20 Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You

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The signs a woman is attracted to you can be easy to miss if you are not paying attention. And this is so because women are extremely good at hiding their feelings.

However, when a woman likes you, there are some clues she would drop, even if unknowingly, that can prove that point. The cues are a mix of bodily and verbal signals.

It is now left for you to decide what to do when you discover this woman’s attraction to you. In this article, we will talk about 20 signs that suggest a woman has her eyes on you.

signs a woman is attracted to you

1.  Her Body Language Is Inviting

One thing you should observe when looking for signs a woman is attracted to you is her body language. One of the hardest things to conceal or fake is body language.

You can hide the truth easily by what you say, but it is much harder to fake body language. This is why body language is one of the most important signs to observe.

If a woman is attracted to you, one of the things she might do often touches you. While some women might be shy in that regard, other bold ones will not hesitate to touch you when they are close to you. For example, she is willing to hug you when you meet; she will touch your arms or thighs when telling you a story.

When she listens to you speak, she will angle her body towards you to show that she is open to you. Also, she won’t pull away if you attempt to touch or hug her. These are some indications that she is into you.


2.  She Stares At You

A woman who is attracted to you will want to look at you. If she is a shy one, she will not want you to notice. If she is bold, you will notice this. When a woman stares at you for a long, that is a sign that she may be interested.

Have you ever noticed a woman gazing at you for an extended period? It could be that she finds you attractive. Perhaps you looked impeccably dressed, or you are doing something really well. If a woman dislikes you or finds you unattractive, she won’t stare at you.

If you are talking with her and notice that she is making eye contact, that could be a sign that she is enjoying the conversation and wants you to keep talking. She won’t maintain eye contact if she has no interest in you. That is one of the signs a woman is attracted to you.


3.  She Is Open To You

It is often natural for people to be guarded about things they consider private. They will only open up to you at a superficial level.

You surely do not expect someone who is just friends with you to tell you why there is a scar on her right thigh.

On the other hand, a woman who is attracted to you will literally be an open book. She has developed feelings for you, so she is spurred to tell you deep things about her. Feelings of love or attraction often tend to elicit trust, so she becomes open to you.

Is she telling you what happened to her when she was 10? Is she telling you what happened at her work within the week, even without you asking? Are you the person she breaks the news about and around her to first? That could be a sign that she has a thing for you.


4.  She Initiates Conversations

Many guys complain that women rarely start conversations and that many women let them lead and sustain the convo.

Some men even talk about the conversation dying once the man stops putting effort or beginning the conversation. Well, if a woman is acting like that, it can only be one thing, that is the cause-she does not like you.

A woman who likes you will not just sit back and be at the receiving end of the conversation. She will also like to contribute to the discussion. When you ask her about herself, she will answer and ask you things about yourself.

She won’t wait for you always to initiate conversations as she will do so naturally. If you two haven’t spoken for a while for certain reasons, she will reach out to know what’s up with you. Communication is a gauge that you can use to measure interest.


5.  She Hints That She Is Single

As we mentioned earlier, even though a woman may find it hard to say outright that she is attracted to you, it is often evident if you know what to look and listen for. She will most likely drop cues about her attraction.

Most women will not readily be forward enough to tell you specifically that they have a thing for you, but they can subtly drop hints.

One way they hint at their interest in you is by subtly dropping the fact that they are single. Sometimes they do that, so you can pick that cue and ask them out.

For example, you two can be talking casually about how to spend the holidays, and she would say something like, “Well, I’d have loved to spend time with my man, but sadly, I am single.” If you hear her constantly dropping hints that she is single, that might indicate that she is attracted to you.


6.  She Is Interested In Knowing More About You

A woman attracted to you will obviously want to know more about you. She wants to know what she is getting into and what kind of person you are.

In fact, her interest in learning more about you is a cover for checking you out to see if you are a good fit for her. She is evaluating her pros and cons. Women can be subtle like that.

She will want you to share details about yourself, and she will keep asking and probing. She would want to know your likes and dislikes during your conversations with her.

Then, again, she would want to see if she fits into your picture of an ideal partner. That is why she might subtly ask you what kind of woman you’d like to be with.


7.  She Spends Time With You

One of the signs a woman is attracted to you is that she wants to spend quality time with you. This is a normal thing for people who have feelings for someone.

When you feel something for someone, you tend to want to spend time with them often. The woman you are going after is always telling you she is not free and cannot make time to see you because she is not just into you.

When you keep getting a no whenever you request to hang out with her, it is your cue to stop trying. A woman who is attracted to you will not need you to give her many reasons why you two should spend time together. She will want to spend time with you without much persuasion.


8.  She Teases You

If a woman is attracted to you, you will find her teasing you. Many women employ this strategy to prove that they are into a guy.

When they do this, they want to get your attention and see how you will react. A woman can tease you in the following ways:

She can mimic what you do or say. This one is quite common. You find her mimicking how you talk, walk or eat. On close examination, you may find out that she is actually making fun of the things she likes about you.

Another way she can poke fun at you is by teasing you about your body features. For example, she can tease you about your small lips or big head.

Finally, she can tease you with stories you told her or experiences she’s had with you. For example, you two were hanging out in a fancy restaurant, and you made an order but were given another thing entirely. She can tease you about your reaction to that experience.


9.  She Is Nervous Around You

There are always bold and shy women. Bold women, they are the ones who make eye contact and even do the touching.

But for introverted women, one of the signs a woman is attracted to you is nervousness. And this nervousness comes from the fact that she wants to present herself as perfect before you.

Take a look at her while you two are together. Is she toying with her hair? Does she have her gaze elsewhere, peering down at her feet or phone? What about fumbling with her keys and touching her face?

All these can signify that she is attracted to you but does not want to make you have any impression about her that isn’t near perfect.


10.  Her Friends Know About You

The woman who is attracted to you has friends and siblings. They will probably know that she feels something for you if she is close to them.

A woman who has girlfriends will tell them that sort of thing. When you are on the phone with her, you will probably hear them giggling in the background.

If you run into them, you may notice how they smile and act all nice around you. Because they know their friend is into you. Sometimes, her friends might be bold enough to suggest that something is going on between you two.

You know you have been a hot topic within her friendship circle if they already know your name without you introducing yourself. Some may even tease you and refer to you as their friend’s man. These are the signs a woman is attracted to you.


11.  She Smiles At You

One of the signs a woman is attracted to you is when she smiles at you.

Facial expressions are one of the things that can show you how someone feels about you. Someone who frowns at you does not like something about you.

But if your woman smiles when she sees you, that is a sign that she is interested in you. A smile shows affection and warmth. It shows that she accepts you and is willing to be with you. So, carefully observe her.

Does she always beam a smile whenever she sees you? Is she laughing at your jokes? She employs her smile to show you her willingness to engage in a conversation or spend time with you.


12.  She Blushes When You Compliment Her

As we mentioned earlier, women are less likely to openly express their feelings for someone. Instead of coming clean to tell you of their attraction, she will drop hints.

But sometimes, women are not very successful in hiding what they feel. Instead, their body language and facial expression betray them. One such case of betrayal is blushing.

Blushing happens involuntarily when someone is shy, embarrassed or nervous. So, when you compliment her, and you see the heat and colour rush to her face, that is a sign that she is shy and also that she is attracted to you. It is almost impossible for one to blush at someone they dislike.


13.  She Looks Her Best When She Meets You

Presentation matters in attraction. Both humans and animals strive to present themselves properly before the person they are hoping to attract.

In animals, you see the peacock display its colours widely for attraction or the apes beating their chest or walking on two legs to hold the attention of their potential mate.

In human beings, men and women try to look their best when meeting a potential partner. Men go for grooming to look sharp, and so do women.

A woman attracted to you would not want you to see her looking shabby. She will always dress well so she can make an impression. One of the signs a woman is attracted to you is when she looks her best whenever she is meeting you.


14.  She Flirts With You

One of the signs a woman is attracted to you is her constant flirting with you. This tactic is usually employed by women who are not shy or afraid to go for what they want. Ideally, what they are doing when flirting with you is testing the waters and sizing you up.

They want to know how you will react and if you will encourage their advances. See some of the ways women flirt below.

A woman will likely flip or play with her hair when she wants to flirt with you. In fact, this is the primary way women flirt.

They also use a deep gaze to flirt. Peering deep into your eyes to make sure that you saw them. This tactic is solely to attract your attention.

Some bolder women take it up by licking their lips when they talk or look at you. Those who cannot do this boldly might resort to flirting with you via text.


15.  She Gets You Gifts

According to the famous author Gary Chapman, there are five love languages: acts of service, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, physical touch and quality time. All these mean people use to express and receive love.

So, if a woman gives you a gift, she might be into you. This conclusion can be drawn because women don’t easily get men gifts, especially when there is no concrete relationship with them.

But, again, women put a lot of thought into the gifts they give. So, do not be surprised she gets you an air Jordan for a birthday gift after she has listened to you talk about your excitement for the shoes several times.

When a woman gives you a gift, it shows that she cares and is thinking about you. The gift is a token of her feelings towards you.


16.  She Doesn’t Forget Your Important Dates

Someone who is not interested in you will not remember anything about you. You two can spend the whole day on a date while you tell her all about yourself, and she would not remember a thing. This is because you really do not matter to her, and she couldn’t care less.

But when a woman likes you, she remembers things about you, even the smallest details. You will be surprised at the number of things she can recall.

For example, if you told her of a challenge you were facing the last time you met, you can best know that she would ask how it is going the next time you meet.

Even when you mention it casually, she will remember your birthdate, the date of your thesis presentation and any other day that matters to you. This is only happening because she is attracted to you and cares.


17.  She Touches You

If a woman is attracted to you, she will touch you. This is one of the most primitive ways humans use to show they are attracted or attached to someone, a way to strengthen the bond between you two.

When you touch someone you like, it causes the body to release a hormone called oxytocin, which helps create bonds. This same hormone is secreted when a mother is feeding her baby.

But not all touches mean attraction. There are specific places where she would touch you for it to mean she is attracted to you. The higher she goes up your arm, from your palms to your biceps, the more attracted she is to you.

The thigh is also a sensitive place to touch, so if she places her hand on your thigh often, that is an intimate area and communicates desire.


18.  She Asks For Your Opinion

One of the signs a woman is attracted to you is her asking for your opinion. Asides from being attracted to you, it also shows that she values you as a person. Women often tend to keep their personal life more private than men.

So, if a woman is opening up to you about her personal struggles, she has formed some emotional connection with you. This connection is why she suddenly can trust you and ask you things.

Say, she is having an issue with a family member or a close friend, and she brings it up for discussion, asking you how she should handle it. That is a sign of trust. It even gets better if she actually takes your advice.


19.  She Encourages Your Advances

Of course, certain women are mischievous and want to be the centre of everyone’s attention.

These kinds of women will lead you to think that they have a thing for you when they are only basking in the attention or resource you offer.

But there are still women who shut down any advance once they are not interested in you. When these women finally meet someone they like, they might play hard to get for a while but eventually end up dropping signs that they actually want you.

They often do this by encouraging your advances. When you touch them, they do not recoil; when you ask them out on a date, they show up.

Sometimes, they might even be willing to spend the night or the weekend. These are signs that show she might actually be attracted to you.


20.  She Tells You

This is the most reliable of signs a woman is attracted to you. Of course, women will not often take this route.

They will prefer to show you the subtle signs of their attraction. But if a woman takes this bold step of telling you herself, you should take her seriously. She is not playing around.


How to Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You but Hiding It

Do you want to know how to tell if a woman is attracted to you but hide it? Look out for some of these signs:

1.  She Compliments You Often: Does she always compliment you? That can be a sign that she likes you. She tells you often so you can be aware of her interest in you.

2.  She Maintains Communication Lines: Have you noticed that she is constantly texting, calling or messaging you? She initiates conversations and does not wait for you to text first? That is a clear sign that she is attracted to you. She can only do that if she wants to spend time with you.

3.  She Is Almost Always Available for You: If a woman is always free to talk, visit or hang out with you, that is a sign that she is definitely attracted to you.



Women are often better at masking their attraction. They can be attracted to someone for a long time, and no one would know, especially the person they are attracted to.

But even if they are not saying it, sometimes their actions betray it. And this is why this guide is helpful. You are in luck if you see one or more of the signs mentioned in this article. She might just be heavily into you. All you have to do is make a move. Good luck!


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