How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Without Being Awkward

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Do you want to learn how to ask a girl for her number? This article will furnish you with all the tips and tricks you need. Who knows? Asking for her number and getting it might be the first step towards a love story that would be way better than Jack and Rose’s.

However, how you ask for her number sometimes determines the kind of response you can get. If you do it properly, you get a yes, but you’d most likely get a no if you are boring.

We understand that this process is a bit nerve-wracking, but following the steps, we’d outline in this article will increase your chances tremendously. So, shall we begin?


How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Without Being Awkward

So, you saw this girl, and she tickled your fancy, and you want to get to know her better. Great! Here is how to go about it.


1.  Be Confident

So, here is the thing. Girls-in fact, everyone-likes to see confidence. It is attractive.

Nothing speaks of your manliness more than your confidence. We know you are nervous. Well, who wouldn’t be? But don’t let it show. That is the trick.

You have to show that you feel good about yourself. If you are struggling with confidence, here are a few things you should try. They work almost like a cheat code.

1.  Breath: Breath in and out as much as you can. This will also help calm you down.

2.  Don’t slouch: Stand erect. An erect posture projects confidence.

3.  Maintain eye contact: Darting your eyes here and there shows that you are anxious. Keep those eyes fixed on her.

4.  Don’t stutter. If it would help, pick out your words slowly and surely, but by all means, do not stutter.

5.  Smile. Put yourself in the lady’s shoes. If two people approach you, one smiling and one with a stony face, who would you respond to? Your guess is as good as ours.

6.  Finally, always ask yourself, ‘What is the worst thing that can happen?’ She might say no, and that is not the end of the world. Always have that at the back of your mind.


2.  Introduce Yourself

Now that you are brimming with confidence and armed to disarm with a smile, the next thing to do is to introduce yourself.

This is another place where some guys make mistakes. No one wants to hear you own Burj Khalifa in the first introduction you are making.

Yes, we know that’s some impressive feat right there but tone it down. In your introduction, you should highlight your PERSON, not your POCKET or ACHIEVEMENTS. Say you met her at a bar, approach her and say something like:

‘Hi, my name is Mark. Can I get you one more bottle of what you are drinking?’

Or, if you met her in school, you can say something like:

‘Hello, I’m Jude. I saw you in the drama class which I belong to. Thought to say hi.’

Except if the lady is having an awful time or is a terrible person, there is no way she’d shun you if you start like this.


3.  Kick-off A Conversation

You will agree with me if we say that it would be super weird if you just bump into someone and go, ‘Hey! I like you. Can I get your number?’ This approach is direct but weird.

So, since you want to impress the girl and not scare her away, you have to do ‘small talk.’ So, after you both have gotten each other’s names from the introduction, take the conversation a step further. Using the example above about meeting in a bar, you can say something like:

“So, I come to this bar often, and I don’t think I have seen you before. Did you move in around here recently?”


“So, which part of drama are you really into?”

Her response to these questions will even help push the small talk further.


4.  Compliment Her

At this point, the conversation has deepened, and you two are getting along. A compliment tells the person receiving the compliment that you see them and that they matter.

Think of something to say to her that will make her smile and get her to become more comfortable with you. You can say something like, “You have beautiful eyes. They kind of make you stand out.”

Alternatively, you can compliment something she does. For example, ‘I enjoyed your portrayal of Juliet in our last drama presentation. Either you are a natural, or you’ve hacked this acting thing.”

This will make her smile, and then thank you. She will probably find something to compliment you too. The exchange of compliments will make the atmosphere a bit relaxed for you to make your intentions known.


5.  Make Her Laugh

If you want to know how to ask a girl for her number, then you have to be an exciting person.

One mistake some guys make when asking a girl for her number is that they focus solely on getting the number instead of focusing on and enjoying the conversation.

Instead of just getting her number, why don’t you focus on making an impression? And what better way to make an impression than by making her smile or laugh?

You can do this by telling funny stories about yourself and other people. For example, you can recall and tell her a funny story about something that had once happened in the bar where you two met.

Or still using the drama class example, you can tell her about your worst costume fail experience while acting. Know when to say the joke so it doesn’t sound off and leave you looking awkward.


6.  Don’t Disrespect Her

If you want to know how to ask a girl for her number, then you have to be big on respect.

Remember the adage that says, ‘respect is reciprocal.’ Sometimes, in a bid to compliment, we say something disrespectful to the lady.

Make comments about her looks respectfully, not in a way that objectifies her. The onus is on you to treat her as a living, breathing human being and not as a prize to be won.

Statements like, ‘You look damn hot!’ should be eschewed. The familiarity between you is not enough yet to make suggestive remarks about her.

It is not respectful either to lick your lips or whistle in glee when you both are talking. Those two suggest that you find her sensually appealing. While that may be true, it is essential not to give that away just yet. It would seem as though you are there just for the body.


7.  Be Honest With The Reason Why You Are Talking With Her

If you want to know how to ask a girl for her number, you have to approach her honestly. There is absolutely no reason for you to show what you are, not just to impress.

Remember what we mentioned earlier; what you need to project when talking with her is your person, not your pocket or achievements.

You don’t have to be dishonest or pompous when relating with her. Instead, ensure that she knows the reason why you approached her is that you like her and would want to know her better.

You can say something like, ‘I saw you walk in and was struck at how beautiful you look. I’d really love to connect more with you. Can I have your number?’


8.  Strike When The Iron Is Hot

Want to know how to ask a girl for her number? Then here is our advice. Don’t wait until the conversation is ended and you are about to leave. Even though some people make it seem like the standard way, it needn’t be so.

There is no hard and fast rule to it. You can strike while the iron is hot. This adage means, in this context, that you can ask for her number in the thick of your conversation.

So, you have approached this girl, and you two have got it going conversation-wise. Why wait any longer? Take the bull by the horn.

Take a glance at your watch or phone for the time and say something like, ‘I’d have to be heading out soon, but I really enjoyed talking with you.

Can we continue this later? I could give you a call or chat you up if you don’t mind.’ If she is into the conversation, you will hit the jackpot immediately.


9.  Get Your Phone Ready

So, if you want to know how to ask a girl for her number, then you should be prepared at all times. If you intend to get her contact, then you should get your phone out while conversing with her.

It would be clumsy and show unpreparedness if you have to fumble through getting out your phone from your pocket or backpack when she is all set to give it out.

Another way to show you are serious is by being a bit forward with your request. You can say something like, ‘I think you should give me your number so I can call you when next I need to have a hearty conversation over a bottle of beer.’

You can also say something like, “Well, I don’t think I want to miss you acting ever again. Can I save your number so you tell me when next you are performing?’


10.  Don’t Be An Ass If She Says No

If you want to know how to ask a girl for her number, then you should make peace with getting a ‘no.’ It sure does not sound pleasing and all, but you should consider that possibility.

Always have it at the back of your mind. You can do everything right and still get a no. Maybe because the chemistry is not there, she is not just that into you.

In some cases, it is not even about you. Perhaps she is dealing with something and doesn’t feel like making a new friend. Or maybe she doesn’t want to at all.

The range can go from many reasons to none. So, what should you do when you get a no? Hold your head high, thank her for her time, and walk away.

Don’t go hounding her on why. You can tell her you feel disappointed by her response, but you respect it and hope she changes her mind in the future. Don’t whine about it, don’t insult her either. It is not a do-or-die affair.

How To Ask A Girl For Her Number In A Funny Way

If you want to know how to ask a girl for her number in a funny way, then you have to up your creativity game.

This is because there is a huge chance the whole trying to be funny thing might backfire, and you’d lose your chance.

Here are some fun tricks you can use to get her laughing and of course, get her number as well. After a hearty conversation, you can say something like;

1.  ‘I’m sure you want to ask for my number now. But I’ll save you the trouble and ask for yours instead. Say this with a wink and a smile so it doesn’t come off as cocky. Do this well, and you’d get her laughing and get her calling out her digits for you.

2.  ‘I saved your name on my contact list. The only thing left is your number. Can you add it?’

3.  ‘So, let me guess something you are thinking about right now. If I am right, you give me your number, and if I am wrong, I’d never bother you again.’

If she says okay, respond with, ‘Right now, you are thinking that there is no way I’d know what you are thinking.’ She would laugh. You win.


Best Way To Ask A Girl For Her Number

What is the best process on how to ask a girl for her number? Here you go:

1.  Ensure that both of you are close and have some kind of chemistry. This closeness has nothing to do with proximity and everything to do with how well you two relate when you start talking. If she is not feeling your vibe, the chances are that she won’t give you her number.

2.  After the conversation, which should be super interesting, suggest that you would love to meet with her again. If she is into you, she would want the same.

3.  Now, get out your phone and ask for her number to cement the meet-up.


How To Ask For Her Number

So, you are at this party your homie threw, and you see this girl that you fancy. How do you go about getting her digits? Let us teach you how:

1.  The first thing you need to do is ensure that the girl notices you. This is so it doesn’t look like you sprang upon her. You can get her to notice you by making eye contact briefly. Don’t stare for too long. That could come off as creepy.

2.  Walk over to her in all confidence, preferably when she is alone, and confidently introduce yourself. ‘Hey, what’s up? My name is Jordan. What’s yours?’ This is a simple but effective means of introducing yourself.

3.  Start an exciting conversation with something she can relate to. Something like, ‘Are you enjoying the party?’ will be an excellent place to start.

4.  Ask for her number after indicating that you’d love to meet up sometime later.


How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Online

For most people, it is easy to get their social media handles. They can give that out at a whim and even accept friend or followership requests.

They even respond to messages on their message apps, but they rarely give out their phone numbers.

So, to break through that barrier, you have to be close to them, and that is one of the things you have to do if you are going to get their number. So here are steps to follow before asking her to give you her number online.

1.  Show interest first in her posts on her timeline on Facebook or Twitter. Like, love, and comment on her posts often so she can notice you.

2.  After a while, message her privately and engage her in an exciting conversation.

3.  Build rapport with her inbox and ensure that you both have something in common.

4.  When you are sure you both are close enough, you can ask to meet, and that would be an excellent opportunity to ask for her number.


Smooth Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number

This section will share some smooth tips you can use to get a girl’s phone number. Here are some of them:

1.  Say, you met this lady online, or you are at an outdoor event, and you meet this girl, and you two got talking, and by Jove, you want her. What do you do? Ask to take a picture with her. Probably a beautiful selfie.

When you do, show her the picture. If she likes it (and likes you), she will ask that you send her the pictures. Offer to send her the pictures via Whatsapp. She’d give you her contact. Easy peasy, don’t you think?

2.  Pretend you can’t find your phone and ask her politely to call your phone with hers. She would be almost too willing to help. When she hands it over to you, call yourself.

Once it rings, hand her phone over, pick yours, smile, wink, and say, ‘Oh, I’ve found my phone and also your number. Then apologize for the goofiness.

3.  So, you two had some mind-stimulating conversation, you can say something like, ‘I really enjoyed our conversation. Give me your number so we can talk more about this via text.


How To Ask A Girl For Her Number On Chat

So, you are chatting with this girl you dig, and you want to ask her for her number. How do you go about it? Here is how:

1.  Introduce yourself if that is the first time you two are talking.

2.  Engage her in an exciting conversation. Always have something interesting to say. Think of something creative. She probably has many guys telling her that she is beautiful, so do something different to stand out.

3.  Ensure that you two familiarize yourself with each other. Let her know you as much as you know her.

4.  Find common ground. This makes it easier to ask for her number. Assuming you both are fans of Ed Sheeran, and he is coming to town for a concert, you can use that as an opportunity to ask for her contact so you two can attend the event together.


How To Ask A Girl For Her Number Without Being Awkward

We admit that it can be daunting and, of course, awkward to ask a girl you just met for her number, but if you keep your cool, you will find yourself crushing it. Here is how to crush it:

1.  Don’t be under pressure; approach her, look into her eyes, and smile.

2.  Introduce yourself and make small but engaging talk.

3. Compliment her looks and tell her you enjoyed talking with her and would love to talk more often.

4. She’d smile. Take this as your cue to ask for her number.


Clever Ways To Ask A Girl For Her Number On Tinder

Tinder is one dating app that attracts many visitors, and the chances are that the girl you are attracted to has a lot of requests from guys.

So, if you want to stand a chance, you have to be creative and clever in asking for her number.

Do note that you should try this only after you have a level of rapport with her. Only after that should you use these methods:

1.  Say something like, ‘Hey, I am not too active here on Tinder. Mind if I text you on WhatsApp?’ if she is into you, she will give you her number.

2.  You can use a cheesy line like this one, ‘I can’t seem to find your phone number on my contact list. I don’t know why. She’d most likely reply with, ‘Erm, that’s because you don’t have it?’ Respond by asking, ‘And we can change that, can’t we?’

3.  You can also rope her into giving you her number by playing games with her. Ensure that you are good in whatever game you are suggesting. Tell her that whoever loses would have to grant one request from the one who won. And when you do win, ask for her phone number.



Now that we have extensively taken you through how to ask a girl for her phone number, we hope that you apply these tips and increase your chances.

Be confident, be yourself and talk politely. Her number will be yours if she likes you. Don’t be jittery or nervous. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

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Sharing is caring!

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