we wrote this article, ’10 subtle signs a woman wants to sleep with you. See the signs below.


1.  Flirtatious Conversations

One of the obvious signs that a woman is attracted to you and wants to go down with you is that she flirts with you. Either she flirts with you in person, or she does the flirting via texts or chats.

So, if there is a woman in your life who has those sensual, flirtatious, or dirty conversations with you, chances are she is interested. A woman can flirt in various ways.

One of those ways is to talk about sensual intimacy. Women do not talk about this topic with just about anyone. She may consider you a sensual partner if she broaches this topic with you.

Another way is to make suggestive jokes and innuendos. Maybe you two are chatting on Whatsapp or Messenger, and she uses the cucumber emoji to refer to your sensual organ.

She might get bolder when you indulge her and suggest that yours is small. This might be in a bid to get you to defend yourself and talk about your size.

She can even go ahead to make fun of and tease you by saying that you are a virgin. This might be a ploy to find out how sensually active you are. She just might be assessing how experienced you are in matters of the bedroom.


2.  Wanting To Spend Time Alone With You

It takes a woman who is super comfortable with you to agree to spend time alone. For fear of abuse, most women would prefer to meet in an open place.

So, you have scored massive points if she lets you visit her or visit you. And while you visit or she comes over, they are conscious of the time for them to leave.

But if she agrees to spend the night, then chances are that she is interested in having you rock her world. Not just that, women are often clever in the way they get the man they want.

Say you both went on a date, or just hung out, or coming from work, and you make to pass her house; she might invite you for coffee or a couple of drinks.

If she is that comfortable letting you in, she might be interested. They might do this by refusing to hang out with others but choosing to spend time with you.

When you notice that a woman is keen on spending time with you alone, that might be all the green light you need to make a move.


3.  Touching You Frequently

One of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you is that she likes touching you often. If you don’t know, touch is a strong indicator of desire.

Anyone who wants to get down with you won’t hesitate to touch you when they have the chance. The more comfortable and safe a woman is around you, the greater her tendency to touch you.

Touch is crucial to building sensual tension and chemistry with someone. The surprising thing about women touching men they are attracted to is that they do it unconsciously.

This touch is in a bid to mark their territory, even if they don’t realize it. Does she always touch you while talking? That is a sign.

Another thing you should consider is where she touches you. While some women are super shy and would touch your arm or back, some are less laid back and can feel your face or lap, leaving you with lingering or teasing touches. And when they hug you, they tend to hold on a bit longer or even brush their breast on your chest.


4.  Maintaining Eye Contact

One of the signs that a woman is into you and would not hesitate to sleep with you is how she looks at you. She may not be vocal about her desires, but her eyes might say all that you need to know.

The lips may say something different, but the eyes never lie. They almost always betray what is in the heart. It could signify that she wants you if you constantly catch her staring at you.

If a woman maintains eye contact with a man, she may desire that man. After all, where our heart’s desire is, that is where our eyes will also be. If a woman is attracted to a guy and wants to go down with him, the pupil of her eye dilates, and her eyes look bigger.

She may not just meet your gaze. Sometimes she might stare at other parts of your body like your lips (indicating that she wants to kiss you), your fingers, chest, and groin area. You can even catch her off guard if you are observant, staring.


5.  She Tells You She Is In The Mood

We mentioned above that one of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you is by having flirtatious conversations with you.

Another sign similar to that is when she tells you that she is in the mood during your discussions. You might hear her say, ‘I feel so cold right now, and I need to cuddle.’

You can also hear her say she is feeling horny. That is another huge sign that she might want to sleep with you. Women are generally not as open about this kind of thing as guys.

So, if she is confident and relaxed enough to tell you that she wants to have a sensual time, that might indicate that she wants that person to be you. Women rarely have that kind of conversation with the opposite gender randomly, just for the fun of it.

Another way she can hint that she wants you in bed with her is if she, during a conversation with you, laments about how long it has been since she went down with someone. She might also add that she wishes she could have fun with someone that time. That, my guy, is a huge hint.


6.  She Shows Off Her Body Before You

So, have you noticed your lady friend and how she dresses when you two meet? Have you noted that she is almost always dressed to kill whenever you two are going out or are together?

Admittedly, women of our time have become bolder in showing off their bodies, but if she shows off her body only when you are in the picture, then chances are she likes you and wants to sleep with you.

Women are good at getting attention, and they can get that attention by the way they dress. If she wants to seduce you, she will dress the part.

She will wear clothes that will show you her endowments and curves. All in a bid to get your attention. She is not afraid to show off her body before you when she wants you.


7.  She Encourages Your Advances

One of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you is when she does not stop your advances. This is a good hint if you are the one chasing after her.

While some women like to play hard to get and expect you to put more effort, some give you neutral responses.

They neither say yes nor no. They leave the man with many ‘I don’t know.’ It is now is on the man to keep trying to see if he will get a yes or give up on the first try.

Now, if you contact a woman who edges you on when you make advances at her, that is an indication that she wants you.

Most women will rebuff you when you make advances at them, but when she wants it as much as you do, she will be responsive and encourage you to go further.

Perhaps you are slowly caressing her and trying to turn her on, and she responds by moaning and even helping you pull off her clothes; that is a good sign.

Again, let us say you are having an erotic chat with her, and she is responding eagerly; that is also a cue that she wants it.


8.  She Sits Too Close To You-All The Time

Have you ever wondered why that particular lady always hovers around you? Ever wondered why she is always in your space? That can only happen if she is super comfortable with you and doesn’t mind some bedroom action.

Take it from us; if a woman does not like you, she will not come close to you. So, you two have a clique of friends you belong to, and you go out often. And whenever your gang goes out, you always notice that she sits close to you; that is a sign that she likes you.

Just like animals mark their mates, women also mark people they are attracted to by maintaining proximity with them.

They don’t want to risk someone else getting their man. Not just that, have you also noticed that when she sits close to you, she touches you often? Either she rubs your arm when she is talking or rests her head on your shoulders when she feels stressed.

You might also notice that she hits you playfully often or rests her hand on your thigh when she is laughing. You can be sure that these are signs a woman wants to sleep with you.


9.  She Starts Complimenting You A Lot More Than Usual

Do you suddenly wonder why her attitude has changed towards you? Do you wonder why she showers you with compliments of late? Perhaps if you want to know a woman interested in you, pay attention to what she says.

Why is she complimenting you? First, a compliment is a way of telling you that she sees you and that she is aware of your existence, that you matter.

Second, a compliment is a way of winning you over and getting you to be comfortable with her and perhaps her future advances. Some women are bold enough to take the complimenting a notch higher and make it almost sound sensual, if not out-rightly so.

If she says something like, ‘Your lips look very kissable, then there is every tendency that she has imagined locking lips with you. Some women go even dirtier by saying something like, ‘Nice ass.’ If she is the naughty type, she might even try to grab it.

You can hear something like, “Your fingers are so beautiful. Is there any other thing they do well other than typing on the keyboard?” This is a very suggestive statement; we believe you know how to respond if she says it.


10.  She Tells You Out-rightly

Now, this is the surest and most fireproof. Some women are bold enough for this. One of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you is that she opens up about it and tells you out-rightly.

This is different from telling you that she is in the mood. In this case, she tells you plainly that she wants to get down with you.

Women like this don’t give you signs; they don’t give you green lights or make you guess. Their attraction to you is obvious, and they do not hesitate to tell you.

She will look into your eyes and tell you what she wants, or she will say it via text or call. Whichever way, she is bold about what she wants.

This is the surest sign a woman wants to sleep with you. Now, some women might not say it, but they will act. They might invite you to their place or come over to yours and then make their moves. It is now left for you to accept or decline their advances.


Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

What are the signs a woman wants to sleep with you? One of the ways to know that a woman wants to sleep with you is how she touches you.

Some women are vocal about wanting to get laid, while some prefer to show you. One way to show their interest is by touching you, and not just touching anywhere but sensitive parts of your body like the chest and the thighs.

So, if she is brave enough to touch your thighs, then that is a clear sign she wants you in her bed. Another sign you might want to watch out for is if she is concerned about your privacy.

Ever known a girl who was keen on knowing if you stay alone? Or who always asks if you are alone before visiting? The chances are that she is asking because she wants to go down with you.


How To Tell If A Girl Wants To Sleep With You

How do you tell that she wants you in bed with her? What are the signs she wants to go down with you? A woman who wants to sleep with you might take the bold step to seduce the man she wants.

Sometimes, guys think they are the ones who initiated the sensual session, whereas it is the woman.

Men are easily turned on by what they see, and women know how to use this to their advantage. They need to show you what they know will get you feeling hot.

Skimpy dresses here and there, undressing before you, running their fingers over your chest, and even placing their heads on your lap.

They do this subtly, knowing well that the man will be aroused to take action. So, if you notice her doing some of these things mentioned above, that is a sign she wants you.


Signs She Only Wants To Sleep With You

Not every woman wants to have a relationship. Some just want to have fun and move on. Here are the signs a woman wants to sleep with you.

1.  She becomes very affectionate towards you. It is almost like you can do no wrong in her eyes.

2.  She becomes very touchy. Touch is one of the ways women indicate interest. If she does not like you, she will not touch you.

3.  She will wear a seductive fragrance whenever the both of you meet. The intention is to get your attention and then turn you on.

4.  If she just wants to sleep with you and nothing more, she will not divulge personal details or ask for yours. She will only be interested in what you can do with her in bed and how you can satisfy her


Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

What are the signs a woman wants to sleep with you? If a married woman wants to sleep with you, these are some of the signs you will see

1. She complains about her husband and how uncaring he is.

2.  She laments her sensual life. You will always hear stories about how boring her husband is on the bed.

3.  The next sign is she begins to flirt with you. This usually comes by making jokes with many sensual innuendos, hoping that you will get the hint.

4.  She invites you for dates either in public, at her home, or perhaps at a hotel. Usually, the invitation to her house is when the husband is out of town or at work.

5.  She compliments your looks. You might get something like, ‘Your girlfriend is so lucky to have a fine man like you.’

6.  She will show a tinge of jealousy if she finds that you have something with another girl.

7.  She is always texting or calling you at odd hours.

8.  She acts seductively when you two are alone.

9.  She is open to discussing sensual stuff with you.


Signs An Older Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Want to know the signs a woman wants to sleep with you? A peculiar thing about older women is that they are often sure of what they want and go after it solidly but discreetly.

Most times, older women do not play games or hide and seek. They are usually more open than their younger counterparts.

If you have caught the fancy of an older woman, here are the signs you will see:

1. She will be all too willing to spend on you.

2.  She finds a way to come to your place or get you to visit her.

3.  She almost dotes on you as a mother would.

4.  She tells you she is attracted to younger men.

5.  She does not hesitate to touch you.

6.  She always wants to spend time with you but secretly.

7.  She says she wants to have a sensual time with you out-rightly.

8.  She shows off her body to you.9.  She asks about your relationship.



Now that you have read the article, ‘Signs a woman wants to sleep with you we hope you have learned how to spot these signals from women.

Note two things, however, consent is vital before you do anything sensual to a lady. If you see these signs, you can make a move if you are interested but ensure they are on par with you.

Asking for consent is vital because signs can be misleading. Again, a woman attracted to you might show these signs but would not want to do anything with you at that moment.

You should respect her decision and leave her be. Lastly, don’t be an ass. If you notice these signs and are not interested, pretend you didn’t see them and move on.

If she asks or makes a move, politely decline and keep it between you two. She has not lost her self-respect for wanting to sleep with you.

Save this for later!

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