15 Signs He Wants To Confess His Feelings

When a man likes a woman, the signs he wants to confess his feelings often dance below the surface until the moment he feels it is right to brandish them.

However, the thing about feelings is that they tend to bubble over in some way, whether they are still hidden or not. One only needs to know the sign to look out for, and the traces of the man’s veiled feelings would suddenly become visible and evident.

If you happen to also look at this man whom you suspect may have a deep admiration for you too, it is understandable that you want to be able to recognize the signs he wants to confess his feelings to you.

This experience can be both intense and thrilling. At the same time, it can be humbling when you catch a glimpse of the depth of his emotions towards you.

In order to aid you in deciphering these subtle signs, we have provided these 12 signs and explored them in detail to ensure that you are accurate in your final predictions. Enjoy!

1.  Increased Nervousness Around You

When a guy is increasingly nervous anytime he is around you, it could be one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings.

Conventionally, men are regarded as the pursuers in dating and relationships. They are the ones who seek the attention of women they are attracted to, and they woo and convince them to go out on a date.

While this notion has been firmly rooted in place in popular culture for a long time, it doesn’t mean that men automatically find it easy to play this role.

Like women, men have their own doubts, insecurities, and setbacks that hinder them from making a move towards the woman of their dreams.

Some men naturally exude confidence and can approach any woman they want, but some other men are not wired like that.

The fear of being rejected or put down by the woman they are trying to woo often proves to be a stumbling block in the way.

In light of this, women are often encouraged to give the man they like the ‘green light’ to inspire him to take the necessary action. But to give a man the go-ahead signal, one needs to know the signs he has strong feelings for you but is scared or nervous.

The signs are easy to see if you’re looking for them; he tends to stumble over his words, fidget around you, and may even blush and laugh nervously.

When a man displays signs like this, he may be on the brink of confessing his feelings to you, but his nervousness might be getting in the way. If you like him too and want the confession to happen already, you could help him by giving him the green light.


2.  More Intense Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the strongest ways to communicate interest, whether voluntarily or not. This is because a man’s eyes will always stray to the object of his affection or the person he is attracted to, whether intentionally or not.

He might gaze at you for a long period of time and be so engrossed that he wouldn’t realize that you have noticed. Then, depending on his personality, he might hold your gaze or look away quickly.

Some other men may use eye contact to let you know with no subtlety attached that they like you. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s no wonder this would be employed as a trustworthy means to convey his feelings for you.

Whichever category your admirer falls into, it is clear that making intense and frequent eye contact is part of the signs he wants to confess his feelings.

If you find him looking at you often, then he may be trying to express his feelings to you but does not have the words yet.


3.  Frequent Compliments

Granted, some people are just nice and polite and would compliment others when they feel it is warranted. Beyond that, when a guy compliments you on a frequent basis, even on things that are seemingly trivial, it is enough reason to pause and think things through.

A guy who likes you would naturally want to see you happy always. On that note, he will also do whatever it takes to contribute to that happiness.

Whether it is the big things, or the little things, such as frequently offering compliments to you, he will do it. What may be particularly striking about his compliments would be the intentionality put into it.

The compliments may not be random at all but reflect the focus and attention of a man who deeply admires you. They are specific and denote the fact that he notices even the little details about you.

How he remembers the little things you did and comments on them may surprise you. It is not only proof of his vested interest in you but may also be one of the signs that he wants to confess his feelings to you.


4.  Finding Excuses To Spend Time Together

A man who likes you would definitely find excuses to spend time with you. Whether it is warranted or not, he will coin up some reason to justify being around you. However, you will be able to pinpoint his real motives when he strikes up a conversation with you.

Take note of what he likes to talk about when he comes around you. If he tends to steer the conversations you have towards more personal and intimate grounds, then he likely has feelings for you.

The reason for the nature of your conversations may lie on one or both of these sides; he is trying to find out if you are unattached, and he may also be trying to get closer to you by fostering a bond through intimate conversations.

Also, watch out for the kinds of things he tells you during those conversations. Does he talk about his dreams, goals, and aspirations? Does he share his fears, and struggles, whether past or present, and even about his past relationships?

These are signs he wants to confess his feelings. He may be trying to create a deeper connection with you and also get the opening he needs to confess his feelings to you.


5.  Initiating Deep And Meaningful Conversations

When a man is on the verge of baring his soul to you, there will be a noticeable increase in his thoughtfulness, usually reflected in the things he says.

He is more careful with his words and expressions, and the thought process from which they emanate is evidently more serious. These are signs he is about to confess his feelings.

In addition to this, he will remember the seemingly insignificant and little things you said and did and mention them in the conversation in a way that deeply suggests that he really listens to you.

He may also buy you gifts and offer you little tokens based on these details he so meticulously gleaned. You can also see for yourself that these actions and gestures are genuinely offered in a bid to make you happy.

Besides this, it communicates the fact that you are at the forefront of his thoughts and that he is very close to sharing his feelings.


6.  Remembering Small Details About You

At first, it may baffle you just how much a man remembers what you said and how he even paid attention to your physical cues.

You might also find it weird to see how attuned he is to your reactions, body language, emotions, and physical disposition. It deeply suggests that he ‘listens’ to you and watches you a lot more than the average person does.

On these grounds, there is every reason to draw the conclusion that he likes you and that he may be on the verge of confessing his feelings to you.

No one simply goes about remembering small details about everyone they meet. Even some little details are too fleeting for someone remotely interested to have noticed. Only one who is deeply invested and interested would notice that much.

If this looks like you, then giddy up if you happen to like your admirer too. These signs strongly point to one end: that he’s about to confess his feelings to you and probably ask you out on a date.


7.  Playful Teasing Or Flirting

Confessing his feelings to you is a big deal for any man, and so he would want to get it just right. He wouldn’t want to catch you at an off time, so he would consider trying to lighten your mood and create a less serious atmosphere to successfully bare his soul to you.

That is why some men start off with playful teasing or flirting, more like a preamble to the real reason they are hanging around you.

A guy may also use the act of playful teasing or flirting to gauge your own feelings for him. The way you respond to his teasing and flirting can go a long way to tell him if he is handling a lost cause, if he can proceed with caution, or if he is totally in for a win.

Of course, he cannot draw his conclusions just from one incident of hanging out with you. He needs evidence from several attempts to draw a logical conclusion on how you’d react to his confession.

In this light, when a guy often flirts with you or playfully teases you, it may be one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings to you


8.  Asking About Your Relationship Status

This is one of the most obvious signs he wants to confess his feelings to you. There is absolutely no reason for him to inquire about your relationship status if he is not interested in occupying the position of your significant other.

Unless it is a very close friend whom you have known for a long while and have a platonic relationship with, such questions coming from any other man mean a lot.

It is one of the signs he has romantic feelings for you. He wants to be sure you are not involved with anyone else before he proceeds with his proposal to you.

He may either ask this question subtly or directly. If he toes the path of subtlety, he may steer your conversation toward areas that would prompt you to reveal your relationship status.

Otherwise, he could take the bold step and ask you directly if you have a boyfriend, husband or any romantic partner.


9.  Sharing His Vulnerabilities

One of the ways a man reveals his feelings towards a woman he likes is by sharing his vulnerabilities. It is hands-down one of the biggest signs he wants to confess his feelings.

When a man chooses to share his vulnerabilities with you, it means several things. One of them is that he deeply desires for you to know him for who he really is, beyond the superficial.

Another is that sharing vulnerabilities naturally fosters a close emotional bond, and since he wants to be close to you, he wouldn’t mind sharing details of his life if it would bridge the gap between you two.


10.  Touch

People often express their feelings differently, and physical touch is just one of those varieties. Physical touch is a powerful means of communication that clearly communicates interest at various levels.

If a man likes you, and his touch level with you has been little to nonexistent before, he will suddenly begin to show up a lot more and touch you in slight but meaningful ways.

He may do things like lightly brush your arm, linger a little longer in your embrace when you hug, gently place his hands on your shoulder, or even a light touch of his hand to your cheek; these are all indicators of his feelings and signs he has romantic feelings for you.

Physical touch may be the one thing that helps him convey his message to you without words beforehand. If it helps him communicate his emotions better, you can be sure he’ll use it, especially when you have known him before he started developing feelings for you.


11.  Mirroring Your Body Language

This is one of those subconscious ways through which a person’s actions can reveal their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Mirroring your body language is a serious sign and suggests a lot of things. One of them is that he has studied you long enough for your body language to become ingrained in his mind, and because he likes you, he can’t help but copy some of your natural physical tendencies.

It can also communicate his heartfelt desire to connect emotionally with you on a deeper level. It shows that he feels a kinship towards you that prompts him to mirror your body language and act like you.

It can also be a reflection of his desire to align with your individual cues and traits that make you unique and special.

Body language he may mirror includes things like posture, odd quirks, favourite slang, gestures, and physical reactions to different situations.


12.  Increased Communication

A man who likes you will want to talk with you more often. He may want to share his thoughts and feelings with you and also gain the privilege of having you share yours with him too.

So if this man you suspect likes you, has been making moves towards you for increased communication and talking to you more often, these may be the signs he wants to confess his feelings to you.

Even if there was no communication line between you two beforehand, a man romantically interested in you will want to create and sustain it. He may do this by reaching out to you more often and initiating conversations.

He’s up texting you, calling you, and cheating you up on social media whenever he can. He also grabs every opportunity to speak with you in person and has meaningful face-to-face conversations with you.

If he acts this way towards you, it simply means that he values your company and wants to strengthen the emotional connection between you.


13.  Inviting You To Gatherings

If a man constantly invites you to gatherings he attends, there is usually something more than meets the eye. No man randomly invites anybody to go out with him to gatherings, no matter how nice and laid-back he is.

As a matter of fact, that he is inviting you to go to these places with him is a sign of the depth of his feelings for you. To ascertain properly if this is one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings, note the type of gatherings he invited you to.

If he merely invited you to parties and social events that have no depth or significance whatsoever, he may just have surface interest in you.

However, if he invites you to gatherings such as events with family and friends, formal business parties, etc., his interest in you might be serious.

This deeply reflects his desire to show you how serious he is about you and to introduce you to the people who matter most to him.


14.  Playful Jealousy

Men are usually plagued with a sense of urgency when they notice that another man has taken an interest in the woman they fancy.

In another scenario, assuming that you have an abundance of male friends or that you have a few close male friends, he may display some signs of playful jealousy.

First, he knows he has no right to stake a claim over you because he hasn’t asked you out yet. He also doesn’t know how you feel about the men coming around you or if you even have a relationship with any of them.

His attempts at playful jealousy around you signify his interest and healthy feelings of possessiveness. He may also display this when you mention spending time with other guys.

In this case, handle his playful expression of jealousy with sensitivity because he’s practically carrying his heart on his sleeves.

If you like him, you might want to reassure him by also playfully expressing that your relationship with these other men is platonic at best.

At any rate, this could be one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings, especially if he uses playful jealousy to ascertain your relationship status.


15.  Sharing Future Plans That Include You

This is by far one of the most obvious signs he wants to confess his feelings. It honestly doesn’t get clearer than this; if he is sharing future plans that include you, it is clear that he wants you in his life for the long run.

Including you in his future plans is a telling sign that he is interested in pursuing a deeper and more serious commitment to you. He has to do this frequently for you to seriously consider his words.

He may mention it continually in conversations that you have as he shares his dreams, goals, thoughts, vision, and aspirations with you.

He may not do it intentionally all the time, but his frequent inclusion of you in his future plans marks his desire to bond with you beyond the present.



As you explore these signs we have explored in this article, you also need to keep in mind that each individual may have their own unique way of expression.

This does not negate these signs; they remain valid cues, but each individual may have their own unique combination of some of these signs.

Their different expressions are, of course, determined by their experiences, what was modelled to them, and the nature-nurture system they grew up around.

For instance, a man may react with a bold step when he develops feelings for a woman, but another may become shy and nervous around the woman he likes. These are all unique expressions of the signs we explored in this article, ’12 Signs He Wants to Confess His Feelings’.

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