How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Without Crossing Your Boundary

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Thinking of how to tell a girl you like her? To have feelings for someone can be one of the difficult things to handle because amid the good feeling you feel inside, the challenge of walking up to them to let them know how you feel is a big one.

Ever experienced a member of the opposite gender passing by, and you can’t help but stare at them? Your head must be wrapped up in the clouds now. The feeling of waking up and wishing your favorite person is lying right beside you is priceless.

Do you dream of spending time with someone you just met or even going on dates with her? You may have been love-struck or bitten by a love bug.

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful feeling to fall in love. The only downside is not getting the same love in return or getting a rejection.

Many people go through this, and I must say it’s not a good experience. Now you may be wondering how to tell a girl you like her. Let’s consider two scenarios here:

You are in love with a lady and don’t know how to tell her because you are not in a relationship with her; you may just be friends or even just acquaintances.

Your dilemma here now is How to tell a girl you like her without ruining the friendship. The second scenario is that you are already dating, and you don’t know how to tell her you to intend to take the relationship to another level. This is why we will be considering how to tell a girl you like her.

Now there are several ways you can pull this through, especially if you are not in the same location. You could be crushing on someone from afar, remember? Let’s look into how to tell a girl you like her.

I’ve heard people say when you like someone, don’t say it; watch events unfold; they may pick cues and fall for you. I don’t buy this idea because I’m a goal-getter, and I believe in going for whatever I want.

The only clause here is to check properly to see that she likes you in return before making your intentions known.

Sometimes it may be confusing because she may like you as a friend and not want anything else, or she may even be crushing on someone else entirely. Imagine the pain you will go through when someone else comes for her.

Try using some tips I’d be sharing below to get her attention, and then make your intentions known to her.


1.  Make Her Your Friend

You may be friends already but make an extra move to get into her heart. How do you do this? Be her go-to person when she needs help.

Try to spend time with her and also engage her in conversations. You could also invite her on outings or events you will be featuring in. With this, she will begin to pick cues.

Who invites a lady and spends time with her without wanting something more? Just do all you can to get into her heart. Don’t be pushy; let things happen naturally.


2.  Extend Conversations To Night Times

You can be the last person she speaks with at night before she goes to bed. Begin by asking how her day went, the high moments, and any pleasant news she would want to share with you.

Next, you tell her about yours too and possibly chip it in that you missed her.

You could also repeat this in the morning; you will ask what her plan for the day is and what she intends to have for lunch, and other things that come with her day.

With time, she will look forward to your calls and possibly return the same gesture to you. If you have gotten into this form of conversation with her already, try including personal questions that will make her talk about herself, like her relationships, job, and family.

That way, you can detect if she feels anything for you. We generally connect more and open up to people we like. This is how to tell a girl you like her without telling her.


3.  Go Out Often Together

Since you are friends, or even if you are not, hanging out often will bridge the gap between you and make her get comfortable with you.

During outings, make sure you both have fun, talk, laugh, and giggle, don’t make it look like you are always serious. Loosen up and watch how the outings go.

If you discover she enjoys being with you, then you can subtly make your intentions known. You can invite her to office dinners, a friend’s birthday party, or even religious programs but assure her that she will be well protected.

Endeavor to show her care and make her feel like she’s the only one at the function, introduce her as your very good friend and let her know you appreciate her presence.

Then, You can say we have been hanging out together, and I notice how we’ll communicate and have fun; how about getting closer than this?

Please, the rule here is to take things easy. Don’t become too pushy or even too available; she may resent you. Show her care, but be firm and don’t lose your personality.

Show with some responses that you have stuff doing but will make out time to assist her. Let her know you are making sacrifices for her. With time she will get used to being with you and begin to miss your absence and then turn around to look for you.


4.  Let Her Know

Sometimes we get friend-zoned because we don’t speak up early enough, and meanwhile, the lady in question may be waiting for you to say something.

You two have become an item already, having late-night conversations, hanging out together, and even eating out together.

Don’t you think it’s time you tell her how you feel about her? If you don’t know what her reaction will be like, then you can do something to make it obvious to her.


5.  Watch Her Response

It’s normal sometimes for two people to get used to each other and later find the other pulling back.

Sometimes it can be because they are shy or don’t want to be forward, and so they just secretly wish you to keep doing what you are doing to keep the relationship going.

If you are a guy and you find yourself in this kind of situation, maybe you initiate calls all the time and visit or even text her, and she has not responded in a way you expect.

Then it’s time to take the back seat. You are not withdrawing or avoiding her; you are only returning to yourself to see if she will notice and come running after you. So you may ignore her for a few days and see if she will come around.


6.  Say Your Mind Again

If you have been together for a while and you still notice she is yet to come out of her shell. Don’t give up; say it again. She may still be watching to see if you meant it the first time you spoke to her.

You can say it this way: I’m finding it difficult to concentrate without you, or I enjoy the times we spend together, and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve fallen in love with you.

Drop the bombshell again. She may ask you to give her some time to think it through or even tell you a yes or no. Whatever response you get, accept it in good faith and don’t change immediately. Else you may be failing a test too.


7.  Send A Text

You can begin this with a simple hello or even play around with some emojis. For any emotion you would like to show or share, there’s an emoji associated with it. Social media has made it a lot easier to convey messages that were difficult before now.

Some guys find it easier using this medium, while others avoid it completely. To achieve how to tell a girl you like her over text, you can start simple conversations via text messages. Make it short and simple, and if she likes you, she will respond also.

You could say, hi, how’s your day going? Just thought I should check on you. If she responds immediately, it’s great, and if not, she may be busy but keep watching.

Next, you could move further to say, what’s for lunch? Can I come over, or would you mind coming over? Short and simple, straightforward questions will get her attention, and you can keep up with this for a while. This is how to tell a girl you like her over text. You could also do this on Whatsapp too.

You can begin by saying you look cute in your profile picture. Compliment her if you can see her status; when you notice anything, comment on it or just send an emoji. Don’t appear to be stalking her; take it easy, and make it a progressive thing until you get her attention.

This is how to tell a girl that you like her on WhatsApp. You can also do the same on other social media handles. The downside of texting is that you may not be able to know easily if she likes you. You may be assuming because sometimes she may text you, so she doesn’t appear proud.

But one key thing is to watch out for her tone; it could give her away. Try to get her interest first by texting about things she will like.

You have to know something about her before initiating a text chat. Your conversation needs to flow in the direction of her interest. She can like you because you are funny, intelligent, or even because you care, so take it easy.


8.  Be Innovative In Your Texts

Don’t make it a routine, and don’t do this always. Spring up surprises, a simple message like, I’m glad I found you will go a long way in brightening her day. Use the right words.


9.  Don’t Use Lewd Language Over Text

Don’t lose her by coming at her too strongly.


10.  Respond Promptly

When she sends a message, respond quickly. But if you are unavailable at that point, whenever you see the message, begin with an apology and explain why you are responding late. It will earn you some respect.


11.  Don’t Be Too Serious Sometimes

Especially over text messages, let your sense of humor come alive. Sometimes send her a few lines that will make her laugh uncontrollably wherever she is. You may be lifting her mood or even saving her from boredom.


12.  Ask Her Short Questions Over Text

Questions like bored? Sleeping? Want ice cream? Short, simple messages like this will get her attention quickly and bring about a response that could steer the direction of your conversation into something engaging and mind-blowing.


13.  Text Her Even While She Is Sitting Next To You

This will make her laugh..a simple message like, you look stunning today, will do the magic.


14.  Work Out Together

Health is wealth, as they say. You could go to the gym together or take long walks together if possible. She will know you are interested in her. But let her know you just want her to keep fit, just in case she’s on the big side, so she doesn’t think you are body-shaming her.


15.  Buy Her Gifts

If you can afford it, you can spend a fortune, but it’s best to start with little things and move on to bigger things. You can start by sending her something on her birthday or buying her a self-development book or something you discovered she likes.

Don’t go overboard, so she doesn’t think you are trying to buy her over. Besides, you are not yet sure your feelings for her would be reciprocated; why go overboard?


16.  Call Often

There’s this thing with liking someone; you would always want to share with them. The same way it is with the lady you are crushing on. You could talk about how your day went or what you are up to.


17.  Go To The Cinema Together

There is no better way to tell a girl you like her than to go to see a romantic movie together. It doesn’t stop there; you could get her something to snack on while you enjoy the movie.

If she’s someone you have been friends with for a long period and you have shared a cuddle before now, you could cuddle her or, better still, be a gentleman by offering her your jacket if she complains of being cold. Remember not to overdo it, please. Moderation is key here. This is how to tell a girl you like her.


18.  Make Her Happy

Making her happy breaks down her defenses and makes her open to reciprocating the feelings you have for her. Happy ladies are most likely to fall in love with people who make them happy.


19.  Build Trust


20.  Be Appreciative

When you are appreciative, you won’t take her for granted, and this makes her have a sense of belonging. Commend her efforts too with gifts or by praising her.

Sadly, it could be unfair to realize that after all the time and effort spent in trying to tell a girl you like her, you get turned down.
.if this is you; life goes on; love does not offer any form of guarantee. Love is a risk itself; if the door gets slammed in your face, life goes on. You will definitely meet your match.

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