How To Impress Your Girlfriend And Make Her Crazy For You

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The need to impress is a common trait in social animals like humans. Creating an impression is how we convince people to see us the way we wish.

Learning how to impress your girlfriend is one way to get her to see how much of a fantastic partner you are.

Impressing your girlfriend goes beyond giving her gifts or making grand gestures. It often also means becoming spectacular in the eyes of people around you.

Impressing your girlfriend means making yourself as admirable as possible in her eyes. How to impress your girlfriend is by being a charming person and doing applaudable things. You can impress your girlfriend in four categories:

I.  By Your Attitudes And Personality

Look at all the people that the world has come to admire. They all have one thing in common: the ability to do incredible things.

Having an incredible personality is a surefire way to go. It doesn’t come as easy, too, because you have to spend long hours doing things that will make you stand out.

Women are often most impressed by men who are achievers or go-getters. So, if you want to impress your girlfriend, start by doing things that show that you are pretty impressive.


II.  By The Way You Treat Others

People are always watching to see how we treat those around us. Every one of us has thought of how admirable it was when we met someone who treated others with so much kindness.

Once your girlfriend can see how well you treat others, she will be very impressed.


III.  By The Way You Treat Her

There is certainly nothing more impressive than having someone who treats you like you matter. If you are looking to impress your girlfriend.

You have to do things for her that are considered thoughtful and kind. Seeing how much effort you put into making her feel loved and cared for will definitely leave her wowed and impressed.

IV.  By Impressing Others

There is this saying that when it is popular to applaud a person, everyone else applauds that person. Even if it is usually used in a negative context.

However, it is valid for the most part. If you are going to make a lasting impression on your girlfriend, she needs to see that you are not only impressive to her, but others also find you impressive.

How to impress your girlfriend is to make sure that you are able to do so in one or more of these categories. There are fifteen actionable ways how to impress your girlfriend today:


1.  Show Her Your Talents

So the best way to impress anyone is by showing them what you are capable of. So how to impress your girlfriend starts with showing her how talented you are.

You can do this by taking her to places where you are at your very best or simply showing her the best parts of you.

For instance, if you are a great singer. You can invite her to rehearsals or events to hear you sing, or you can compose something sweet for her.

Showing your talents is how to impress your girlfriend at school. Your girlfriend admires you even more when everyone can see how talented you are and applaud you for it.

If you can also pick up some cool skills, like a magic trick or something cool that you can do in a short time.

Doing cool magic tricks or showcasing your artistic abilities is how to impress a girl in 1 minute. Upon meeting her, you can always show her something really unique about you and leave her in awe.

Trust that she will always look forward to seeing you again because she assumes you have more amazing stuff to show her.


2.  Share Your Goals And Plans

Ambition is such an attractive trait in any person. And not just vague ambition with all the wishing and dreaming, but realistic time-bound ambition that shows everyone how much work you actually put into your goals.

To learn how to impress your girlfriend, you need to have this kind of ambition and show it to her. Sharing your goals and plans with her is how you can do this.

Women are usually impressed by men who show tenacity and the need to create value. Tell her what your vision for life is and what you are doing to chase that vision.

Showing passion for what you do tells her that you take what matters to you seriously, and you would also extend that to all other aspects of your life, including your relationships.

Remember that the goal is not to brag about your ambitions or to show how much of a big dreamer you are when it comes to your dreams.

Instead, the aim is to impress her by showing her that you can set your priorities right and chase them. This is usually a sign of maturity and indeed, a great way to impress your girlfriend.


3.  Pick Up New Hobbies And Excel At Them

Being good at what you do is another way you can impress your girlfriend. So here is what to do when you wish to impress her, use your abilities to impress her.

Even if you may not be talented or have some magic trick, excelling at what you do can be a great way to impress your girlfriend.

Learning a new skill requires a lot of courage and consistency, and how to impress your girlfriend is by showing her that you are not afraid to be courageous.

So first, look for something you might enjoy but do not know how to do, and then throw your all behind it.

It would be best if you also kept these tabs with your girlfriend so she can see you grow over the weeks. For example, you can decide to pick up a new language and decide to share your progress consistently.

If you want to do this creatively, you can write short notes to her in the new language you are learning as you improve. She will be very proud of you when she sees how much effort you are putting in and how that effort is paying off.


4.  Give Her Mindblowing Experiences

If you are not the type who loves to talk a lot, how to impress a girl without talking is by giving her a magical experience.

This magical experience should be able to happen outside and within the bedroom. Giving your girlfriend a good time is how to impress your girlfriend.

Plan special hangouts with her. Not just any date, but the kind that leaves her wanting more. You can decide to cook a meal or do something enjoyable together.

Your ability to keep her happy and entertained will leave her feeling impressed. Quality time spent with your girlfriend is an impressive way to show her how much you love her.


5.  Show Her How Amazing Your Circle Is

You know how the saying goes, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are, this is most true. Your circle of influence can be a way to impress your girlfriend.

This does not mean that all of your friends have to be superstars but rather showing her how many amazing people you have in your corner and how these individuals impact your life significantly.

You can start by talking about your friends and how amazing they are. Then you can go on to invite her out to meet your friends.

Showing her that you have all these amazing people in your corner tells her you are the kind of person who pays attention to the company he keeps.

Trust that she will be impressed by your choice of company and will even feel prouder knowing that you also probably made her your girlfriend too.

Because that is what you do, spend time with people who are amazing. Showing her that you choose to keep only the best people in your circle is how to impress your girlfriend.


6.  Conduct Yourself In The Best Way Possible

All the most impressive people are impressive because they are always able to carry themselves in a way that suggests perfection.

The point is not that you are a perfect person. The point here is that you only conduct yourself in the best way possible.

Having principles and a sense of responsibility is certainly a desirable trait in a man. If you are going to learn how to impress your girlfriend, you should be ready to impress her with the way that you carry yourself.

There are a couple of traits that can show that you are a principled person:

I.  You believe in honesty and always practice it.When your girlfriend knows that she can always bank on you to tell her things as they are. She will develop a sort of admiration for you.

II.  You are very attentive. Most people are very aloof and nonchalant. Once you show your girlfriend that you are very different, that is how to impress your girlfriend. Show that you can take things seriously when the time comes.

III.  You contribute actively to the community. Contributing to the lives of others around you is how to impress your girlfriend.

You can volunteer at programs that basically help people. She will see that you care deeply about other people and are smart enough to contribute to the community around you.


7.  Buy Her Thoughtful Gifts

If you are in a long distance relationship, a lot of times, you might not be present. This absence is usually felt, but something you can do today is to make your presence felt in other ways.

One of those ways is by sending her gifts. Sending thoughtful gifts to your girlfriend is how to impress your girlfriend in long distance relationship.

This is because these gifts are a way for you to pour all your love into your partner. She will see that you are thinking of her enough to send her a thoughtful gift. The gifts will also serve as a reminder that your relationship is still waxing strong.

Thoughtful gifts are impressive because a lot of effort and creativity are poured into these gifts. Unlike other kinds of gifts, thoughtful gifts send a message to your partner.

Be sure that your gifts have a sweet underlying message. Let your gift convey an emotion, she will be impressed by that, and this is how to impress your girlfriend by tapping into her feelings.


8.  Show Confidence In Your Abilities

It is one thing to have talents and skills that are impressive, and it is another thing to show them with confidence.

Confidence is a very attractive trait; once you combine that with your remarkable skills and talent, you become somewhat of an icon in the eyes of everyone.

Your girlfriend will see that not only are you very talented, but you believe in your skills. Showing your skills and doing it with such confidence will have her calling you a genius, and you will see how her admiration will skyrocket over the years.

Own your abilities and show faith in yourself, then watch your girlfriend drool over you.


9.  Show Kindness

The beautiful thing about kindness is that it makes everyone who receives it feel loved and cared for. So showing kindness is one way you can impress your girlfriend.

However, this kindness shouldn’t just be restricted to your girlfriend alone. She can always tell when you are just putting up a facade to impress her.

So if you are going to impress her, your kindness should extend beyond her. Your girlfriend is definitely watching how you treat everyone around you.

If you are going to impress her, you must show kindness to everyone, from the bartender to the random guy behind the counter to the kids and even pets.

Treating people with kindness means showing them respect and speaking softly to them. She will be quite impressed when she sees how well you treat people around you, even total strangers. Kindness is hardly a common trait among people these days.

For this reason, being a kind person is such an admirable quality to have. Seeing other people appreciate you for your acts of kindness will also cause her to feel a sense of pride.


10.  Treat Her Family And Friends With Respect

Treating the people she loves the most with respect is how to impress your girlfriend. The people she loves are a huge part of her life.

Therefore she values them, and treats them with so much respect. If you are going to impress her, you have to show that you also value the people she loves the most.

When she introduces you to her family, make sure to leave a perfect impression on them. This is important because they will definitely be giving her quality feedback on what they think about you.

Also, if you are going to be visiting them, be sure to take a gift along with you, no matter how small. This will show how thoughtful you are.

For example, if you are going to be having dinner with her family, try your best to look decent and speak respectfully to every member of her family.

Also, show an active interest in whatever family activity is going on. If you can, form a bond with some members of her family.

Once you are able to leave a positive impression on her family, trust that she will be impressed. Also, the bond you share with her family will further strengthen your relationship.


11.  Join A Cause

There is so much good to be done in the world and so few people to carry on that good. So how to impress your girlfriend is by showing her that you are one of those people who believe in doing some good to the world.

Join a cause, not just any cause but one that really brings out that good side in you. You can decide to join an organisation or start one yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are making an impact, something that improves the lives of others.

Once she sees how committed you are to doing some good around you, she will be impressed by your person.


12.  Be Trustworthy And Reliable

Everybody wants someone that is dependable. Being a reliable and trustworthy person signals to people that you are a dependable person.

However, there will definitely be days when your partner would like you to have their back. Turning up for your girlfriend is how you can win her admiration on those days.

Most importantly she wants to know if she can trust you to be there for her when she needs you to. Once she feels like she can come to you in her downtime, her admiration for you will spike significantly.


13.  Take Care Of Your Physical Appearance

Knowing how to put yourself together nicely is the kind of behaviour that can win your girlfriend’s admiration.

Sad to say, but many men do not pay much attention to their physical appearance. This is not to say that you must be a fashion icon.

Taking care of your physical appearance mostly implies dressing nicely and maintaining good hygiene. Some of the things you can do in this regard include:

Wearing the appropriate clothes for every event. Date nights are for that clean suit, not another hoody.

Put on clean and trendy clothes. As I said, you are not required to wear anything flashy. But at least dress like the times. You don’t want to show up looking like someone from the 1900s

Smell nice. Have a bath as regularly as you can. Use deodorants and perfumes. Get rid of mouth odours.

Do personal grooming. Keep your nails, hair, and beard clean. Even if you aren’t cutting these as regularly, make sure they are well taken care of. If they require a trim, get one. Also, take care of your skin.

Taking care of your appearance makes a good impression on your partner.


14.  Be Very Expressive About How You Feel About Her

Take your time to express your feelings for your partner. Romance is not dead. Writing sweet notes to your girlfriend is how to impress your girlfriend with words. Always try to do this consistently.

Even when you are at work, you can take a break to remind her that you are thinking of her. Texting her at such moments is how to impress your girlfriend over text.

When you are on a call with her, how to impress your girlfriend on phone is saying how much you admire her and what your favourite things about her are.


15.  Teach Her Something New

You might not be a genius, but that doesn’t matter. There is always something you can teach your girlfriend.

How to impress your girlfriend is by taking your time to teach her something new. It doesn’t have to be anything mind-blowing.

It can be a trick. Something that you learned or did research on. Or even a skill you have, for instance, playing the piano.

Teaching moments can also be fun moments. But, you have to exercise a lot of patience when teaching her. Share what you learn with her often, and she’ll find you to be very impressive.

Impressing your girlfriend is mostly about doing applaudable things and showing her the best parts of yourself.

Learning how to impress your girlfriend online or in person is a function of improving and proving yourself.

Impressing your girlfriend goes beyond what admirable things you are able to do for her, it also includes how well you treat others.

By others, this also involves the people who she admires the most, like her family and friends.  The most impressive thing you can do is to continually become a better version of yourself.

Once your girlfriend can see how much effort you put into getting better and achieving goals you have set for yourself in the future, she will find you impressive.


Strong social connections helps us to navigate our stressors, solve problems and overcome challenges. It’s important to build and maintain the healthy relationships in your life, so take out time to read more and fill up your knowledge bank from the blog.

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