How To Act On A First Date- Pro Tips From The Love Doc

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I know how awkward it can be when the thought of going on a first date comes up. From picking the location to choosing an outfit and the uncertainty that hovers over your mind as you look forward to what to expect as anxiety takes its toll on your thoughts too.

It can be a great experience if you know what to do before the date, as it will help you know how to act on a first date.

As we continue exploring this interesting outing, I just want to make a point that if you’re here to learn how to have a good time on a first date, you are on the right page;

if you are also looking for a relationship that doesn’t end with you leaving some guy’s apartment in the morning as quietly as possible, please stay on this page.

What feeling do you get when you are out on your first date with a guy you’re interested in? Self-conscious or shy? You don’t have to be. Stay with me as we explore how to act on a first date.

First dates are often more of a meet-to-greet that requires little or no effort other than just getting to know your date. This doesn’t in any way mean you are committed to each other, but it could be the starting point for a more rewarding relationship in the future.


Some Little Tips For Your First Date

If you have the opportunity to pick a cool spot to hang out, I would suggest you do not go to the movies. You can save that for later; it shouldn’t be your first point of meeting. Why, you may ask?

It’s the first date, and you will agree that you may be hanging out with a stranger; what if things get heated in there? Would you be kissing and cuddling a total stranger? That’s definitely not how to act on a first date, except if that was your intention.

Please allow some level of familiarity to set in before letting yourself go. Your first meeting should be about words and talking and getting to know each other. Where then should you hang out, you may ask?


1.  Hang Out In An Open Place Where You Can See People Around

Refuse to meet in isolated places. It could be a trap. You could consider an eatery or a place you can have something to snack on.


2.  Enjoy The Moment

Don’t sit at an empty table or refuse to take anything. Provided you are sure of its source, and you are served respectably, please eat something.

Being the first date, you may not have had the opportunity to pick your hang-out spot but appreciate your date, talk about the environment, if it’s a place you have been, and compliment their service.

This is in a bid to keep you in a relaxed mood so you won’t feel tense but get comfortable with your potential boyfriend.


3.  Concentrate On Your Date

Look away from your phone; it’s rude to be chatting while someone is seated across the table trying to engage you in a conversation.

Show your potential mate that you have courtesy and you are intelligent by engaging them in quality conversations and responding.

I know you may be strangers to each other, but it takes time to build chemistry and friendship. Listen intently and look for things about his personality that resonates with you.

It could be the way he talks, his looks, or even his smile. There should be something that tickles your fancy or that you like about him as a person. This is how to act on a first date.

4.  Be Fun To Be With

Don’t sit aloof, looking like you were forced to come on the date. Even if you feel disappointed being with such a person or your expectation was not met, be creative as you bring up topics for discussion you can discuss that will bring some fun and good laughter to the table. You don’t need to be cold; brighten up. Even if he doesn’t fit into your ideal mate, you can friend zone him.


5.  Be Sincere

You don’t need to overestimate yourself; tell it as it is. It doesn’t stop you from putting your best foot forward because, of course, the first impression matters a lot, but regardless, it’s best to be truthful.

Even though you are not sure where the date will lead, be straightforward and let your date know your everyday struggles and wins. Don’t go all the way by spreading your dirty linen outside but be diplomatic about talking about your downsides.

A first date isn’t the time to tell your partner that you are an ex-convict even if you were innocent. I hope you get the picture now. This is how to act on a first date.


6.  Be Modest

It’s a good virtue to practice moderation, contentment and delayed gratification. Be simple as beauty thrives in simplicity.

Don’t go eating like a glutton or drinking like a fish. Know where to draw the line. Remember, your date isn’t your friend yet; they may still have some reservations about you, but don’t blow it up.


7.  Don’t Switch Places Too Quickly

By this, I mean that a man has to chase you, don’t make him slow down by giving him a response too early; enjoy the chase. Be a lady by enjoying being chased, don’t be the one who goes running after him and asks for another date.

Delay your response. I won’t guarantee that your date will be great, but you will not be taken unawares because you already have an idea of the dos and don’t to adhere to.

Finding your ideal man isn’t a one-day job, and I can’t guarantee that this first date will lead to happily ever after, but just in case this doesn’t lead to anything further, rest assured that you are great and you will attract someone great also.

Better still, now you know better how to act on a first date, and it will prepare you for future outings.

Not every man is meant for you. Keep being outgoing and fun-loving while you continue searching and exploring other potential dates.

Don’t be under pressure to say yes to someone you don’t want to be with; else you will be cheating yourself by being out of reach while you’re unhappy in the wrong relationship.

Having established what to expect and how to act on a first date, the next thing we need to figure out is some first date conversation tips. What should you talk about, and what topics will lighten the atmosphere?


First Date Conversation Tips


Even though we like to make first date meetings look like a social outing, we can’t hide the fact that sometimes it could feel like an Interview because it’s more like a first outing, and there would be questions and answers flying in the air.

To ease tension and get comfortable, it is often advised that you have something like a to-do list or plan what you will be talking about with easy-to-use conversation starters. You need this to keep your conversation flowing.

We would be looking at a few first date questions you can have with you and also 20 first date questions to ask so that an awkward silence doesn’t exist between you two or you both don’t run out of words to say.

1.  Where do you reside?

2.  What do you do?

3.  Where are you from?

4.  What’s your alma mater?

5.  What are your hobbies?

6.  Favourite music?

7.  Favourite artiste?

8.  Are you a lover of movies?

9.  What are your likes and dislikes?

10.  Introvert or extrovert?

11.  Do you love reading books?

12.  What kind of books?

13.  What was growing up like for you?

14.  Best friends?

15.  Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

16.  What has life taught you?

17.  Do you enjoy watching movies?

18.  What kind of movies?

While we are eager to look into possible areas we can delve into during discussions; we should also bear in mind that there are no-go areas that shouldn’t be looked into, especially on a first date.

For example, talking about your ex, your past, religion, what they earn, or even what they are worth financially are no-go areas.

As you begin to get familiar, you can change the tone of your questions and be more friendly and casual, so it doesn’t make your partner feel like they are being interrogated. Please find below more ideas on what to talk about on a first date.

19.  Got any nicknames?

20.  What was growing up like?

21.  Are you an early bird or a night owl?

22.  What’s your passion?

23.  Do you enjoy hanging out with friends?

24.  An unforgettable experience you would like to share?

25.  When is your birthday?

26.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

You have had a nice time chatting with your date, and it’s time to call it a day. How do you do this? You can do this by asking questions that suggest it’s time to go.

For example, you can ask questions like,

  • Got any plans for the week?
  • What’s your typical weekly schedule like?
  • Do you hang out on weekends?
  • How do you intend to get home?

If you are bold enough, you can ask when next you are going to see each other as you begin to prepare to leave. Next, I’d like us to assume you are going on a date with someone you hardly know; we would be looking at


How To Act On A First Date With Someone You Met Online

1.  Never lose sight of the fact that you are going to be meeting a stranger.

2.  Don’t fall in love online or get carried away with a social media image. Go for the real deal.

3.  Lower your expectations and don’t expect too much from someone you will be meeting for the first time, so you don’t get disappointed.

4.  Don’t get too excited about the date; your online friend could ghost you and leave you feeling bad. Be prepared for anything.

5.  Make it a point of duty never to chase, pursue or throw yourself at him. Place some value on yourself, and let the man take the lead.

6.  When you are invited on a date with a stranger, look at his online profile.

7.  Watch your timing.

8.  You don’t need to spend the whole day sitting and chatting with a stranger. After meeting for a few minutes, let them know you have an appointment in an hour, and you only took out time to honor their invitation. That way, you don’t get to spend too much time with them, and they will see you as someone busy and not idle.

9.  Since you met online, you should keep your personal life private until you feel comfortable with him.

10.  Have your potential date call you to finalize plans before you hang out and during the call, pick vital signs to ascertain if he’s for real.

11.  If you don’t feel comfortable, please feel free to cancel the date. Follow your instincts. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

12.  Watch for cues. A real man will want to call you often, but when he chooses texts above calling, then there’s a possibility that you are being used as the second fiddle, and there’s a lady in his life.

13.  Try to hold your gaze with him. Does he avoid eye contact with you, or is he shy? Endeavor to observe him closely

14.  Be polite and try talking with him but don’t be too open, tread with caution and not divulge vital details about yourself yet. Details like where you stay, what you do for a living, or your exes

15.  Let him foot the bills.don’t offer to split it with him.

16.  Watch the events of the day, and if he doesn’t seem interested, make good your promise of leaving early as you want to attend to other pressing issues.

It’s a different ball game if you are dealing with a friend. How to act on a first date with a friend isn’t a big deal as you are meeting a friend.

Your chats should be warmer and more engaging. Since you are friends, they’re nothing to worry about. Feel free and just enjoy each other’s company.

You should be looking out for how compatible you are just in case your date suggests that he would like to take the relationship to another level.


How To Act On A First Date With A Woman

Finally, you got lucky; she decided to go on a date with you. What next?

Try a few tips I will be sharing below:

1.  Don’t keep your lady waiting; show up early. If possible, get there before she arrives.

2.  Look good and responsible, and show up well-groomed.

3.  Give her undivided attention.

4.  Pick a good place to hang out, don’t be too cheap but also don’t go to the extreme; it’s only a first date. You may still go on other dates.

5.  Be a real man. Show empathy and treat her like a lady. Don’t try to take advantage of her.

After the date, offer to drop her off where she wants to go. If you enjoyed her company, ask to see her again. If you had fun being with her, please do let her know. Compliment with her and possibly talk about some high points you enjoyed as you hung out together.

Call her up the next day and set up another date. Include her in your plan or allow her to pick where she would like the next hang-out spot to be.

You will agree with me that going on a first date and how to act on a first date has been made easy considering the tips we have looked at.

What was your first date like? Have you hung out with a stranger? I’d love to read your response in the comment section.

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