How To Win A Woman’s Heart And Make Her Desire You

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The question, “How to win a woman’s heart,” has puzzled men of all ages for years. Men often say that women are complex beings and are hard to understand, especially in the way of romance. You can never know what a woman is thinking or how she’d react to what you’re trying to do or so.

Fortunately, the questions men have about knowing what to do to properly woo a woman have been answered in this article.

Granted, women differ, and you cannot always understand them by using the same rulebook. However, there are rules that generally apply to them and would assuredly set you on the right path.

We have provided twelve effective ways to win a woman’s heart below. You can never go wrong with these ones!


1.  Be Creative

Winning a woman’s heart is pretty easy when you really get down to it. You just have to be a little bit more creative.

Contrary to what many guys think, you don’t have to break the bank to impress a woman. It is usually the intentionality, the creativity involved and the thought that ultimately counts.

Get creative. What does she like? Where do you think she’d love to go? Find out these details, and they’ll go a long way in helping you make a decision.

You could also find out about her hobbies or particular interests. Is she an artsy person? Or is she one to crunch numbers? Does she love writing? Is she into style and fashion? Or is she a lover of the great outdoors?

When you put fun facts about her together, surely an idea or more of what would be an enjoyable date for her would pop up. It could be taking her to go see the waterfalls, hiking, skiing, or scuba diving.

It could be taking her to an art gallery or creative workshop. If she’s into books, you can take her to a fancy library that has a café shop.

Note that you could put so much money into a date, and she wouldn’t enjoy it. She would just indulge you because you’ve spent so much. However, with creativity in the mix, you can’t go wrong.


2.  Be A Good Listener

This one is high on the list of how to win a woman’s heart. It is very important and can be a deal-breaker for a woman when she’s deciding whether to date a guy or not.

There are two sides to this; you have to listen enthusiastically and give her your full attention when she’s talking.

The other side is that you have to be careful not to hijack the whole conversation. When a guy likes a woman, he gets excited in her company and would often want to tell her everything.

However, when your love interest is talking, you’d better be attentive. Women are sensitive to things like this and would immediately pick up signs of impatience or divided attention. She may say nothing at the time, but that could decide if she’d go out with you again.

Learn to listen, and ask thoughtful questions at reasonable intervals that show that you’ve been listening. This would not only show that you’ve been listening but that you’re also eager to know more.


3.  Help Her When She Is In Need

Wondering how to win a woman’s heart? This goes without saying. If you want her to start seeing you in the same light that you see her, you have to be intentional about her. Part of being intentional is being sensitive to her needs.

Even when a woman badly needs help, she’ll refrain from asking you because of self-respect and dignity. This is where you come in.

Being sensitive as you are with things concerning her, you’d have noticed that she needs help. This is the time to jump in and take control of the situation. Be her hero, and she’d never think lightly of you.


4.  Smell Good

Maintaining proper hygiene is definitely on the list of how to win a woman’s heart. You cannot approach a woman you like and expect to win her heart if you smell terrible. It is a huge turnoff for women and everybody, indeed.

Hygiene should be a regular practice. Level up your clean-up routine and make sure you stay fresh and smell good for the most part of the day, at the very least.

Take a regular shower or bath, and use a nice cologne or antiperspirant if you sweat a lot. Wear breathable clothes to ensure your body stays airy all day.

In addition, also ensure that your oral hygiene game is top-notch. Surely, you don’t want her reaction to being repulsion when you open your mouth to speak to her.

Ensure that you smell nice and develop a routine that helps you stay that way for the rest of the day.


5.  Surprise Her

What are the things she absolutely loves? Food?Certain pastries?Chocolate?Chinese? Order them and send her surprise packages. Send flowers to her workplace or to her house.

Surprise her with gifts, sweet little notes, tickets to a movie, or even dinner reservations for her and her friends at a fancy restaurant.

Everybody loves pleasant surprises, and your love interest is surely not an exception. Surprising her like this is a great way of communicating to her in no subtle terms that you genuinely care and that you are dedicated to seeing her happy.


6.  Be Intentional About Winning Her

Figuring out how to win a woman’s heart would not be complete without intentionality part. Women are equally sensitive to things like this, and it is not enough to tell them how much you love or care for them.

Your feelings have to play out in your actions too. It is also not limited to that; you have to intentionally ensure that your actions towards her adequately represent your deep feelings towards her.

This way, when you do tell her that you care about her, she has no doubt at all because you have been intentional about showing her as well.

It’s in the little things. Stuff like doing grocery shopping for her, cooking for her, sending lunch to her workplace, inviting her to hang out with you and your friends on game nights, etc.

The key also lies in making her feel special. Nothing too forceful, but a heartfelt appraisal would bring any woman several steps closer to falling for you.

Things like speaking highly of her in public and in private, highlighting her sweet qualities, and letting her know that they didn’t go unnoticed.

Even if she’s still thinking about going out with you, being intentional about her without being pushy or manipulative is a great way to increase your chances. Just be genuine and go for it.


7.  Be Patient

Just because you have gone out with her a couple of times, and have more than hinted your interest, doesn’t mean you should jump the gun immediately.

She may be taking her time to reach a decision, and frankly, you should respect that. While intentionally wooing her and making her feel special, avoid all forms of pressure on her.

She may feel suffocated and back out of the love bubble before you’ve had a chance to cement things with her. So be patient.

It might seem to be taking ages for her to finally decide, but remember that your attitude during this wait may make or break your chances. Don’t rush her, just enjoy what’s here and look forward to a wonder.


8.  Be Authentic

This is where a lot of guys get it wrong. Thinking that being someone other than themselves is how to win a woman’s heart. There is nothing further from the truth.

Such facades rarely end well for both parties. At some point, you’ll get tired of pretending and then begin to unleash a totally different person that your love interest doesn’t recognize.

It must be really heartbreaking to let a woman fall for a persona you created, which is very different from who you actually are, and find out that you can’t revert to your normal self without raising dust.

Granted, the temptation and pressure to present a perfect personality that you are not are real.

But you don’t have to give in to it. Intentionally pursue her with the mindset that if she doesn’t like what you have to offer, then it’s just as well.

Be authentic. Be real and be yourself. Don’t lie about anything or pretend to be cooler or more outgoing than you or richer than you actually are, just to impress her.

It never ends well. The woman who is for would appreciate all of you, including your flaws and imperfections and quirks, and love you anyways.


9.  Compliment Her

You definitely cannot do without this one. Some guys think that just shows how much they like a woman is sufficient.

While your actions do matter, telling is just as important. One way you can be vocal about your feelings is by complimenting her.

Don’t just keep your feelings to yourself. If you think she’s beautiful, tell her often. If you notice she has a new hairstyle, compliment her. If she puts on some makeup, probably to impress you (women do this a lot), compliment her.

Tell her often that you find her attractive and make a habit of complimenting her. Tell her how beautiful her smile is, how nice she smells, and how she lights up any room she comes into.

Do this, and you’ll see how much she cherishes your presence in her life a lot more.


10.  Remember Her Special Days

By now, you’d know that how to win a woman’s heart is not as complex as it is often made to look. Another way to do this is to remember her special days.

Remember her birthdays and get her gifts. If she has any other special days, it is for you to find out and honor her on those days.

She would definitely remember someone who thinks of her well enough to remember her special days and make her feel extra special on them.


11.  Exude Confidence

Just to be clear, there is a mile-wide difference between narcissism and confidence. A narcissistic person is not a confident person at all. He is rather a pompous, entitled, and proud person who thinks he is never wrong and can get whatever he wants.

This is obviously not the kind of person you want to be. You want to exude healthy confidence without coming off as feeling entitled or excessively territorial.

However, you cannot totally run away from being confident. While being a little shy can be considered cute, you don’t want to stretch that too far.

Women like men who can communicate strength and reliability through their confidence. It helps her to know that you are dependable and that she can feel safe with you.


12.  Dress Well

Next to smelling nice on how to win a woman’s heart is dressing well. Women don’t joke with these ones.

They take it seriously. How a man dresses can determine to a large extent how seriously a woman takes him.

Pay attention to how you look. Work on your style, develop it, and have a simple but elegant way of dressing. Look neat and smart, and it will a lot of difference in how women respond to you.

This doesn’t mean you have to look like you are walking down a fashion runway or that you have to break the bank to change your wardrobe.

Not at all. You don’t need to make a huge budget to accommodate a new style and fashion taste. Looking overly crisp might even work out badly for you.

You don’t want to look out of place, and feel like you are pitching sales to her rather than intentionally pursuing her.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart With Love

Women are emotional beings, so you can be sure that a consistent, persistent, and honest show of love will gradually win them over.

Showing love generally pulls at the heartstrings of all women; you just have to find out what particular acts and gestures speak specifically to the woman whose heart you’re trying to win.

She could be an act of service kind of person, which means that she loves it when someone helps her do things that take the burden off her routine or schedule for the day.

Things like doing grocery shopping for her, picking up her car at the mechanic’s, doing yard work for her, or hiring a handyman to fix her faulty sink for her.

Her love language might even be quality time, which means that she’d see you in a new light when you take out time to spend with her and have quality conversations.

Not just routine, fancy dates at expensive restaurants as many think it to be, but in whatever setting, taking out the time to focus on her, lavish her with attention, and listen to her genuinely. That’s how to win a woman’s heart with love.


How To Win A Stubborn Girl’s Heart

Stubborn women play hard to get and don’t easily fall for romantic overtures. It may be that she’s a perpetual hard girl, that is, she plays hard to get for any man who shows interest in her, or it could be that she’s being stubborn, particularly towards you.

Girls generally play hard to get for various reasons, but the most prominent is to avoid heartache (especially for those who had been hurt in past relationships).

The other common reason is that women like to be sure that a man is genuinely interested in them before they put their hearts on the line. This is especially so for men whose intentions they find uncertain or even shady at first.

To win a stubborn girl’s heart, the surest way to edge your way past her walls is by persistence. Be persistent in showing her love and communicating your interest and affection for her.

Be clear about what you want from the start, so she isn’t left in the dark about anything. Remember that persistence doesn’t mean being forceful or pushy. Endeavor to not cross the line. Lastly, buy her gifts! Those always work. It would melt even the hardest heart.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart From Another Man

This one can be very tricky. If your intentions worth her are not as honorable as the other man’s, then you might want to consider backing out of the chase.

She honestly deserves better. This also applies in cases where she’s in a serious relationship or commitment, is genuinely happy and in love, or is married.

If she is none of the above, and the other man is obviously treating her less than she deserves, then you might have a chance to woo her into something better.

To do this, you have to communicate what she stands to gain if she turns her affections to you and what she’d be missing out on if she doesn’t. If your actions don’t honestly and effectively portray this, then your efforts would be watered down and unconvincing at best.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart Forever

Some men think that once you get into a relationship with a woman, the chase stops because you’ve got what you wanted. But this is an error in our ways of love that we need to address and correct.

Efforts should be made to keep the atmosphere within the relationship spicy and interesting for both parties.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make huge plans every week to wow your woman; it just means that you should have a mindset to show her love in every little or big way.

For the most part, it’s the little things that count. The forehead kiss in the morning, the breakfast in bed, the dropping by at her workplace at lunchtime with coffee and pastries, etc.

These gestures don’t have to be daily, but they have to be regular. This increasingly assures a woman that you care about her and gives her confidence in your love. That’s how to win a woman’s heart forever.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart Back After You Messed Up

To win a woman’s heart back after you messed up might take some time, depending on how badly you messed up.

However, the way to winning her back is the same; it would only take a varying length of time, according to the extent to which you hurt or wronged her.

Apologize in more ways than one. Let your words and actions portray how truly sorry you are for messing things up. Take off your pride hat and do all that is necessary. She might not be receptive to your words and actions at first, but you have to continue.

Remember that she’s hurt, and even if she really loves you, she needs assurance that you won’t hurt her again. You can drive her fears away by honestly resolving to do better next time and showing it in your actions.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart Online

Since there is primarily one type of communication medium, that is, the online space, you have very limited options to win a woman’s heart online.

This means that you have to be constant on the medium of communication you do have, and use it to show her how serious you are about her.

Send lots of pictures and videos and texts and call her a lot. This doesn’t mean that you should blow her phone up incessantly. Learn that thin line between loving and overbearing, then endeavor to not cross it.

Call her on her cell, video-call her, and Facetime a lot with her. Tell her all about your day, and take lots of pictures and videos of what you’re doing so that you can keep her updated with what’s going on with you.

You can also send her gifts through shipping or purchase things she likes online and provide her own address as the delivery location.

Just get creative with your actions, and you’ll see how much you can achieve. That’s how to win a woman’s heart online.


How To Win A Woman’s Heart Again

What are the things you used to do that made her fall in love with you? You might want to revisit those old memories to find out what those things are. When you do, start doing them again with an extra effort.

Also, your woman might have changed over the years, and her tastes along with her. If this is the case with her, then you might want to tweak your methods to align with these new tastes so that you don’t end up wasting your time with little or no results.


How To Subtly Win A Woman’s Heart

This might sound crazy, but a lot of men can attest to this. The best way to subtly win a woman’s heart is to become her friend. Yes, you have to get into the friend zone to get out of it!

When a woman sees you as her friend, she’s not as guarded as she would be with a love interest. This would give you an exclusive insider into her likes and dislikes, true personality, and vulnerabilities. As a friend, you’d slowly but surely find out what makes her tick and how to push her buttons the right way.

Definitely, this is no trick of manipulation. This is merely a matter of being in a strategic position to get all the information you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. With this, you can subtly sow seeds of affection in her heart.



Successfully winning the heart of the woman they care for is the dream of every lovestruck man. Doing this proves a feat for many men, and luckily, we have just the right guide for you here.

This article, ‘How to win a woman’s heart – 12 effective ways’, was written specifically for this purpose. To help the population of men who are clueless about how best to win a woman’s heart, to do it right and ace it.

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