How To Be A Good Wife Your Husband Adores

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Marriage involves a lifelong promise to be true to each other, to respect each other, to become each other’s friend and companion, and to have each other’s back always.

If you just got married, or are seeking to tie the knot with the love of your life soon, you may find yourself wondering how to be a good wife, what the signs of a good wife are, or what the qualities of a good wife material should be.

This is perfectly fine, and I am here to provide the answers you need. The truth is, the adage different strokes for different folks perfectly describes the answer to your query as men often lookout for varying qualities in their partners. So, while Mr. A may just be about your cooking, Mr. B may base his decision simply on your emotional availability.

This is why unlike in previous times when a woman could pass the quota for deciding what makes a good wife by simply being a hardworking housewife – cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, and dressing up for her man – today, being a good wife comes down to the very little things.

From making time to be with your husband, appreciating his little efforts to supporting him during his weakest moments, there are several qualities you must possess to become the perfect wife and interestingly, these qualities can also be applied by a man seeking to become the perfect husband as well.

Remember, there’s no general manual to having a successful marriage. Marriage requires efforts from both partners to work out great. If only one partner is putting in the work, they will get frustrated and tire out in the long run.

So, if you are a man or woman reading this, understand that these tips on how to be a good wife can also be interpreted as tips on how to be a good partner. That is, they are not restricted to any specific gender; they work well when applied by the husband to his wife and vice versa.

Knowing how to be a good wife to your husband is one of the best decisions you would ever make in your marriage.

It opens your eyes to the pitfalls you must avoid in marriage and enlightens you on some marital gems which can boost the bond in your relationship and make your marriage a literal bed of roses.

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How To Be A Good Wife

If you are ready to learn these valuable tips that teach you how to be a good wife and help you avoid the paths that have ended many marriages, grab a pen and notebook as we begin with the number one quality – respect.


1.  Show Respect To Your Husband Always

If there was a rulebook for successful marriages, you can be certain that the first point you would find there is showing respect to each other. As a woman seeking how to be a good wife to your husband, you can never go wrong by displaying respect at all times.

If you are a regular guest at marriages, you would realize that promising to be respectful forms a vital part of many bridal marriage vows. Ever wondered why? It is because men value respect deeply.

An average man wants to feel dignified and valued by his wife; he doesn’t want to have all of his decisions ridiculed or his actions questioned.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a doll to play the duties of a wife. That is a wife who agrees to everything her husband says without seeking to appeal to reason occasionally.

It simply means you should always seek to honor your husband and give him the respect he deserves, especially in public.

Imagine a scenario where you are both out with others and your husband makes a remark you have a contradictory idea about. Rather than rebuke him there and then, you could pull him aside or wait till a suitable time when you are alone with him to tell him of your concerns.

Even if your intentions might be sincere, calling your man out in public is an easy way to reduce his self-esteem and rub him in the mud. So avoid this at all costs. Instead, show you are proud of him.

Tell him where you feel he needs to improve or an aspect of his life you think he might want to change. Always brag about him to others. This will make any man glow in inward happiness and respect you in return.


2.  Don’t Assume For Your Husband, Tell Him What You Need

It is difficult to argue on the contrary when people say women are complicated because they are.

Some women expect their husbands to be natural mind readers and understand things affecting them without opening up.

If you feel bad about something your husband did or didn’t, you must learn how to simply talk to him about it. If you want him to do something for you, don’t conclude that he will understand the signals you are putting out, come out straight and let him know what you want.

Some women use this opportunity to test their husbands to see if he understands their personality. They expect him to get the perfect gift for their birthday or anniversary, failing to recognize that their husbands are still learning who they are.

And when he fails, they get sulky and even pick a fight sometimes. To be a good wife, you should help your man understand what ticks your fancy. Let him know what you are thinking of or bothered about. This will help you avoid unnecessary fights, arguments, or hurt feelings.


3.  Be A Source Of Constant Support

How to be a good wife to your husband

How often do you encourage and support your husband? Do you provide him a comfortable shoulder to rest on when he’s weary, or do you leave him to fight his battles alone?

Emotional availability is one quality you must possess if you want to ace these tips on how to be a good wife. When your man is struggling with something, be there for him. Even if you don’t know the solution to his problem, offer to help work things with him.

When he is bugged by work, family, or general stress, be the driving force that pushes him towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be an extra burden, but a beacon of hope.


4.  Take Care Of Yourself Physically And Mentally

As a wife, most of the parenting falls on you, especially during the early years of the marriage.

While these duties might be a constant source of stress to you, they should not cause you to completely neglect your self-care. You want to create a peaceful home and be a happy wife, but getting overworked can easily lead to burnout.

For this reason, you must not forget you are a lady just as you are a mom. Create time to hang out with your friends and give yourself the treatment you deserve. Pamper yourself. Get those fancy dresses, shoes, and bags that will make your husband gush over you.

If you have hobbies and activities you’ve subdued for a while, make the to participate in these. You could even teach your kids to like them and join in the fun.

And if what you need is simply a quiet time to relax and refuel, don’t hesitate to take it. Looking nice for your husband is a great way to be a good wife to him.


5.  Always Appreciate The Very Little Things

Most women often feel their husbands aren’t doing enough to help them whereas the husbands think they are actually doing too much. How do you stop this from being an issue in your marriage? By appreciating his little efforts.

When your husband goes out of his way to do things you didn’t expect, even if they are small, learn to express gratitude and appreciation. Do you know what this does? It softens and gladdens their hearts, making them want to do more.


6.  Have A Forgiving Spirit

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Being in a marital relationship isn’t all Alice in wonderland. You will encounter rough patches.

You will go through moments where you feel hurt and slighted by your husband. But during these times, let the reminder that keeping grudges and holding on to bitterness will hurt you more.

If your husband recognizes that he’s hurt your feelings and apologizes, forgive him. He’s your other half; he’s the one who completes you, so you can not be entirely happy if there is any form of hostility between you two.

If he isn’t aware that he’s hurt your feelings, don’t keep personal malice with him. Tell him how you feel wronged by his statement, action, or behavior.

And when he asks for forgiveness and you grant it to him, forget the episode as well. Don’t keep opening old wounds in the future when you get into a squabble again.


7.  Trust The Way He Trains The Kids

Just so you know, you and your husband will have different ways of training the kids, and that’s all fine. If you want to be a perfect partner to your husband, trust the way he decides to parent.

Don’t go reprimanding him in front of the kids, telling him what to do and what not to do. This is one way to lose your husband’s affection.

If you feel the way he goes about his parenting is wrong, you could talk to him quietly about it. But don’t go all gung ho on him, accusing him of being a poor father. I’ve seen and heard of this in many households and it doesn’t end well.

Learning how to be a good wife to your husband means you must never let a situation like this creep up in your marriage.


8.  Know When To Talk And When To Be Quiet

When your husband is driving around lost, it’s probably not the right time to say, “I told you that you should’ve asked for directions.” Be wise and discerning.

Know when to hold your tongue. As Proverbs 15:1 says, “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”


9.  Don’t Expect Perfection

There is nothing like a perfect man or husband. So if you have got that idea in your head from the movies and sitcoms you have watched, it is time for you to kill and flush it out.

This is especially true when you are both newlyweds and just navigating the tricky terrain that is a marital affair.

You are both inexperienced and will make a lot of mistakes which you will learn from. As such, expecting your partner to be perfect means you are setting unrealistic expectations for him.

You are placing him under unnecessary pressure and setting yourself up for disappointment.

So, remove any pre-existing thoughts you have of a husband who is a shiny knight in princely armor and work with him to create a version of himself that will not only recognize and respect your flaws but also love and cherish you for who you are.


10.  Trust His Leadership

Marriage is an equal partnership, that is sure. But marriage also asks that you love your husband and trust him to make the final call, to lead in the right way.

Marriage requires you as a wife to be submissive to your husband, to be his helpmate, and work with him to create a great future for yourselves.

As such, always strive to support your husband. Don’t disrespect or disregard him, instead, continue to honor the marital vows you made. Allow him to make mistakes and learn from them, and above all, trust him to grow in leadership.



As you can see, being a good wife involves a whole lot more than being great in the kitchen or bedroom. You are an equal partner in the affair and must be ready to put in the effort to make things work.

If you carefully learn and practice these tips on how to be a good wife, your marriage will blossom and your bond will continue to get stronger.


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