How To Make Him Want You Back No Matter What

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It is not unheard of that someone wants to do everything they can to win back someone they love after a breakup, especially when the ex was the one that ended things.

If you find yourself in this category, you might want to learn everything on how to make him want you back.

The first thing you may want to learn about how to make him want you back is value. Something must have changed about you that will make him want you back.

Of course, value means different things to different people but there are some attributes that cannot be overlooked.

One of the ways to become more valuable is by learning a new skill. Instead of spending time on social media only for fun, you can also learn something new.

Available online are a lot of courses that can significantly improve and add value to you.

You can also start a fitness plan. Let us let you in on a secret. Men sometimes tend to be visual creatures, they fall in love with what they see.

Getting into good shape is a good idea when trying to reclaim your man. To begin, create a habit of going to the gym regularly. Not only will you be healthier as a result of this, but you will also appear hotter than you did when you were with him.

You can be sure that he will notice the tremendous change if he sees you again after a few weeks or even months.

Below, are ten ways that will help you win your man back after a breakup.


How to Make Him Want You Back

1.  Give Him Space And Do Not Communicate

This might sound contradictory but it sure works. It is good you give your ex space after a breakup. Yes, you still love and care for him and would want him to come back almost immediately but you have to take it easy, else you will look desperate.

And you can be sure desperation doesn’t look good on anyone. Absence sometimes can make the heart grow fonder.

Allow him to have his space and shut off every form of communication, at least to gather your sanity and think through what happened during the relationship.

Yes, you love him so much that you are preoccupied with his thoughts, but you need to cool down It is also a good time to evaluate what made him walk in the first place.

After discovering your errors, it’s time to put the correct techniques in place to rekindle his interest in you.

Ignore him for a while and refrain from phoning or messaging him; doing so will only complicate your position and make you appear vulnerable in his eyes.

Avoiding him might make him miss you and also make him wonder if you are already in a relationship.

Maintain your distance, and while you’re at it, make a point of improving the quality of your life rather than wallowing in regret.

This does not mean you ignore your emotions. It means you should control it. It is common for the memories to haunt you but stay steadfast. Ignoring him might pique his attention and he might realize that letting you go was a mistake.

Some people like to call this reverse psychology.

2.  Avoid Him Like The Plague On Social Media

This is essential if you care about your mental health. Social media is where people display a whole lot of things (true and false).

You might end up thinking he is happy or has moved on just from a few happy-looking pictures and videos with friends. So, you either avoid social media or avoid him on social media.

You might want to move on — in every meaning of the term — once you’ve confirmed that your relationship is finished and done with. This will mean deleting all of your images from social media simply because you want to send a shiver down his spine.

Even after a breakup or misunderstanding, guys want to feel like they have a chance with the women they’ve been with. This is key on how to make him want you back.

Don’t like or comment on his posts. You might want to stay away from his social media pages entirely. Unfollowing him is an excellent place to start, but make sure you’re still friends before doing so.

3.  Highlight What Went Wrong And How

While you are giving him space, it is also a good time to have a sober reflection on how and why things went south. Maybe you were not paying attention to him, or you were constantly repeating something he does not like and has complained about over and over.

A breakup can even happen because he feels you do not have time for him.

You have to find out the truth and accept it. Honesty can be excruciating and difficult to embrace, and it’s possible that confronting the real reasons for your split will be more painful than the breakup itself.

Accept, however, that you played a significant role in the separation.

Before you try to rekindle your relationship with your ex, you need to figure out why you split up in the first place.

This reflection is not only key on how to make him want you back, it is also an avenue to improve yourself and do better when he comes back or when you start a new relationship altogether.

4.  Accept Your Faults And Apologize If Necessary

Your path towards recovery and healing starts when you have had an honest reflection of the whole event and found yourself culprit, and have decided to apologize for it.

It can also be a route to learning how to make him want you back. So, if you have given him space, figured out what went wrong, the next step is to apologize.

As you know, the majority of the time, when a relationship ends, it ends abruptly. It could probably be because you both were too young and inexperienced in dealing with it thoughtfully and quietly.

Harsh words might have been spoken during the breakup process, hurting both your feelings and the man’s.

Allowing time for things to settle down, reflecting on what went wrong, and apologizing where necessary will help you and your guy recover from that difficult breakup.

Hurrying is not always the best decision and that it will only put your chances of saving relationships at risk.

So it would help if you waited until you could think about the breakup objectively and speak to your guy without getting emotional or furious and repeating the same history. This way, the apology goes easy, and the blame is not shifted.

5.  Invest And Radically Work On Yourself

In the introduction, we mentioned this and we are reiterating it again. Add value to yourself, you should not meet him at the same spot that he left. Something should change about you, something interesting should be in the works in your life that can attract him.

People tend to gravitate towards achievers, and if your investment and radical work begin to show, your guy may be crawling back soon. Body improvement is of importance as men are moved by what they see. Imagine you run into him hotter than you used to be.

Best believe that he will notice the tremendous change. Even if he doesn’t get the chance to see you, you can be sure that some of his friends, if you run into them, will inform him of your bodily metamorphosis.

And that might entice him to stop by and take a look. And once he does, he’ll recall all of the positive aspects of your relationship. This will most likely make him want you back.

The key is to keep focused and remember that you’re doing this for yourself, not for him. That way, if he approaches you and attempts to strike up a discussion, always be polite and show that you do not hold a grudge.

But, unlike in the past, don’t pay him too much attention.

We have already established that men are enamored with what they see.

So, in addition to visiting the gym to look all tight and lovely, a wardrobe revamp might be beneficial. It would be a fantastic idea to replace the dull things with the hot stuff.

This includes everything from your casual clothes to your underwear. If you aren’t particularly fashionable but still want your boyfriend back, don’t be hesitant to seek assistance.

You will not be disappointed if you look at some of the prominent fashion blogs online. You can also ask some of your friends who are more fashionable than you are.

If you do this correctly, he will begin to second-guess his decision to leave or break up with you very immediately. And there’s a good chance he’ll start the chase all over again.

6.  Focus On Your Social Life

As much as you can, grieve but don’t stay in the grieving zone for so long. Wipe your tears and get a life. A vibrant social life is stocked with lots of goodies.

For one, you can forget your immediate problems and be happy at the moment. You can mingle with people who are fun to be with and improve your social currency.

Find people that care about you and want to be in your company as much as you want to be in theirs.

They could be members of your family, friends, or a group of people who have common interests, such as a support group, and this will be helpful in clearing him off your mind a bit, especially if you are trying to give him space.

Allowing your emotions to the surface is also a good idea because the only way to get through a difficult stage of life, in this case, a heartbreak, is to go through it.

The good news is that you will eventually emerge more robust, better, and wiser due to your experience. And your support system will always be there for you if you want to talk about your feelings, which is another reason you should keep them around.

A healthy and robust support system will constantly remind you that breakups are not the end of the world and that you shouldn’t kill yourself over them.

Another thing expanding and connecting more with your social circle does is to make you look independent of him. Sometimes, when we are in a relationship, we tend to build a certain kind of dependence on our partner.

This is one reason why breakups hurt. You begin to imagine and wonder who would give you the support you enjoyed when you were with your ex.

But if he sees that you are getting along just fine, and having fun, he might rue his decision. You can take it to the bank that independence is attractive.

7.  Subtly Reach Out To Him

When you get to this point, there is a tendency that your guy wants to reach out. He may be feeling some way about reaching out to you owing to how things ended between you two, so sometimes, you can help him do the hard job by reaching out subtly.

You might begin by sending him texts, asking how he is faring. If you want to learn how to make him want you back through text, you should pay attention here.

Text him in a very cordial but almost formal way. Be firm and give him the impression that all is well with you. This might instill some confidence in him actually to continue the conversation.

You may make him want you by starting a discussion when the time is appropriate. Nothing demonstrates your will to move on more than your declaration of “no hard feelings.”

And if he hasn’t met another woman by then, he’ll want you back as quickly as possible, which is precisely what you want, right?

You must maintain your independence by not being overly available; this is where the power of subtle communication comes in and this is how to make him want you back through text.

If you want to learn how to make him want you back, you should make communication a little bit hard especially after reaching out initially. When he knows that he is no longer a priority in your life, he might crave you even more.

You can accomplish this by responding to texts slowly and never phoning him back. You may want to give the impression that keeping him waiting isn’t a big deal. A man would naturally want to know why he was forced to wait.

So, whenever this happens, claim that you have more essential things to do at the moment. Even better, by informing him that you were out with some guy. This can press his buttons and make him want you even more.

And when you two are now in talking terms without grabbing each other’s throats, tell him about some guy who has been after you. Make sure your hypothetical love interest possesses all of the positive characteristics that your man lacks.

This will make him a bit jealous and bring out the competitive spirit that is in men. If you do this well, it will encourage him to return to your life and make it worthwhile for you by doing better. So, if you reintroduce him into your life, you’ll want to make sure he doesn’t leave again.

8.  Trigger His Emotional Buttons

We all know everyone has their emotional buttons, a kind of emotional weak point. You have been with him, so you should be conversant with the things he loves and hates.

The ones he loves, you do for him while you keep away from the things he hates even if you love them. After all, you are on a mission.

Take, for instance, he loves football, and you do not have an ounce of love or even interest in football. What you do is get him the jersey of his favorite team, or if he usually trains at a local field with his friends and other football lovers, you can buy him a complete football kit.

These very acts, especially if you are confident his love language is receiving gifts, will leave him no choice but realize that he had lost a gem. Paying attention to these and learn how to make him want you back.

Most guys might not come out to proclaim it, but they will forever cherish a girl who is very attentive to their needs, in a world where guys are usually the givers.

9.  Ask Yourself; Will This Man Make Me Happy?

Sometimes, the biggest lies are those we tell ourselves. And the most brutal truths are those we tell ourselves too.

As you have probably done a sober reflection at the beginning, try and also have an honest conversation with yourself as regards if this person you so want in your life will improve your life, do you good, and get you closer to the things that you desire to be in life.

The conversations are not usually easy, but they are expedient and must hold if you will be at the driver’s seat of your life. Who knows why the breakup happened in the first place? Perhaps it was fate pushing you away from him and pulling you to something better.

You need to be sure if this man you want so badly is actually good for you. Being in a relationship is not a do-or-die affair.

If you check yourself and see that he doesn’t have anything to add to you, you may want to reconsider learning how to make him want you back

You see, people may try to convince you that the kind of partner you want is nonexistent and that you should settle even though the person you are being forced to settle with is nowhere close to where you are headed.

A little bit of compromise is not all that bad but what is dangerous is outright compromise. So do not negotiate the wholesome life you want for anything. Be at the driver’s seat of your life and do not outsource that role to anyone else.

Engage in honest conversations with yourself where you question anything and try to provide answers. Be radical about your life and the things you want in it.

So as you ask yourself those questions, do not be afraid to eliminate things that are no longer serving you and your growth.

10.  Do Not Make It Easy For Him To Get You Back

This advice may seem a bit like sabotage, considering what we have been preaching since the start of this article.

But if any or all of the tips here work, and you notice that he is easing himself back in slowly, do not let him waltz into your life as he owns you.

No, make it a challenge for him to be his partner again; otherwise, he may not place so much value on you.

Make yourself a prize for him to achieve. Make it a challenge for him, and let him grind for a while. But don’t go overboard, or everything will turn blue again, and your hopes of reuniting with him will be dashed.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Get Him Interested Again Fast

If you want him to get interested again fast, it shows you still care about him and want him to return to you. But, before you go any further, know that regaining his attention is a process that will take some time. So, do not give up too soon.

Try to identify hobbies, passions, and interests that you’ve always wanted to explore but never had the opportunity to do so; believe me, it will help you find pleasure and optimism outside of dating and romance.

If a guy thinks you want him around you always and have no life, passion, or interest of your own, he is more likely to leave because he might feel choked. So put in the work on yourself and you might just see him running back to you.


How To Make Him Miss You And Want You Back

One of the ways to make him miss you and want you back is by being a bit mysterious. Do not disclose all that you are doing. carry that air of mystery around you.

The next thing to do is to always look and be memorable when you two see or speak. Wear those flashy clothes. You have permission to flaunt your beauty.

And when you speak, be engaging. Do not leave him to drive the conversation alone. An engaging person is a memorable person.


Make a point also of recognizing that we don’t always get what we desire, we can only do our best and leave the rest to chance.

And as you learn to accept and move on, try not to look back with regret rather enjoy the fun times. But if you are lucky and that man comes back to you, then, we raise our glass on your behalf.

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