How To Make Love And Take Your Partner To Cloud 9

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Knowing how to make love is an art, and sadly, not everyone is an artist.

For some guys, the goal is just to get in there and reach climax, not minding if their partner is satisfied.

And this is the first difference between having a sensual time and lovemaking-lovemaking isn’t selfish; it puts the partner first. You can have a sensual time with just about anybody, heck; you can even pay for it.

But lovemaking requires something more; it demands your time, skill, dedication, and emotions. In this article, we will lay out how you can make love to your partner.

Lovemaking is simply communicating to your partner how you feel about her through her body; it is a valid love language.

Here are some of the steps you can employ in making love to your partner.

1.  Make Her Comfortable

It is a no-brainer that discomfort is a sensual drive killer. If she is not comfortable, you might just be wasting your time and effort.

Ensure that she is comfortable and relaxed and that nothing is bothering her at that moment.

Why is her comfort paramount? It is paramount because the human mind is actually the most sensual part of the body. It is the brain that controls arousal.

Her mind has to be tuned first before the body follows suit. Say she comes back from work, kiss her at the door, help her out of her clothes and jump into the shower with her.

Give her a sensual bath and then rub her body to ease muscle tension. With these, you get her relaxed and ready to move on to the next step.


2.  Choose The Right Location And Time

As we mentioned earlier, lovemaking is not an easy pathway to satisfaction; it is not a quickie that you can have under the staircase, in the backseat of a car parked in a deserted alley, or at the restroom at work.

It requires time, planning, and dedication. If you want to make love to your partner, then you have to plan it.

Choose a place where she can feel relaxed, a place where she can willingly relinquish control to you. Your bedroom is always your best bet. This doesn’t mean you cannot settle for other settling environments.

After settling the location issue, the next thing you should consider is timing. Does she have the time for that? Is there something else more important that she needs to do? Will you be in a hurry so you can go prepare for work? It is always better to make love after the day’s activities or during weekends.


3.  Set The Environment Right

The setting of the place you want to stay matters a lot. Ensure that your venue is private enough and that you won’t get interrupted. If you are married with kids, this should happen in your bedroom when the kids have gone to bed.

Your cellphone is another thing that can disrupt your good time; you could switch it off or set it on silent mode. Distractions inhibit good lovemaking.

The next thing you should consider is the ambience of the room. Kill the bright lights in the room and replace them with low lights or candles. This sets the tone and tells the brain that something important is about to go down.


4.  Intimate Massage Works

Want to learn how to make love to your partner? Then improve your massage skills. It is one of the ways to really turn your partner on and get her in the mood. Massages, first of all, help the body to relax. Start slowly. Don’t be too quick to proceed to her active zones.

Give her a gentle squeeze on her shoulder. Get her to lie down, then proceed to stroke her shoulders and back. Move your thumb in a circular motion at any part of her body that feels a bit stiff. Go down to her legs and give her a feet rub.

After a while, run your hands all over her body lightly and then settle on her waist. From there, move down to her bum and slowly knead it. Then proceed to her inner thighs, and rub them gently.

Tease her a bit by going very close to her organ but not touching it. Don’t rush it; make her wait, as this would heighten her pleasure.


5.  Dedicate Time To Cuddling

Extended cuddling is one of the characteristics of lovemaking. If you want to really make lovemaking immeasurably pleasurable to your partner, then you have to learn how to drive her to the edge and back with caressing. Note that lovemaking starts the moment you conceive it in your mind.

It does not start with entrance, hence the need to dedicate time to foreplay. Reach for her jugs, roll them between your index finger and thumb, and then give it a mild squeeze. Use your tongue to circle around the jugs to build anticipation.

Tease her further by using your tongue to trace from her collarbone to her navel. You can do this while simultaneously running your hands all over her body. The intention is to set various parts of her body on fire passionately.


6.  Add Kisses-Lots Of It

This one never gets old or out of fashion. Kissing is a classic. It is an art, and if you must know how to make love, then you have to be good at kissing. Very good. One thing about kissing, just foreplay above, is that there can never be too much of it.

Kiss her before the entrance, during entrance, and after entrance. Kiss her whenever you feel like it. Kissing is one of the sure ways to turn anyone.

When you kiss her, ensure that your body is rubbing against hers, and for Pete’s sake, your hands better not be idling about. Run your hands around her body. Grab her neck, caress her jugs, hold her waist or fondle her bum.

Kissing is not only restricted to mouth-mouth. You can as well kiss various intimate parts of her body like her inner thighs, collar, neck, and ears.


7.  Go Down On Her

One of the ways you can make love to your partner is by going down on her. This is such a delicate and intimate thing to do. Remember not to rush it.

The best way to handle this is by teasing her and driving her to the edge. Start by kissing her thighs and pelvis. Then slowly pulled off her underwear.

Use your finger to stroke her labia lightly, then spread them apart. Trace the edges of the skin near her opening with your tongue. After a while, move your tongue closer to the little man in the boat, but don’t make contact with it just yet.

Make circles around it and observe how she reacts to that. Now, gently lick the tip of the little man in the boat with your tongue while you slide into her with your index finger. Using your finger and stimulating her little man in the boat at the same time would supply her with intense pleasure.


8.  Concentrate On Pleasuring Her

Just as mentioned at the beginning of the article, if you want to know how to make love, then you have to be selfless. Forget about your organ or satisifcation for a while and concentrate on pleasuring her. Don’t be in a hurry to just stick it in, thrust, and then finish.

Many guys do not realize that the more time they spend tuning their partners’ bodies and pleasuring them, the more enjoyable entrance will be eventually when it happens. It is immensely pleasurable to see your partner literally squirming under your touch.


9.  Pay Attention To Her Body

Making love to your partner is simply expressing love through physical touch. And if you want to know how to do this, you’ve got to learn how to read your partner’s bodily response like a book.

This is vital because her body language is like a compass, telling you which direction to go. Just as faces are different, what turns people on is different too. So, learn to follow her lead.

If you are going down on her and you notice that a particular tongue movement gets her grinding her pelvis to your face or gets her moaning louder than before, stick to that.

Consistency is key. If, at some point, while you are together, she reaches for a kiss, kiss her.

Some women don’t like people sticking their fingers in there. So, if you notice your lady is one of them, remove your finger and use it elsewhere.


10.  Choose A Fitting Position

Learning how to make love involves choosing a position that shows intimacy.

At this point, you have to discard all of the gymnastic positions in your head or that have been planted there by online sensual videos. Stick to positions that show how much you love your partner.

One of the positions you shouldn’t really use is ducky, as it is such a detached style. Instead, start off with the basic preacher position.

Basic, yes, but very intimate. Using this position during entrance ensures that your bodies are glued together.

Another position that shows physical and emotional intimacy is the lotus. Sit and cross your legs as though you are practicing yoga, and then make her sit on you while facing you.

This position will afford you two the chance to wrap your arms around each other. You can kiss her, fondle or suck her jugs while she rocks or grinds away at speed most comfortable for her.


11.  Maintain Eye Contact

It is incredibly important to always make eye contact while making love as this can be used to communicate.

If you are looking at your partner, you can tell if she is enjoying what you are doing or not. Asides from communication, eye contact while making love shows vulnerability-and not in a bad way.

In fact, vulnerability is needed when you are making love as it helps you bond with her more and makes it feel much more intimate.

Another reason why you should maintain eye contact with your partner during lovemaking is that it makes it more pleasurable.

It can cause the brain to release dopamine, the feel-good hormone which in turn supplies more pleasure to the body. So, if you want to make love to her next time, try making eye contact.


12.  Talk To Her While You Are At It

Lovemaking requires communication, and there are three main ways you should learn if you want to know how to make love.

The first and most important is via body language, the second is via eye contact, and the third is via verbal communication.

When you are making love to her, it is very important that you both talk to each other. Tell her how you feel about her, tell her how much her body is turning you on, tell her how much pleasure you derive from making love to her, and tell her you love her.

Also, ask her if she likes what you are doing and if she wants you to keep going or stop. You can also talk dirty to her as this would also turn her on.

Whisper into her ears the kinky things you have planned out to do to and with her. Tell her how you are going to take her to the clouds and back.


13.  Help Her Explore Her Desires

We all have our fantasies and desires, and we always wish we could fulfil them. If you are all out to make love to your partner then you have to help her explore her fantasy. Before you two start making love, ask her to tell you her fantasies.

It is important to have this conversation outside the bedroom on an occasion when you both are comfortable. Some people have kinks. They enjoy role-playing or want their partner to dress in a particular way for them to enjoy lovemaking.

If she loves her partner playing dress-up with her before lovemaking, you can try that as this would make the process more pleasurable for her.


14.  Dominate The Affair

One thing you should know about lovemaking is that you should lead the parade. Most women would want you to take charge of the lovemaking process. And this is such a hot thing. Be bold in telling her what you want to do to her.

Talk naughty to her while making love. You can even tease her and not go all the way, as this would make her almost beg for you to take her.

If you and your partner are open to it, you can incorporate dominant acts like blindfolding her while making love or pinning her against the wall, sliding your finger past her underwear and into her while kissing her ferociously. Some people enjoy a bit of roughness and if your partner is one of them, you can give her that.


15.  Cuddle When You Are Done

Lovemaking does not begin or end with just entrance; what you do before and after the entrance matters too.

So, you, too, have reached climax and have been far spent, don’t just rush, clean up and hop back on the bed to sleep or go through your phone.

Lovemaking is an emotional thing as much as it is also a physical thing. So, when you finally get off, kiss her, hold her, cuddle her. Tell her how much you enjoyed her. These show intimacy.


How Do I Make Passionate Love To A Woman?

1.  Bonding Before The Bedroom

Passionate lovemaking doesn’t start when you both start ripping each other’s clothes off. It starts before then. Do something that will make her feel good that isn’t related to lovemaking.

You can help make dinner, put kids to bed, massage her feet or even go on a date with her. When you bond with her outside the bedroom, passion follows naturally in the bedroom.


2.  Study Your Partner

Ask your partner what she likes in bed and how she loves to be touched. You can also pick these tips up from the time you’ve made love in times past. Use the information you gathered. Talking about lovemaking is sensual; you should try it.


3. Go Slow

When you are making love to your partner, it is necessary for you to slow down. Take your time to explore her body and give her a good time.



How To Make Love To Your Girlfriend

Here are tips on how to make love to your girlfriend.


1.  Timing Is Key

Choose a time when your girlfriend is most relaxed. Timing is very important. If she is worried or worked up about something, it is often advisable to talk with her and clear the clog in her mind first before making any move.


2.  Make Use Of Your Tongue/Mouth

A lot of guys think the only sensual organ they have is their male organ. But this isn’t so. Your tongue and mouth are important tools in lovemaking.

Kiss her lips, and use your tongue to trace the contours of her body. Lick her inner thighs. Use your tongue to stimulate her by eating her out.


3.  Discover And Stimulate Other Active Zones

There are many active zones in a woman’s body. Don’t just concentrate on her female organ. Explore her other active zones that get her excited; these will turn her on when you make love to her.



How To Make Love To A Woman

Here are things to do if you want to make love to a woman;

1.  Choose A Suitable Time

If you plan on making love to a woman and not just having a quickie, then it is vital you choose a time when you both are free so as to avoid rushing.


2.  Undress Her Slowly

There is just something sensual about undressing your partner before lovemaking. Don’t rush it. Stripping her slowly can turn you both on.


3.  Shower Her With Kisses

You cannot kiss her enough. Kiss her passionately. Pull her in and make sure both your bodies touch while you kiss. This can be incredibly arousing.


4.  Fondle Her Melons

The bust, especially the jugs, are very sensitive to touch. Roll the jugs between your thumb and index finger, then use your tongue to draw circles around the jugs. After a while, take them in your mouth.


5.  Use Your Hands

Move your hands expertly all over her body. Caress her body. Your hands shouldn’t be dormant while lighting up your partner’s special and active zones. Make her come alive by actively engaging your hands in places that build up excitement and pleasure.


6.  Do The Business

If you have done steps 1 through 6, she must be very excited waiting for you to make your grand entrance, but do not be in a rush; we are still building the heat up. Keep her back on the wall and pave the way for your entrance with your hands. Walk your way to her legs and keep them straightened out.


7.  Enter Her Slowly

Now, you can slide in slowly. Have lube handy in case natural wetness is not enough. The best position to make love is the missionary position. It ensures that both your bodies align and gives you the opportunity to make eye contact with your partner.


8.  Alternate Your Strokes

When you enter her, it is important to alternate your stroke game. You can start off by giving slow and long/deep strokes. Switch the tempo to short and fast when you notice that she is close to satisfaction.


9.  Cuddle

Don’t forget to cuddle when you both climax. It shows that you are emotionally connected to your partner.



How To Make Love To A Man

Your man wants you to make love to him as much as you want same. Here are some tips you can imbibe to ensure you both experience quality lovemaking.


1.  Tune His Mind

The mind is our foremost sensual organ, so if you want intense lovemaking, you have to start from the mind. You can start off by texting him when he is about to close from work, how you miss him and how you crave making love with him.

This will get him thinking about lovemaking as he is on his way back. You can also wear something revealing and sensual that would increase his stimulation once he sets his eyes on you.


2.  Initiate Lovemaking

In most relationships, it is usually the man initiating lovemaking. Change your narrative by initiating this time around. This makes your man feel wanted. And that feeling of desire works wonders in the bedroom.


3.  Ask Him What He Likes

Many people think men just want to slide in, thrust and reach cloud 9, but this is not entirely true. Ask your man what he would like you to do to him in bed. You might just be surprised.


4.  Show Him What You Like Too

Lovemaking is a two-way thing. And if you are eager to please him, he would be just as eager to please you too. So, show him what you like and what you want him to do to you. Guide his hand to where you want to be touched; guide his mouth to where you want to be sucked. The show, don’t tell.


5.  Use Your Mouth

No man ever says no to oral. So, take him in your mouth. Make love to the head, the shaft, and the balls. Doing this well earns you a huge bonus.


6.  Don’t Be Silent

When making love with your man, don’t stifle your sounds. Moan as loud as you want. Moaning and screaming are verbal indicators that you are enjoying what he is doing. It also increases the man’s arousal.


7.  Participate In The Lovemaking Process

Don’t just lie there while he is thrusting. Match him thrust for thrust, grind your hips into him. Pull him in for a kiss. Roam your hands around his body while he is making love to you.


8.  Talk While You Are At It

Tell him how good he feels inside you. Shower him with praises. You can tell him how much you love making love to him. This is a huge turn-on for men.


9.  Take Charge Sometimes

Men find it kinky when their partner takes charge. So, switch positions to the one that gives you more control-like. The cowgirl position-and rides the hell out of him.



How To Make Love To Your Wife

Here’s how to spice it up with your wife:


1.  Start Outside The Bedroom

The life of a wife/mother can be stressful most times. So, in order to get her in the mood, ease her stress by speaking kind words, helping out with chores, bathing, and massaging her. These will help her feel relaxed.


2.  Start With Light Touches And Kisses

You can initiate lovemaking by touching her intimately and gently, then kissing her later on.


3.  Don’t Rush

Don’t be in a hurry to stick it in. Relax, play with her body. Kiss her, gently caressing her body. Tease her erogenous zones with your tongue.


4.  Focus On Getting Her Off

When making love, your goal should be how to pleasure her. If you achieve this, you end up being satisfied as well.


5.  Cuddle

When you both eventually reach the big O, it is important that you hold her close and cuddle. You can as well help her clean up.



How To Make Love To My Girlfriend

Here are the things to do when you want to make love to your girlfriend.

1.  Get Her In The Mood

It is vital you get her in the mood before you try any other thing. You can do this by running your hands through her body and kissing her gently.


2.  Pay Attention To Her Intimacy Needs

Lovemaking is not selfish. So, forget yourself for a while and concentrate on pleasuring her. Take cues from her body language to know what to keep doing or what to discontinue.


3.  Thrust Gently

When you eventually go in, ensure you take it easy, at least till the point where she is urging you to go harder.


Best Ways To Make Love

Here are some of the best ways to make love

1.  Prepare For It

If you want to make love, then you best plan for it. Ensure that there is privacy and that there is no interruption.


2.  Tease Your Partner

Don’t just dive into making love. Learn how to drive your partner crazy by making them wait. Delaying gratification is one way to have an explosive lovemaking session.


3.  Sensual Massages Work Wonders

A massage can be a tool for relaxation, but you can also use this to kick off a sensual time.


4.  Connect Even After Satisfaction

You can do this by telling your partner how good they made you feel when you both finished. Cuddle and clean up together.



Different Ways To Make Love

What are the different ways to make love? See below


1.  Try New Positions

Even though adult videos most times show unrealistic moves, you can still pick one or two positions that can spice up your lovemaking. Try out the spooning style, where you slide in from behind while holding your partner close to you.


2.  Introduce Kinks

What are kinks? They are unusual sensual behaviors that appeal to you or your partner. Introduce them to your lovemaking. She might love being dominated, blindfolded, tied up, or spanked during lovemaking. Make her kinks and fantasies come alive.


3.  Use Somewhere Else Other Than The Bedroom

Changing the location of your lovemaking session can add spice to it. You can use the sitting room, or you too could do it outdoors at night on the lawn.


Love Making Tips

Try out these tips when next you are making love. It might just be what you need on your journey to an explosive orgasm.


1.  Text Naughty

Before you have the next lovemaking session, get your partner in on it by teasing them with naughty texts all through the day.


2.  Give Visual Treats

You can tease your partner by giving them some visuals. Dress seductively while you walk around the house. Go topless while your man is around and watch his desire for your body skyrocket.


3.  Make Her Drip

Before you stick it in next time, ensure that she is wet. This wetness can be achieved naturally by turning her on via foreplay. And if the natural lubrication isn’t enough, add lube. The wetter, the better.


4.  Don’t Just Focus On Their Organ

There are other parts of the body that deserve attention during lovemaking other than their organ; stimulate these parts too for a wholesome experience.


5.  Don’t Be In A Hurry To Leave Your Partner After Lovemaking

Stay back when you are done and bond with your partner. Cuddle them, hold them and make them feel like they belong to you.



Knowing how to make love is one of the most important things in a relationship. It is vital to note how important this is in spicing up your relationship.

Lovemaking differs from the normal sensual time in that it involves emotions; only people who are really in love can make love. As couples, it is important to talk about your preferences in bed as this would greatly improve your next session. Lastly, don’t be a bore, be open to trying out new things in bed.

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